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mobi ✓ People of the Masks ✓ 576 pages Ï Kathleen O'Neal Gear Ï As the prophets have foretold a child of power has been born unto the Turtle People of the Irouois Nation The Elders call him False Face Child for he is the son of a powerful spirit A living talisman the child has inhumAs the prophets have foretold a child of power has been born unto the Turtle People of the Irouois Nation The Elders call him False Face Child for he is the son of a powerful spirit A living talisman the child has inhuman eyes black mirrors ageless and deep and all fear himAll but Jumping Badger the most powerful war leader of the Bear People He destroys an entire village to take the bo It is very easy to see the First Americans series as a bit formulaic sometimes there is nearly always an evil psychopath with ardent followers a young gentle male mystic with great power lying within him a wise old sage a sceptical tribe and a heroic young woman All you have to do is change the setting and the time of year and you have the gist of the story People of the Masks is no exception to this rule yet as always the Gears manage to make the story interesting even uite gripping at times I often find it very hard to put the books down I dislike the implication that communication with a spirit world and mighty beingsgods is and was a common event at ANY time but occasionally the Gears manage to just hint that this is actually just some interpretation of psychosis or self inflicted hardship Phew I'd hate to be suckered into some fantasy novel rather than historical fiction

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Y to use as a spiritual weapon But his triumph is short lived The Bear People suffer terrible visions and hear the voices of the spirits Strange ailments and mysterious deaths take them one by oneThough he is a seer False Face Child is also a sad and lonely young boy named Rumbler Twelve year old Wren befriends him and together they escape across the winter landscape of New York and Ont This takes place in the Lake Erie Lake Ontario region with the Irouois about 800 AD The prologue present story is about Maureen Cole a Seneca physical anthropologist who’s husband recently died A friend of hers asks her come take a look at a new digsite where she meets Dusty Stewart who’s in charge of the digsite At first they butt heads but I think they’re perfect for each other The main story begins with Silver Sparrow elder of Earth Thunderer Village trying to warn Paint Rock village that Jumping Badger and the Walksalong village is going to attack and steal Rumbler the False Face Child a dwarf who has special powers but they don’t believe him Rumbler is kidnapped and his village wiped out From then on the story is basically how Walksalong village decide they made a mistake and try to kill Rumbler to remove a curse but he is rescued by 12 yr old Wren They are chased by two groups Wren’s uncle who later is joined by Dust Moon and Sparrow Rumbler’s grandparents The second group is Jumping Badger with 20 Walksalong warriors intending to kill them all Jumping Badger goes mad He is convinced that Dust has placed a curse on him and if he kills Rumbler he’ll be okay It’s interesting how most of these books involve one or two parties the bad guys andor good guys chasing one or two weaker good guys Blue Raven Dust Moon and Elk Ivory are the voices of reason in this one and three of favorite characters along with Wren I like the mention of the different herbal uses Papaw to ease pain Yew for fevers etc And there are alot of good and happy moments when the bad guys are stopped and the families and villages come together in peace One thing though if these are supposed to be people of the masks then why is the use of masks mentioned so little without a whole lot explanation about how it fits into the story But I cringe over the cruelty done to those that other’s ‘perceive’ to have done something wrong and during the attacks on other villages though I know that what happened and still does in some areas of the world We really haven’t advanced much through the centuries Fave scenes Lamedeer’s last stand in the cave Wren and Rambler’s time in the oak tree cave and the storm

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People of the MasksArio with Jumping Badger close behind He now fears the boy's power and seeks to kill him Their only hope is to stay alive long enough to find Rumbler's legendary father known only as The DisownedAn epic journey People of the Masks is another riveting volume in New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors W Michael Gear and Kathleen O'Neal Gear's North America's Forgotten Past series A Little Something for Everyone humor heartbreak horror and so much I loved the characters in this novel I loved the relationships between Rumbler and Wren It was also interesting to see how these two children faced the hardships a prehistoric landscape and politically charged power struggle presentedThough the story is very suspenseful it also has humor in the pages It is a very entertaining read and I highly recommend it You don't have to be a historical fiction fan to appreciate this book There's so much it offers to readers that I wouldn't try to diminish its value by limiting it to one particular genre If you love reading then you are such to love this novelThis book covers the Irouois Nation which has been a huge influence on our country's history before it became the United States and in the structure of the government itself This book does a wonderful job of showing us how our Native American ancestors lived believed and helped to shape the world we live in