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Free download Hundarna i Riga

Free download Hundarna i Riga 107 À Kriminalkommissar Kurt Wallander saß in seinem Zimmer im Polizeipräsidium von Ystad und gähnte In diesem Moment kam Martinson ins Zimmer ›Vor ein paar Minuten haben wir einen merkwürdigen Anruf erhalten‹ begann er ›er kam aus einer Telefonzelle Ein Mann behauptete daß bald irgendwo hier an der Küste ein Rettunühren Kommissar Wallander nach Osteuropa Er gerät immer tiefer hinein in ein kaum noch zu durchschauendes Komplott unsichtbarer Mächte in dem er nicht nur seinen Glauben an die Gerechtigkeit verliert sondern auch fast sein Leben läß. Updated reviewI read the first book in the Wallander series back in 2016 Funnily enough I read it for that year's Festive Season task The second book in the series did not do much for me either Sweden is still a hot bed of racism IMHO and we have Wallander still flailing about with regards to his relationship with his father ex and daughter The investigation should have been interesting but honestly it was not The first half of the book was painful to get through I do wish that there was a way to get these books via Kindle or a Nook so I could read it a bit easier Trying to read this on my browser made it hard to get into I think The Dogs of Riga follows Chief Inspector Kurt Wallander Wallander is dealing with feeling his age he is 43 and feeling full of doubt and worry about his health It's been a year since his wife left him and now his daughter is away at school He also is still dealing with the aftermath of the last case we saw him in When two Latvian men wash up ashore in a raft full of bullets Wallander wonders if the men were there as part of some larger criminal act Sweden is dealing with a lot of foreigners these days and Wallander represents a larger part of the Swedish population that wants them gone When a Latvian detective shows up as part of the case Major Liepa Wallander feels like he has met someone who gets him However when Liepa returns back to Latvia he is murdered and then Wallander is dispatched to help with the case So readers get to watch as Wallander feels foreign in other place Wallander got pretty tiresome for me towards the end of the book and reading about his infatuation with a new woman just made me bored I don't know I think the only stories that I have actually liked starting Wallander have been the short stories I read I think I can digest this character in small bites and not longer novels I really did not get into the writing in this one and the flow was really poor for the first part of the book The whole thing drags and I contemplated DNFing it after a while The setting of the book feels weird to me too It takes place in 1992 and of course I was alive during this time period I was 12 but the whole book had a Cold War vibe that I just felt was a bit jarring I think the whole spy parts of the book just didn't work for me Maybe because I have watched the Trump Administration for 4 years and I am befuddled about any country doing clandestine services these days We also leave Sweden for most of the book and follow Wallander to Riga Latvia I am not familiar with the country or the history so felt a bit lost as I was reading along Initial reviewWill post a longer review later Not much to say except I really could not get into this one It wasn't a bad book just don't think my brain couldn't get engrossed into it because I was hampered by only being able to view this by my computer's web browser I didn't want to spend the money on purchasing a book that I may not have likedloved

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Iner Telefonzelle Ein Mann behauptete daß bald irgendwo hier an der Küste ein Rettungsboot mit zwei toten Männern an Land treiben würdeDann legte er aufWer sind die Toten Und wohin ist das Rettungsboot verschwunden Die Ermittlungen f. I gave this three stars and that seems to be about right though I will read in this series featuring everyday provincial Swedish detective Kurt Wallender a kind of dour and dumpy but somehow likeable guy He's Detective Everyman middle aged just dumped by his wife estranged for his flighty daughter his fave partner dead from cancer feeling guilty about not spending enough time with his father who is descending in dementia as a detective he's not Sherlock Holmes He doesn't have the physical prowess of Jo Nesbo's Harry Hole; he has a paunch he sometimes gets chest pains and while brilliant Harry teaches detective courses at the Oslo Police Academy Wallender thinks about uitting in this newer violent age of policing and he's not brilliant He pokes around mostly determinedly and once in a while gets luckyTwo dead guys in a rowboat drift ashore and they find they have been murdered in Riga A Latvian cop comes to Sweden to investigate goes home and is killed Wallender gets invited by the widow of the Latvian cop to come to Riga and help solve the crime Wallemder goes because he feels a spark with the widow so he smuggles himself into Latvia and soon learns of levels of political intrigue involving Latvian gangsters the former Soviet Union this is the nineties and drug cartels that leave him feeling like he is way over his head He's a cop not an MI6 operativeThe action is slow for awhile until we get somewhat background on the political situation and then it turns somewhat improbable thriller as Wallender sort of stumbles onto a solution to both the crimes involving the guys in the rowboat and the Latvian detective No one in Sweden knows he went to Latvia so I am curious whether that secret makes its way into the series I like Wallender and Mankell writes well mostly grounded in reality the every day I see that Mankell also wrote a series involving his daughter Linda so that intrigues me I may read on Mankell is a good writer who in an afterword makes his political commitments as a writer clear Unlike Nesbo Mankell wants to weave world politics into his provincial cop's life Wallender professes no interest in or knowledge of world politics but is forced to confront them so that is an interesting aspect of the work

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Hundarna i RigaKriminalkommissar Kurt Wallander saß in seinem Zimmer im Polizeipräsidium von Ystad und gähnte In diesem Moment kam Martinson ins Zimmer ›Vor ein paar Minuten haben wir einen merkwürdigen Anruf erhalten‹ begann er ›er kam aus e. Kurt Wallander Swedish detective is inexplicably sent to Latvia to investigate the death of a Latvian police officer who was killed in LatviaWallander doesn't know why he's in Latvia Henning Mankell doesn't appear to know why Wallander is in Latvia I don't know why Wallander is in Latvia After 300 pages of Wallander being driven around Latvia being cold eating omelettes drinking coffee wandering around with a map and sitting around asking himself why he's in Latvia I don't actually care The subplot of shadowywhatever they werefreedom fighters made no sense whatsoever seriously he's investigating the death of a police officer and he voluntarily lets himself be taken around by guys who throw hoods over his head To hang out with people with whom he can barely communicate in bad English Who does that and the other subplot with the love interest was ridiculous Wallander is 40 ish not 14I should have paid attention to my instinct to drop this in the discard pile but I was determined to ride it out I'm going to pay attention to my instincts from now on