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Sister of The Road kindle ´ Ben Reitman read ✓ ben l. reitman æ Another raging slab of real American history you're not likely to find in the textbooks This is second title in the new and best selling Nabat series that debuted with Jack Black's You Can't Win It's a window into a wildly under appreciaF the free thinking and free loving Bertha Thompson This vivid autobiography recounts one hell of a rugged woman's hard living depression era saga of misadventures with pimps hopheads murderers yeggs wobblies and anarchistsher narrative is cauliflower eared by the brutal truth TimeThompson's capacity for taking pleasure in her experiences is as striking as the enormous range of her sympathy Luc Santé New York Review Of BooksDr Ben Reitman 1880–1942 hobo whorehouse physician anarchist agitator and tour managerlover of Emma Goldman was a mighty interesting character in his own rightThis edition has a new afterword b This memoir of Boxcar Bertha chronicles her family friends and her extensively traveled life As promised on the cover it is frank and includes intimate facts about a woman hobo's methods and habits; but much like its subject it's a bit rough and tumble I had respect for Bertha and her free thinking family of progressive socialists because despite their untraditional nomadic way of life they valued education and parented valiantly until I got to page 134 when Bertha says to herself in a prison hospital after becoming a prostitute in order to gain that experience Me? Bertha Thompson Mother Thompson's daughter? I couldn't have syphilis I couldn't be pregnant I knew about birth control The doctor must be mistaken I couldn't have gonorrhea This must be a joke I told myself I'm Box Car Bertha I've lived through everything I'm not a whore I'm not the kind of woman to whom these things happen From that point on Bertha's self righteousness seemed misguided to me as she was fired for not admitting to having STDs at one place and then fired for not admitting to a criminal record at the next one Even though I didn't really buy the author's voice as that of a woman I am intrigued by the Nabat series it belongs to dedicated to reprinting memoirs of truly interesting and meaningful lives and real adventures on the margins of what Kenneth Rexroth called 'the social lie'Bertha's book was first published in 1937 imploring who can remain uiet and peace loving and be content just to vote Even now in these deadly days of depression all we have out of the chaos is the rich growing richer and powerful and arrogant and the bulk of the poor growing submissive and adapting themselves by force to a lower scale of living That rings so true today in 2017 it gives me chills

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Another raging slab of real American history you're not likely to find in the textbooks This is second title in the new and best selling Nabat series that debuted with Jack Black's You Can't Win It's a window into a wildly under appreciated dropout culture that gets left out of the stultifying fairytales that pass for history books a much rowdy and messily interesting tradition than the guardians of propriety steeped in those other great American traditions of puritanism and hypocrisy let on Hobo jungles bughouses whorehouses Chicago's Main Stem IWW meeting halls skid rows and open freight cars these were the haunts o A wild whirlwind tour through early 20th century radicalism criminality and hobo living Though the protagonist is clearly fictional the world she lives in rings true at least based on what I know from history books and old movies And speaking of old movies Reitman isn't much physical description so I'd advise watching some period cinema on YouTube before reading to better imagine the scenery Even without visuals the boxcar rides are thrilling the crime is horrifying the poverty is heartbreaking and the injustices are appalling The most valuable thing about the book to my mind is how it clearly demonstrates the emancipated frame of mind is not a modern invention Long before the Beats and Hippies there were Free Spirits who defied bourgeois convention to live imaginatively and adventurously

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Sister of The Road The Autobiography of Boxcar Bertha as told to Dr Ben Reitman NABATY Barry Pateman curator of UC Berkeley's Emma Goldman Papers which contains information on the background of the book and of author Dr Ben ReitmanNabat books is a series dedicated to reprinting forgotten memoirs by various misfits outsiders and rebels We believe that the truly interesting and meaningful lives are only to be had by dropouts dissidents renegades and revolutionaries against the grain and between the cracks The Nabat Series offers a little something to set against the crushed hopes banal lives and commodification of everythingAlso in the Nabat Series You Can't Win by Jack Black TP 1600 1 902593 02 2 o CUS this is the story of a freewheeling anarchist lady hobo who travels the country in the 1920's and 30's hanging out with all sorts of radicals and getting into all sorts of adventures this book was really interesting and easy to read although i suspect it's actually fiction by ben reitman not an autobiography it was really inspiring fun i would have given it four stars but i was turned off by all the homophobia every other group of weirdoes is treated with love except for the gays every chance the author or her friends has to bash gay people they do and it sucks one of them says mysteriously lesbians are god's stepchildren that's supposed to be an insult what the fuck???