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Read & Download The Indigo King (Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica, #3) Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ç John and Jack are mystified when they discover a cryptic warning on a medieval manuscript—a warning that is not only addressed to them but seems to have been written by Oor in time and vanishes into the past In that moment the world begins to change Now the Archipelago of Dreams and our world both suffer under the reign of the cruel and terrible Winter King Dark beasts roam the countryside and terror rules the land John and Jack must. As James Owen notes in his afterword is based on a stroll in 1931 with JRR Tolkien CS Lewis and Hugo Dyson discussing Christianity as mythology versus religion and the author's desire to mess with the convention of the tales that everyone knows King Arthur Merlin and Mordred; Odysseus Circe and Calypso even Mark Twain's Connecticut Yankee Hank Morgan Of course there are dragons and dragonships; time travel paradoxes Lots of humor especially the badgers and nonstop action His lovely illustrations resembling classic 19th century wood block drawings that one might see in a masterful Folio Society rendition of a book of fairy tales add a special element However the plot skips around extensively and I think the context of the first two books in the series are important to understand the battlelines and why the Scowlers scholars have to go back in history to restore Hugo's interference The introduction of Chaz as a variant of Charles and his development is brilliant

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John and Jack are mystified when they discover a cryptic warning on a medieval manuscript a warning that is not only addressed to them but seems to have been written by their friend Hugo Dyson But before they can discover the origins of the book Hugo walks through a d. The best in the series so far Loved loved LOVED it The thing I love about the Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica series is that they keep you guessing You think you have it all figured out only to be proven wrong a few pages later This was one such book I could NOT put it downThe Indigo King focuses on the mysterious Cartographer this time around Much like how Dumbledore shows Harry the history of Voldemort and how he came to be Jules Verne shows John Jack and Charles the history of Mordred and the Cartographer and how they came to be The whole thing was expertly handled and was brilliant to read about I cannot believe I actually felt sorry for Mordred at the end of it all Just goes to show there are always two sides to a storyThe book takes time travel in the Archiepelago to a whole new level Several places I found it a bit difficult to digest the story as I firmly believe in cases of Time travel you cannot change the past what has happened has happened and what will happen will happen The Universe always always course corrects itself So I wasn't comfortable with the idea that Hugo Dyson had gone back in time and somehow ended up changing the past But in the end Owen again managed to explain it all away leaving me with no room to complain But I must admit in the end I got a bit dizzy trying to keep track of the chronology of the story Maybe some day after several re reads I'll be able to jot the chronology down on a piece of paper so that it'll be crystal clear but till then I'm going to trust that Owen knows what he's doing and let him take me along on this ride to the magical world of the Archiepalago of DreamsHighly recommended just for the sheer shock and awe factor of the bookPS Apparently Charles is awesome no matter what timeline he's in His story arc in the book was one of the main reasons I loved it

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The Indigo King Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica #3Travel back in time from the Bronze Age to the library in ancient Alexandria to the founding of the Silver Throne to find the only thing that can save their friend and restore both words The solution lies in the answer to a 2000 year old mystery Who is the Cartograph. And here is where my journey with this series endsI tried Who wouldn’t want to follow Tolkien and Lewis through landscapes of imagination and mythology and witness them save time and history over and over again all while interacting with some of the greatest heroes of literature myth and legend Seemed like great funHowever it all falls uickly apartThe first problem I had with book one was clunky writing Not to worry I said that will get better as the author matures in his writing in later booksWell it didn’t Not after three books at least This one was not only clunky and amateur but it was chaotic and disorganized I rarely knew what was going on There were so many characters that it was hard to keep track of them all especially when they all ended up having two or three or four similar names that I was also supposed to remember and keep separate somehowAlso the tone was weird We had cute talking oyster cracker obsessed badgers sharing the same page as a severed head in a burlap sack Hard to get the cute vibes from the badgers OR the dark and scary vibes from the head in a bag when they kind of cancel each other out in a lot of waysOh and let’s not forget the dialogue stolen directly from the Black Knight scene of Monty Python and the Holy Grail I’m surprised Owens didn’t get sued for thatThe second problem I had that blending all these myths and legends and presenting them as one story would set Tolkien’s teeth on edge especially if he knew he was the main character in that one story is only getting worse and worse and worse I’m having an increasingly hard time ignoring how I know Tolkien would feel about these stories and loyalty to him is winning against the curiosity I felt when initially approaching this seriesA new problem that reared its head though was the disappointment when the book brought in Hugo Dyson sent him on a walk with Tolkien and Lewis around the Magdalen campus had him participate in a discussion of Christianity and mythology and then not following through with the rest of that fateful night in Lewis’s life Anyone who knows Lewis’s testimony knows how central of a turning point that walk around Magdalen with Dyson and Tolkien and the conversation they had that lasted long into the night was for him I was fine with this imagined version of Jack being the pre converted Lewis but to dangle that carrot in front of his fans to tease at the big event that pushed him towards becoming everything he is most well known for was a splash of cold water right in the face It trivialized it cheapened it by adding talking badgers and glossed over it without giving it even a hint other than being mentioned in the Author’s Note Kind of a death knell for any enthusiasm I had left for this seriesWorst of all though is that Owens seemed to get his theology from The Da Vinci Code To completely alter Lewis’s experience with Christianity is disappointing enough but of all the study I have done so far of both Tolkien and Lewis I have yet to find anything that would indicate either one of them believed in Jesus Christ having direct descendants To include a character who fits that bill felt like a panic swerve away from Biblical orthodoxy for the sake of riding the coattails of a much famous much successful piece of literature with the guise of it simply being Grail lore Granted I know this is a book that deals most directly in the realm of myth and lore and is not trying to make any theological statements on the divinity and humanity of Christ but when your two main characters are based on people known at least in part for their theology particularly Lewis I feel like you’re doing them a disservice by sueezing them into your Da Vinci Code knockoff plot element If the main characters had been anyone else I would have had a much easier time overlooking this even if I still disagreed with it As it is though it feels like too much of a betrayal to Tolkien and Lewis and yes to my own beliefs on the subject to continue readingI am disappointed it ends this way for me but even with some of the deeper problems I had with this installment on the surface level there still remains the problem of poor writing that is not improving which makes reading the series unenjoyable on its most basic level I at first thought it was going to be hard to walk away from this series because I love Tolkien and Lewis so much Turns out that’s the very reason I’m letting it go Too bad