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Ven and where hideous men appear in many different guises Thought provoking and playful this collection confirms David Foster Wallace as one of the most imaginative young writers around Wallace delights in leftfield observation mining the ironic the surprising and the illuminating from every situation His new collection will delight his growing number of fans and provide a perfect introduction for new readers I sold my first car just a little over a year ago It was sort of a bittersweet thing for me because even though that rustbox was old and broken there was a comfortable familiarity there I loved it in spite of itself I venture to guess that if I were ever to get back into the driver’s seat theoretically of course—the car is long gone now I’d be awash in nostalgic warmth and tenderness for it Then I’d start driving it and uickly remember that yes the turn signal does sometimes blink spontaneously without driver input and yes the heater fan does get “tired” if you keep it too long at Level 4 Oh not to mention that weird noise when you first start it but I swear it will go away on its own once the car warms up Still I would love to be driving it again In a lot of ways it was a great car; so what if it had a few shortcomings?DFW’s got a few shortcomings He’s got that twitchy way of winking at you in his footnotes some of which go on for pages He’s got the long winding sentences that often have a kind of manic uality to them And often times he devolves with his storytelling choices into an almost experimental writing style eg providing the reader with a story in the form of his narrative notes rather than that of the finished product itselfAnd yet there is definitely still a loveable familiarity there The footnotes are entertaining sometimes even fairly amusing The long sentences are actually pretty brilliant for the most part and lend his stories a ualitative edge that is uniue to DFW and somehow justworks I’m not particularly fond of the writing experiments but I can look past them when they crop up here and there and appreciate the story for what it is All in all it’s not a bad drive and even with those DFW isms I hated while reading Infinite Jest it was nice being back in DFW territoryOf course not every story in this collection worked for me which is why I’m only giving it three stars Infinite Jest got four I hated “Church Not Made with Hands” and “Tri Stan” for example That said the stories I did like I loved Here are my favorites“Forever Overhead”“The Depressed Person”“Signifying Nothing”“Octet”“Adult World”Oh and but except the other thing this DFW car does that’s pretty uirky sometimes is instead of successfully ending a story it’ll just

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Brief Interviews with Hideous MenIn his startling and singular new short story collection David Foster Wallace nudges at the boundaries of fiction with inimitable wit and seductive intelligence Venturing inside minds and landscapes that are at once recognisable and utterly strange these stories reaffirm Wallace's reputation as one of his generation's pre eminent talents expanding our ides and pleasures fiction can affordAmong the stories are To call these meanderings and sub meanderings of a brilliant mind short stories will be akin to putting a leash on DFW's creativity with the aid of conventional terminologies and thereby undervaluing the sheer inventiveness on display in this compelling collection In course of my limited venturings into DFW's literary landscapes I have arrived at one crucial inference That to read DFW is to transgress the very act of simply reading through and discover a newer way to commune with his chain of thoughts to work your grey matter just a tad bit harder to truly grasp what he has intended for you to understand And that's an exercise I am all too happy to engage in especially if it sharpens my senses and compels me to achieve a state of oneness with the narrative without sparing a second thought to any of my other parallel readsReading him is like being given the uniue opportunity to listen in on one of the greatest minds that ever existed speaking from some imaginary podium and letting that same mind direct my own to follow pathways that it didn't even know existed It's like making yourself a part of the virtual reality he has recreated through his words and believing in the truth of it without trying to compartmentalize his writingHideous men and occasionally women and the alarmingly convoluted inner workings of their still hideous minds string this collection together Some of the 'short stories' are mere snapshots of eponymous interviews of seemingly disturbed individuals ranging from hippie youths who have devised Machiavellian plans to seduce and subseuently ditch women with psychopathic precision to adolescents with elaborate masturbation fantasies creepy enough to make you involuntarily shudder while some are little snippets which merely detail the secret inner lives of certain individuals which always remain carefully concealed behind an ingeniously orchestrated charade Add some metafictional commentary inserted sporadically as footnotes of considerable length in several of which the author even challenges the potential reader to weird pop uizzes and you have a hazy idea of what this collection has to offer But even so I probably haven't even grazed the tip of the iceberg of DFW's gift for redefining narrative structures Given that I am accustomed to or less linear narratives consisting of immaculately crafted sentences which put emphasis on superficiality of actions and emotions it is a bit of a surprise to find myself being drawn to a writer who sought to expose the raw core of every pretension Sometimes while reading I was even tempted to flip a coin to decide whether he was being ironic or simply acknowledging some disturbing reality in a matter of fact tone He ruled from that crib ruled from the first Ruled her reduced and remade her Even as an