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Read & Download Engaging Learners Through Artmaking Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ò Teaching for Artistic Behavior is an art education curriculum focused on choice based teaching and learning for elementary and middle school age students The pedagogy is clearly outlined and addresses personal relevancy the leaAl theory with actual practice and is a resource for practicing and pre service art teachers curriculum coordinators aftercare and camp directors and anyone interested in authentic learning through visual art. I was introduced to TAB by one of my professors and uickly because a huge fan I was able to attend the TAB institute at MassArt an I highly recommend for anyone interested in adopting this philosophy Diane and Kathy are wonderful and have paved the way for the future of art education

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L relevancy the learning environment instruction assessment and advocacy A strong argument is presented for meaningful learner directed art making experiences for all students This book blends sound education. “Mimicry does not ensure understanding Nor does it respect students’ abilities to develop and pursue their own ideas through planning collaboration innovation and reflection Their teacher who is always in control of every aspect of teaching and learning may never see what is truly important in the lives of children” Douglas Jauith 2009 p 91This book was really compelling It engages with theory including postmodernism which was impressive provides persuasive evidence and is encouraging to educators Though I'm reading it over ten years after publication a lot of these ideas would still come off as radical to many art educators I know My one ualm is that the authors are vague in how teachers can make learning standards fit this curriculum I see how it can be done but for tenured lazy teachers or new inexperienced ones I think they would just consider this too difficult amidst k 12 standards especially in public schools

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Engaging Learners Through ArtmakingTeaching for Artistic Behavior is an art education curriculum focused on choice based teaching and learning for elementary and middle school age students The pedagogy is clearly outlined and addresses persona. So excited to try out choiceGreat art teacher read I’m super inspired and plan on implementing much of what I’ve read in my classroom I am bored with the way I currently teach and crave authentic moments with my students I’ve never enjoyed cookie cutter artwork and stuffy micromanaged classrooms I’ve always gravitated towards allowing my students a decent amount of independence so choice feels very “me” My only complaint I wish the book would have touched a bit on how to implement this system smoothly and strategies for dealing with unmotivated students That’s a big reason I’ve been interested in choice based art feeling like I was failing a population of my students who were not engaged in my lessons and needed something and then a population of students who have the potential to progress so much farther than what I offered to them I have some students that are very social so much to the point of complete disinterest in anything else and I worry that even still it will be a challenge to engage them in class when all they want to do is socialize I’m hoping working collaboratively will inspire them and I can figure it out if not but some tips would be nice Same for choice strategies with difficult classes I’ve had classes in the past who COULD NOT handle the responsibility of choice What modifications could I make for classes like this Now granted I haven’t moved into full choice yet and I may find that most of these problems all work themselves out but I will continue to read and research in the meantime