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MOBI Ó And the Ass Saw the Angel ✓ Nick Cave Cave’s only novel to date takes on the southern gothic in this bizarre baroue tale Born mute to a drunken mother and a demented father tortured Euchrid Eucrow finds comp so i am going to review this one after all because the book i am reading now will probably take me forever and i don't want to get out of practice writing reviews that have nothing to do with the book it's a tricky skill you understand it must be honed this may be one of my favorite books ever i have gone through so many copies of this because i never learn not to lend it to people particularly people i might be kissing i think i gave this to two of them wayyy back in my kissy youth and of course we went our separate ways that's me and the book as well as me and the kissed upon so i have solved that problem by keeping my lips to myself and i will never lend this one out again because it comes and goes in print right now—out of print and i couldn't bear to be parted from it again that being said—it's by no means perfect the biggest gripe is obvious writing in dialect is tricky writing in a dialect not your own is even worse you catch the rhythm after a bit but it's still not perfectly rendered i also wonder what mr nick cave would think about the word antihero being applied to this book because this one is even of an antihero than bunny munro and if he was surprised at bm being judged as antiheroic i wonder about his acceptance of what is an obvious judgment by the reader but the storyit's so well written and well conceived his powers of description are unbearably good i haven't read this book in at least 5 years but i can still see every character every building fortress dog prostitute church—everything it has some of the most gruesome descriptions i've ever read but also some of the most lyrical it's love and madness and biblical misinterpretation and power and callousness and industry if the three most important rules of door to door salesmanship as we were taught in The Death of Bunny Munro are vagina vagina vagina this book teaches us the three most important rules of messiah dom crazy crazy crazy but damn he's endearing he shouldn't be at all but euchrid eucrow is one of my favorite characters in all of literature and that one scene where it switches from first to third person is devastating precisely because you fall in love with him and then when that perspective is given—just a gut punch i may have to read it again soon but don't even ask me for my copy because the answer is an emphatic no who says i can't be taught?oh and i almost forgot—this book also has a soundtrack—which elevates it above most other bookscome to my blog

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PDF Ä BOOK And the Ass Saw the Angel ✓ Cave’s only novel to date takes on the southern gothic in this bizarre baroue tale Born mute to a drunken mother and a demented father tortured Euchrid Eucrow finds compassion in the family mule than in his fellow men But he alone will grasp the cruel fate of Cosey Mo the beautiful young prostitute in Assion in the family mule than in his fellow men But he alone will grasp the cruel fate of Cosey Mo the beautiful young prostitute in the pink caravan on Hooper’s Hill A One year ago I uit biting my nails a lifelong habit I finally seemed to have rid myself of Last week though I started reading this book and before turning page 10 I was munching on my fingers again Compulsively no convulsively Such was my reaction to Nick Cave's gorgeous first novel convulsive Didn't André Breton write Beauty will be convulsive or will not be at all? Well this novel has all the hysterical beauty of a medieval tale told by a hermit gone insane It's an all American story told by a devilish Australian My what a mess I don't even know where to start Let's see David Lynch's disuieting atmospheresA bit of Tobe Hooper's Texas Chainsaw MassacreJP Witkin's aesthetics of ugliness and deformityThe grandeur of William Turner's fiery skiesVictor Hugo's poetics of the OutcastNaaah no way I can't compare the violent visionary demented mysticism of this masterpiece to anything I know Here's a gem ladies and gentlemen The title One of the most beautiful titles in the history of literature summing up in six words all the iconic power of this book It comes from the Old Testament Numbers 22 23 31 the 'magus' Balaam's ass sees the Angel of the Lord brandishing his sword and is given the power of speech in order to warn its master What the arrogant human being can't see is shown to the humble animal; the symbol of all outcasts on earth is thus flooded with heavenly knowledge Such is the canvas on which Nick Cave the frontman of The Bad Seeds paints his allegory of spirituality evil corruption and redemptionA Southern Gothic landscapeA boy living in a shack surrounded by a junkyard precisely Euchrid Eucrow a mute kid doomed to undergo any sort of physical and psychological abuse with a sadistic alcoholic as a mother and a bipolar psycho as a father His alienation soon turns into a messianic obsession as well as plenty of other mental issues of course A village in the middle of nowhere permeated with religious