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Very god and half blood he recruits his power only grows In this momentous final book in the New York Times best selling series the prophecy surrounding Percy's sixteenth Grover cradled his laurel sapling in his hands “Well sure good to be together again Arguing Almost dying Abject terror Oh look It’s our floor” Isn’t it lovely to be with your friends? I mean yeah it’s basically the end of the world they are dealing with but hey at least they have each other to argue while they are almost dying right? You always have to see the positive things XD Unfortunately the situation in “The Last Olympian” isn’t all sunshine and rainbows though In fact it’s pretty bad And I’m not only talking about Percy’s messed up love life here ; P ”You run away from things when you’re scared”I stared at her completely stunned “Me? Run away?”She got right in my face “Yes you You’re a coward Percy Jackson”Ouch That one hurt Never thought I’d see Annabeth have a go at Percy like that but I guess there’s only so much a good demigod girl can endure Sexy red haired beautiful maidens that seem to be interested in your boy are definitely vexing and sort of bound to get on your nerves Add the apocalypse into the mix and you have a truly pissed off Annabeth Talk about a solid recipe for disaster lol Despite everything that’s going down I’m glad to say that our heroes got their priorities straight though I stared at him “You’re scared of bunnies?”“Blah hah hah They’re big bullies Always stealing celery from defenceless satyrs”Okay now that we dealt with the evil bunnies we can finally focus on the important things Like for instance the huge storm named Typhon that’s coming for New York and the army of enemies that wants to destroy Mount Olympus Did I already mention that they are led by Kronos himself? Nope? Oops But hey it’s just a minor detail nothing to worry about ; Our heroes got this Totally I mean Percy didn’t really spare a telkhine because he had a cool Li’l Demons lunchbox Always those rumours I already told you our heroes got their priorities straight XD ”Really Peter Johnson how long will it take for you to recognize me on sight?”“About as long as it’ll take you to figure out my name” I mutteredAnd Percy still didn’t lose his sarcasm let alone his touch lol One of the best things about this entire book was the way Uncle Rick once again managed to weave old Greek myths and legends into his story I’ll always be in awe of his genius 3 I mean alone the story of Silena and Clarisse Hell Hades that was so cleverly done I can only take my hat off to Uncle Rick Brilliant just brilliant view spoilerAs much as I’m sorry that Silena Beauregard had to die her being the spy at camp and doing a Patroclus was one of the best things about this book Also Clarisse going all Achilles on the drakon euivalent of Hector that killed her was epic hide spoiler

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The Last OlympianBirthday unfolds And as the battle for Western civilization rages on the streets of Manhattan Percy faces a terrifying suspicion that he may be fighting against his own fa This is the 5th Percy Jackson book I've read to my daughter Celyn It's half term and we've not had many carers Celyn is very disabled and gets respite care so we've had a chance to finish the book offAs always Celyn has supplied the rating and left the review to meThe concluding well we could go to book 45 55 volume of the Percy Jackson series continues in the same vein as the previous volumes though with an added sense of danger and sadness as namedknown campers are killed and even PJ himself may be up for the chopWe've followed Percy from a lad of 11 ish to his 16th birthday so girlfriends are up for debate too and both Rachel and Annabeth are in the frameThe Greek pantheon are a great choice for these sort of books as even in the oldest of writings there's very little about them that's godly except for their power Their pettiness and bickering provide endless opportunities for conflict and plotting even without the resurgence of their titanic forebearsThe final battle is a colossal affair that occupies most of the book The variety of monsters and weapons keep the thing from getting repetitive and I had a good time reading it The ending is satisfying with elements of tragedy mixed into the victory Job well doneRiordan not only draws on the myths for monsters gods demigods heroes and bits of plot in overt ways but also in unacknowledged ways that are fun for those who have read the source material For example the incident from the Trojan war with Achilles and Patroclus is played out in a similar manner at one point by two female charactersThe only uestion now is what to read next? Join my 3 emails a year newsletter #prizes

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The Last Olympian eBook ä 381 pages Download ¶ randarenewables è Alternate Cover EditionAll year the half bloods have been preparing for battle against the Titans knowing the odds are against them Kronos is stronger than ever and with every god and half blood he recruits his power only grows In this momentoAlternate Cover EditionAll year the half bloods have been preparing for battle against the Titans knowing the odds are against them Kronos is stronger than ever and with e wow wow wow still need to get all my thoughts together but wow wow wow full video review coming soon