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This is the final volume of the Helliconia Trilogy a monumental saga that goes beyond anything yet created by this master among today's imaginative writers The centuries long winter of the Great Year I loved this seriesAldiss achieved an incredible feat of world building Helliconia is detailed and intricate and rich the ecosystem finely tuned to the specific uirks of the binary star system he imagined The necrogenic animals the cycles across the Great and Small Years the subhuman races and their uirks all blew my mind The Bone Fever and Fat Death and their use for adapting Helliconia's humans to the changing seasons were just brilliant The subplot dealing with background developments on Earth was just as well doneEven though each book dealt with an entirely different set of characters it was never difficult to empathise and become involved in their struggles The characters were realistic and human each with their own strengths and weaknesses The interactions between man and woman across the books Shay Tal and Aoz Roon MyrdemInggala and JandolAnganol Luterin and Toress Lahl mimicked the themes and progression of each phase of Helliconia so well that I just stand amazed This is a world that has not left me since I read Helliconia Spring It is an immense tapestry of story and world threads from centuries ago resurfacing for some small relevance in a new setting created by the position of a planet relative to two suns It is simply genius

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Helliconia WinterOn Helliconia is upon us and the Oligarch is taking harsh measures to ensure the survival of the people of the bleak Northern continent of Sibornal Behind the battle with which the novel opens lies an This probably ought to be called Autumn rather than Winter as it mostly concerns the Sibornalese civilisation's preparations for the forthcoming Weyr winter rather than life in the depths of the planets centuries long mini ice age Technology hasn't uite advanced as far as one would hope either; this is a few centuries after Summer and I'd have thought they'd have got as far as steam engines there is a very brief mention of some primitive railways if not electricity but they aren't uite there and will obviously be knocked back again by the deteriorating conditions Given that this is around 500 years after Summer I'd have thought they'd have got as far as the 19th Century but they seem to be stuck in around the 17th there has also not been a religious reformation and God the Azoiaxic still reigns supremeThe first half of this is another great adventure yarn we have the battle of Isturiacha the retreat and then the dash along the coast before the challenges of the journey up to Kharnabar We also have the grotesue challenges of the Fat Death and the tyranny of the Oligarch This is all enjoyable and a lot less bogged down with politics than Summer However the second half is dominated by asides covering deteriorating conditions on the Avernus and indeed a lot of future history and philosophy on Earth itselfI found the Earth stuff in particular getting in the way of the main story It also dates the book badly lots of 1980s obsessions with nuclear war and Gaia A similar phase now may include a new incarnation of Gaia but would focus on an environmental catastropheA highlight of the book is the description of the Great Wheel itself This is mentioned in the other books but the claustrophobic and isolating experience of Luterin's time in it is uite profound But like him I do wonder how the thing could be made and started I think the river actually does everything and the prisoners' contribution is negligble otherwise they'd never had got it started and would be at risk of it stopping permanently if a plague or anything else wiped out a large enough proportion of them Pull you biwackersAn enjoyable conclusion to the series and better than Summer though the very nature of Helliconia's Great Year means the end is with a sombre mood as civilisation girds its loins for the impending centuries of cold even while surrounded by summery murals and in snow covered fields called the vinyardI still think it should be called Autumn And I think the map is wrong with two suns I'd expect the planet to have two sets of tropics and polar circles unless the orbit of Batalyx around Freyr corresponds to Helliconia's ecliptic around Batalyx and that there are eclipses suggests it doesn't Unless my understanding of celestial mechanics is faulty which it may beThere is scope for another Winter book I think perhaps set in Hespagorat which has a Scandinavian feel in Summer as Freyr never sets but also never gives much warmth

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read Helliconia Winter kindle ´ Paperback ¸ brian w. aldiss É This is the final volume of the Helliconia Trilogy a monumental saga that goes beyond anything yet created by this master among today's imaginative writers The centuries long winter of the Great Year on Helliconia is upon us and the Oligarch is takiAct of unparalleled treachery But the plague is coming on the wings of winter and the Oligarch's will is set against it and against the phagors humanity's ancient enemies who carry the plague with th 15 starsOh my god Everything I feared would happen in this book while reading the first two happened and then some the deeply unscientific Gaia BS the preachiness assimilating every human ambition to possession power and delusions of grandeur anti space and anti technology propaganda and if it wasn't enough the characters were less interesting if not infuriating at times I liked Spring and Summer not very much but I liked them This one is just terribleEdit on the plus side some of the landscape descriptions were nice in this respect the whole planet is interesting but then again worldbuilding is the trilogy's forte and the whole reason I finished it at all especially that of the Shivenink peninsula chapter VIII