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Summary ñ Come Be My Love 106 ↠ IMPOSSIBLE ALEXANDRABeautiful brilliant and headstrong Alexandra Cox Neville was a thoroughly impossible young lady with an even impossible dream of love If she could not wed Darius Wentworth heir to the neighboring barony of Bladen she would have no husband at allThus when Darius took another for his wife there was buIMPOSSIBLE ALEXANDRABeautiful brilliant and headstrong Alexandra Cox Neville was a thoroughly impossible young lady with an even impossible dream of love If she could not wed Darius Wentworth heir to the neighboring barony of Bladen she would have no husband at. This book contains everything I could possible hate in a romance and I read it as a test to see if I could keep from getting worked up I made it through to the end without throwing it against the wall victoryI don't even consider it a romance at all It's the story of 2 people One has an absurdly obsessive love for the other who is just living the typical life of the timesThe one with this obsessive love is the heroine Alexandra and the one living his life his own way is the hero Darius I used for the word 'hero' because he's not really one The story spans several years and is told in the first person by Alexandra and it's pages and pages of her delusional love for him while he spends 80% of the book thinking of her as a little sister he sees every few months or soLet's have a look at the plot SPOILERS ahead Darius says one sentence to Alexandra when she is all of 12 years old and it's True Love Forever for her One sentence and she's obsessed for lifeDarius is studying at university so she procceds to ingratiate herself with his family and spends all her time at their country estate She changes her whole life to be able to be somewhat close to him the few times he comes homeShe's devastated when he becomes engaged to the most beautiful debutante of the season but oh she loves him so muchShe vomits during the wedding ceremony because she's so sick at heart but oh she loves him so muchShe's crushed when she learns his wife is expecting a child but oh she loves him so muchWhen the wife dies during childbirth she basically takes over the raising of the motherless child whom Darius dumped at his parents' house She loves him so much you see Plus he's free now isn't heHe parades his mistress around and thinks nothing of presenting her to his mother and Alexandra when they're both in London for a visit Alex is crushed but oh she loves him so muchShe comes upon Darius and his mistress making love on the library rug and she's crushed again but oh she loves him so muchDarius's son dies He's sad She gives herself to him to comfort him He was delirious with fever so he doesn't remember it but she loves him so much that well that's life isn't itDarius goes away for a few months He comes back and Alexandra runs to him to ask for his help in avoiding an arranged marriage She's desperate and even confesses her love But surprise The mistress shows up Darius being the golden man that he is prefers to send Alexandra home and to stay with her insteadAlexandra is finally fed up that's about 80% into the book people So of course she runs away to London where she changes her name and haircut at this point I can only laugh at the absurdity of everything But Darius Ah she still loves him so muchDarius spots her by chance in London He asks her to marry him because well she told him she loved him and he's conveniently realized he wouldn't mind her as a wife after she'd run awayMayhem happens and Darius foists Alexandra off on his mistress who is unexplicably and conveniently marrying another manDarius finally learns that he took Alexandra's virginity the day his son died hey at least he did learn it at some pointThey marryThe endHad I liked the heroine I would have suffered along with her for all those years she's spent longing for her Darius watching him live his life with other women But here Alexandra's love was so absurd and her conduct so ridiculous that I frankly didn't care

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Her to that capital of fashion and folly and as Alexandra soon found out where Darius went trouble was sure to follow So it shouldn't have been a shock to a young lady who broke all the rules to find there was no escape from the one man who could break her hear. Wonderful engaging entertaining book with occasional passages of literary merit that aren't off putting or alienating like other literary fiction I've readBoth hero and heroine change admirably in the book The heroine's childhood infatuation for the hero takes a mature turn at the midway point and although her decisions are a bit stubborn at one point they're understandable in light of how the men in her life have treated her in trying to force her to bow to their will I liked her so much by that point that it wasn't off putting to me how some of the decisions she made weren't good ones or that she naively believed in the goodness of a man a bit like Wickham from PP The hero also matures and shows his love for the heroine with his protective and sacrificial actions even before he tells her he loves her which really makes his love seem believableview spoilerMy only two complaints are that the heroine's father complies too easily at the end and the misunderstanding about the hero's engagement at the end is a little far fetched because I would think that while Lady Blackwood helped Alex recover she would know to tell Alexandra the identity of her betrothed in light of the digs and arguments she'd had with her over the hero Her not saying anything seems odd and overly spiteful in light of her engagement and apparent happiness about it hide spoiler

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Come Be My LoveAllThus when Darius took another for his wife there was but one place for Alexandra to go London where a woman could make her living with her pen if she did not fear the censure of society and the scandal of being on her own Unfortunately Darius soon followed. Another fantastic clean historical romance with wonderful characters dealing with difficult situations and triumphing in the end