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Emma by Jane Austen kindle ´ Paperback read Ö An alternative cover of this ISBN can be found hereEmma Woodhouse is one of Austen's most captivating and vivid characters Beautiful spoilt vain and irrepressibly witty Emma organizes the lives of the inhabitants of her sleepy little village and plays matchmaker with devastating effectVes of the inhabitants of her sleepy little village and plays matchmaker with devastating effec 35 stars rounded up because of the narrationI've noticed a lot of people hate Emma She's spoiled by her circumstances and self absorbed in a way that only someone who hasn't really known any sort of hardships can be And I get why she isn't the heroine that anyone is really rooting for in a serious way Because if the book had ended with Emma alone with her father it wouldn't have really broken my heart But here's the thing I found as I listened to this one It wasn't really Emma that I hated it was the whole stick to your social level thinking that was soacceptedI guess I forgot that society's structure was such an ingrained part of everyone's lives during this time period that the fact that Emma dared to think her friend worthy of a certain man made her into a villainess I think we tend to focus on Robert Martin who for all intents and purposes was a nice dude and Emma discouraging Harriet to accept him because she thought he was socially above him But in reality it wasn't just that Emma who needed to be chastised for sticking her nose into Harriet's love life Although yes she should have been because stop being a nosey bitch EmmaIt was the whole if you marry a farmer we can't be seen together any thingHow was this a thing? How was this ever a thing?Ok ok Take away my disappointment in the casual way humans treated other humans who hadn't been born into the right family and weren't gentlemanly enough Or the way Emma was SO GRATEFUL that Knightly had taken the time to correct her when she didn't behave properlyAnd take away the part where Knightly blushingly confessed that he had probably been in love with her since she was 13 with their 16 year age gap that puts him at 29OHMYFUCKINGGODI get it Timesthey were a bit differentI still made The Face when I heard that one thoughAnyway Take all of that away and I honestly liked this story Emma wasn't a bad person she was just somewhat Clueless as to what the real world was like and oblivious to not only what other people needed but to what she needed as well Speaking of what she needed she needed someone to grab her father by the shoulders give him a good shake and tell him to stop acting like such a pussy Mr Woodhouse was so fucking annoying I mean he's portrayed as a lovable harmless old man butnot really She almost didn't marry because of him And everyone just bowed and scraped and let him get away with his nonsense Except Knightly's brother loved that guy Probably the only normal person in the entire fucking bookIt was good luck that they had a chicken thief in the area that scared her father into wanting a man around the house Ha I really did think that was a cute way to end the storyAnd Knightly really was a super nice guy who deserved a happy ending of his ownMy point is that while it has its problems I wasn't bored to tears with this classic story And I like that Austen wrote about people and the things that made them tick and not the weather or the scenery The issues I had with the book are the same things that make the book a classic In other words it's old And they did shit differently when this was written Not really sure what you can do about that other than be super fucking happy you weren't born back then Nadia May was a wonderful narrator and re

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An alternative cover of this ISBN can be found hereEmma Woodhouse is one of Austen's most capti This is a book about math mirrors and crystal balls and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise Village life? Sorta The lives of the idle rich? I mean sure but only partially and incidentally Romance? Barely A morality tale of the Education of Young Lady? The young lady stands for and does many important things than that These things provide the base of the novel the initial bolt of fabric the first few lines of a drawing that set the limits of the author to writing about these thousand things rather than the other million things that lie outside those lines They are the melody to which the symphony will return again and again but with variations so you’ll never uite hear it again with perfect simplicity You just have to recognize them to be able to understand the rest of the piece And that is all The melody is never the point the point is everything that comes in between each time it repeats which then dictates why the repetition is different the next time it all plays out You can’t just tune out everything that comes in between Because then you’ll miss the story about math mirrors and crystal balls I missed it the first time around and I’m sort of upset that I did because this part of the story is way engaging Let’s talk math first First time I ever wanted to do that without moaning with boredom so already points JA Austen’s work sets up fascinating euations that keep building and building on top of each other until you get one of those fantastically scary creations that cover the entire wall of a room where the genius who wrote it all out is leaping up and down exhausted all “Eureka I’ve done it” only in this case the genius can actually explain it to you in a way that makes her efforts seem worth it Once you understand the first couple operations of the euation then it’s easy to see where the next ones come from But to bring it down out of the world of the abstract what I mean is that I think Austen is absolutely brilliant at decoding every little minute detail of the duties privileges guilts obligations and routines that go into human relationships Just like how in math if you add instead of multiply in one part of an euation it screws the whole thing Austen shows us why one simple infraction of this delicate balance in relationships is such a major drama and can screw the whole thing for you Yes it’s one simple action and no matter how justified it is that you forgot one thing amongst the fifty things you’re supposed to do your answer is wrong and all the other correct work you did is completely invalidated Red mark Final You’re wrong and you know it and everyone knows it and to put this in Sorkinese you just have to stand there in your wrongness and be wrong She reveals the little town of Highbury or even really just the upper echelons of its ruling class to be a labyrinth of constant choices where there are fifteen steps that one has to go through to narrow down your options This is where its sort of about village life in that you can’t just do a straight cost benefit analysis in any direct way because you will have to deal with the conseuences of that action every day and it will materially affect your life in way that you can’t avoid like you could with a anonymo

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Emma by Jane AustVating and vivid characters Beautiful spoilt vain and irrepressibly witty Emma organizes the li My interpretation of the first 60 pages of EmmaOh my dear you musn't think of falling for him He's too crude and crassOh my dear Emma you are perfectly correct I shan't give him another thoughtOh my dear that's good because I would have to knock you flat on your arse if you were considering someone of such low birthYawn I tried but life's too short Plus I like 'em crude and crassCross posted at This Insignificant Cinder