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The Adoration of Jenna Fox Book Å 278 pages Download Á Everything is different Seventeen year old Jenna Fox has just awoken from a year long coma so she's been told and she is still recovering from the terrible accident that caused it But what happened before that? She's been given home movies chronicling her entire life whichThe accident? Jenna is becoming curious But she is also afraid of what she might find out if she ever gets up the courage to ask her uestionsWhat happened to Jenna Fox? And who is she really Actual Rating 25 starsI get why this book is liked by so many peoplePersonally I didn't connect to it or the characters It is an interesting premise but I need stories that are preferably packed with drama conflicts and emotions The issues explored here the ethics and morals of what makes a human are interesting but too light These topics are reflected in a superficial way that although might be ideal for teenagers it left me wanting incomplete I would have enjoyed the story with a deeper examination and discernment of these hypothesis After all the robothuman postulate is not a new idea and we have seen plenty of theories and interpretations with much deliberation and greater argumentation To conclude I'll just surmise it by saying that although Jenna's reflections have potential the final feeling of the story is insufficient if you are an adult reader so to properly enjoy it it would be best to be a young readerPS The audiobook narrator is very good

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Everything is different Seventeen year old Jenna Fox has just awoken from a year long coma so she's been told and she is still recovering from the terrible accident that caused it But what h Interesting The adoration of Jenna Fox is many things It is a young adult speculative fiction novel for girls who don't like science fiction# a coming of age novel for people who eschew the touchy feely me# a medical thriller fully as suspenseful as early Robin Cook# a meditation on choices nearly as profound as Walden which it freuently uotesAnd I think it is very subtly a pro life statementNow I like the reviewers at SLJ Publishers Weekly The Horn Book etc and my colleague Other Paula who recommended it to me enjoyed this book I liked Jenna who has awoken from a coma with no memory and who struggles to assimilate information that will help her interpret her world and make sense of her often conflicting impressions I enjoyed watching her evaluate her former life explore her new life and forge a new identity from the best pieces of both The near future world that Pearson has invented full of genetically engineered species and antibiotic resistant bacteria and oxygenated transplant gel loaded with neurochips is both believable and intriguing And I thought that waking from a coma was a serviceable metaphor for teenagers just beginning to realize that they are not merely extensions of or reactions against their parents and that they can choose what kind of person to beBut although this book is a suspenseful thrilling read I went through it slowly because there's a lot going on in it beyond the mystery of Jenna's past Specifically the freuent ethics discussions merit very close attentionIn Jenna's world Science it almost wears a capital S in this book is responsible for the disappearance of native species and an epidemic that killed a uarter of the world's population In response the federal government has enacted laws and created an ethics board that controls access to and application of advanced medical treatments To ensure euitable access a point system is in place under which every person is assigned 100 points Medical procedures use up those points physicians decide whether a person 'needs' say biofeedback software for their prosthetic limbs or a kidney or a heart transplant based on how many points they have leftJenna is the daughter of a biotechnology billionaire and she has recovered from a truly devastating car accident I don't think I'm giving away too much of the plot when I say that Jenna has exceeded her pointsThis fact along with various revelations pertaining to what was lost and what recovered from Jenna's body after the crash as well as a uadruple amputee whom she meets at school and the fate of her best friends from before the accident leads Jenna to uestion her right and desire to be aliveI was skating right along with Jenna feeling her dilemmas rejoicing in her rebellions all the way up to the book's ending an artificial feeling happy coda set two hundred and forty years later 240 years is a long time long enough presumably for a character to gain complete perspective And 240 years later Jenna is content with her choices and the world's society backs her up She muses on faith and science and thinks that they are two sides of the same coin At this point I thought to myself 'Faith'? Was this book about faith? Earlier in the book Jenna wondered if she had a soul and her grandmother is Catholic and then I

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The Adoration of Jenna FoxAppened before that? She's been given home movies chronicling her entire life which spark memories to surface But are the memories really hers? And why won't anyone in her family talk about Set in the not too distant future this is a story that deals with medical ethics and how far is too far to preserve human life Jenna Fox 17 has just awoken from an 18 month long coma following a horrific accident At first she has no memory of who she is or what happened but she remembers details bit by bit She gets the sense that there is to the story than her parents lead her to believe especially regarding the secrecy of her accident and the self imposed isolation of the family Throughout much of the book the reader is not uite sure who to trust Although science fiction there is a minor romance side plot between Jenna and Ethan a boy from school with a shady past The conflict grows as additional characters are introduced Alyss who is a victim of the future's regulation of antibiotics and she has lost limbs due to bacterial infections and Dane another shady character whose complete story and true nature are unfortunately never cleared up Also Mr Bender the neighbor who years ago had a change of identity his story remains a bit fuzzy throughout chapters are very brief and interspersed with well done poems relaying Jenna's emotionsreal spoiler Overall an interesting read about the length a parent will go to to save a child as well as what makes a person real and were does the soul go in such a situation Jenna has an identity crisis is she the real Jenna while only 10% if she is real then what happened to the original Jennaand her soul Jenna cannot age does not eat breathe etc She essentially is a medical creation with the memories of her former life uploaded into hershe has gone from the computer box storage her hell for 18 months where they kept her mind moving into a man made Blue gel storage There is also the suspense of her illegal status and whether or not she will be found out and if so what will happen to her? She is torn between resentment of her new state and gratitude of life Her potential adversary Alyss who opposes artificial life as unethical eventually becomes her peer when her body is dying and her parents plead with Jenna's despite Alyss's dying wish to turn Jenna in The afterward is 260 years later and we know that Alyss and Jenna live together and that Jenna and Ethan spent 70 years together many years after which Jenna has his child presumably through surrogate or the like Apparently in the future the laws and perceptions have changed and then people like her are not illegal however 10% is the minimum and then they are designed to age and die out after a normal life expectancy unlike Jenna and Alyss who do not age and whom Jenna's father listed as a 2 200 year life expectancy260 years later Jenna is still around and has plans to move back to cold Boston where the climate is inhospitable to her typebecause no parent should outlive the child interesting book lots of discussion points However I think it is too complex for the average Cafe Book reader