fanaticism incest brutality superstition Sugar cane fields dusty tracks rusty tool sheds rotting carcasses A swampPreachers gone insaneAnd a calamitous rain that just like a biblical plague strikes the inhabitants of the once thriving valley bringing forth three years of fear and madness When a foundling the daughter of a junky whore lynched by the mob is rescued in the village the Miracle occurs the rain ends and the child is declared to be a Saint Euchrid knows the child was actually conceived in sin and adultery Year after year he becomes increasingly obsessed with the girl even though in his sick mind the line between hate and desire is uite blurred until his lifelong isolation sufferings and mental illness eventually take their toll A devastating burst of insanity and mysticism takes place in the hallucinatory grand finale This is a black comedy an allegory and a tale of deranged spirituality told by a masterful narrator Because Cave's writing is like the artefacts of those barbaric tribes from which I happen to descend beauty blooming in monstrosity In fact this is one of those books in which literature is on a level with visual art Only two examplesA thin purple cicatrix emerged from one bushy eyebrow and hooked around his right eye terminating at a small latent mole sprouting short clipped hairs like a fish hook baited with a little black beetleAndThe new spring moon looked naked almost brazen in its fullness It was the colour of mah angel's skin but with a hint of the mistreated in her unblinking majesty

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And the Ass Saw the AngelNd it is Euchrid spiraling ever deeper into his mad angelic vision who will ultimately redeem both the town and its people “Surprising remarkable” The Atlanta Journa Y'all this is a very very weird one to rate I lovedhated it in eual measure and likely would guess most of you would toss it across the room The written turns of phrase are brilliant and inventive and lovelyhorrible but the growing insanity is very tough to bearFirst the story is Southern Gothic and by definition that means we will have at LEAST one mentally ill person in the tale along with dark and bizarre acts There is of course a protagonist who we feel for and yet know that something is not right with him Antihero maybe is the term for Euchrid the blue eyed baby who is conscious of life from the first hour of his birthGenerally I won't sum up a book's plot but because 95% of y'all will be smart enough to avoid the story here goes A boy who is born mute and with a hunched body is born to a moonshine swilling mountain of a woman who is relentless in her abuse to her husband and child The father comes from a seriously inbred lineage and while he stays with his wife for years until her death the way he deals with his daily heaping of poison is to trap animals He doesn't intentionally kill these animals but removes them from the traps and places them in a menagerie In this menagerie the living animals hold battles royale in order to live he watches them like an emperor enjoying gladiators slaughtering others It is the father's bizarre stress reliefThese are the people who raise the boy and pass to him their faulty genesThe kid Euchrid grows up despised and bullied by the townspeople who are part of a religious sect that relies on signs and prophecies They're intolerant of sinners and will punish those who break their moral codeOver the years a beautiful child of prophecy is born in this town and found at the feet of their statue of a vengeful angel her wings alight and hand holding a scythe Euchrid now older and grower insane over the years believes this young girl and he have a connection She is believed to be divine but only he knows better They are bound for a collisionOkay triggers? Animal abuse And animal abuse Rape Beatings Oh and also some animal abuse Mounting insanityAs someone who has had two spoiled dogs and two worthless cats sleeping in the bed with her for the past 38 years live ones not remains like we find in this book I was able to distance myself from this portion Remember the commercial that went ITS ONLY A MOVIE ITS ONLY A MOVIE ITS ONLY A MOVIE? Yeah that's my highly technical psychological trick to get past this kind of stuff In a million years I wouldn't have read this except our small reading group here in GR has had each of us nominate stuff that nobody but we weirdo serious readers would enjoy discussing Our dear buddy Kirk Smith passed away before this his nomination came up on our schedule Like darling uirky Kirk I loved this But ah ain't never readin it againExcerpts belowMummy was a swine A scum cnted likkered up brain sick swine She was lazy and slothful and dirty and belligerent and altogether evil Mom was a soak a drunk a piss eyed hell bag with a taste for the homebrew”The air had turned tactile and tinted red – it stuffed the valley thickly and there was an electricness about it that crackled inside my head like paper It kinda oozed – this air oozed into my lungs soupy and reeking of evilness And ah could see it – ah could see it rolling across every crag and crack every knurl and knoll every ridge each ditch every hill and hole through groves of cottonwoods each knotted