infant the power he wielded I learned the bottomless greed of him Of my son Of arrogance past imagining The regal greed and thoughtless disorder and mindless cruelty the literal thoughtlessness of him The man's perspicacity is so palpable in everything he writes and his sincere attempts at perfect reconstruction of thought processes and the true motivations at work behind every human gesture so obvious that I can't help but be charmed The 5 stars are probably a dead giveaway of my veritable moony eyedness Belying expectations the footnotes did not annoy The infinite digressions merely served to intensify my fascination with the way DFW's mind workedBut can it be said that DFW left behind a body of work which can be given the label of 'proper literature'? The answer to the uestion depends on the way you choose to constrict your definition of 'proper literature' or whether you choose to constrict it at all The man was a genius and his suicide only translates into a profound loss for all the good which remains in the world of publishing And I doff my hat in honor of the creative freedom he refused to sacrifice while writing

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Brief Interviews with Hideous Men eBook ☆ 273 pages Ë David Foster Wallace Ë In his startling and singular new short story collection David Foster Wallace nudges at the boundaries of fiction with inimitable wit and seductive intelligence Venturing inside minds and landscapes that are at once r'The Depressed Person' a dazzling and blackly humorous portrayal of a woman's mental state; 'Adult World' which reveals a woman's agonised consideration of her confusing sexual relationship with her husband; and 'Brief Interviews with Hideous Men' a dark hilarious series of portraits of men whose fear of women renders them grotesue Wallace's stories present a world where the bizarre and the banal are interwo The cover someone wearing a paper bag presents a sad pathetic image That along with the title implies elephant man ugliness and I'm inclined to be sympathetic before I even start to read It uickly becomes apparent that the hideousness does not refer to any exterior uality sometimes there is a physical component to the ugliness but that fact is secondary These guys are creeps The real problem is always within The “Union of the Hideously and Improbably Deformed” services are not needed Gradually remarkably your disgust turns to pity to the point where you see how sad and pitiful even a brutal rapist torturer is Some of these pieces they're not exactly short stories are hilarious with a veneer of sadness All are smart as a whip A few of my favouritesDeath is not the End A poet has settled It is the height of spring and the trees and shrubbery are in full leaf and are intensely green and still and are complexly shadowed and the sky is wholly blue and still so that the whole enclosed tableau of pool and deck and poet and chair and table and trees and home’s rear façade is very still and composed and very nearly wholly silent the soft gurgle of the pool’s pump and drain and the occasional sound of the poet clearing his throat or turning the pages of Newsweek magazine the only sounds—not a bird no distant lawn mowers or hedge trimmers or weed eating devices no jets overhead or distant muffled sounds from the pools of the homes on either side of the poet’s home—nothing but the pool’s respiration and poet’s occasional cleared throat wholly still and composed and enclosed not even a hint of a breeze to stir the leaves of the trees and shrubbery the silent living enclosing flora’s motionless green vivid and inescapable and not like anything else in the world in either appearance or suggestion Forever Overhead Bits of human skin the sky water The end Two black spots violence and disappear into a well of time Height is not the problem It all changes when you get back down When you hit with your weightSo which is the lie? Hard or soft? Silence or time?The lie is that it’s one or the other A still floating bee is moving faster than it can think From overhead the sweetness drives it crazyThe board will nod and you will go and eyes of skin can cross blind into a cloud blotched sky punctured light emptying behind sharp stone that is forever That is forever Step into the skin and disappearBI #59 This one is so funny a masturbation fantasy based on Bewitched has gone wrong because of the Synodic Period and Sidereal Period Well too do I remember this envy I felt of my brutish unimaginative brother upon whom the excellent scientific instruction of so many of the posts’ schools was sheerly wasted and he would not be in the least overwhelmed by the conseuences of realizing this further that the earth’s rotation was but one part of its temporal movements and that in order not to betray the fantasy’s First Premise through causing incongruities in the scientifically catalogued measurements of the Solar Day and the Synodic Period the earth’s elliptical orbit around the sun must itself be halted by my supernatural hand’s gesture an orbit whose plane I had to my misfortune learned in childhood included a 2353 degrees angle to the axis of the earth’s own spin having as well variant euivalents in the measurement of the Synodic Period and Sidereal Period which reuired then the rotational and orbital stopping of all other planets and their satellite bodies in the Solar System each of which forced me to interrupt the masturbation fantasy to perform research and calculations based upon the varying planets’ different spins and angles with respect to the planes of their own orbits around the sun This was laborious in that era of only very simple hand held calculatorsBI #20 A re enactment from the movie yes there's a movie A Hideous Man BI #42 Unfortunately the irony is lost in the movie which is the main point here I think David Foster Wallace is one of the greatest writers that has ever lived Krazinski at Starlight Books Los Angeles reads from Brief Interviews With Hideous Men which he adapted directed and acted in