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READ ß One Forbidden Evening ✓ Every woman wants one night to be sinfulAs a masked ball reaches its fever pitch Cybelline Caldwell surrenders to the embrace of a midnight lover a stranger who seals her fate By morning the wanton seductress has been replaced by a determinedly sensible woman preparing to leave Londonand its memories Yet temptation follIts memories Yet temptation follows For Christopher Hollins Earl of Ferrin the notorious rake she so brazenly challenged vows to show her that one night was not enoughIt took some clever detective work but Ferrin uncovered the identity of his mystery lover surprised and intrigued to com. Libraries What would we do without a convenient library in our romanceYes in One Forbidden Evening we have a heroine who must go to the library Of course our hero is there slouched in a chair All heroes slouch in the library chairs which have been placed in the dark corner of a library How they can read a book in the dark baffles me When Cybelline meandered into the library I found my mind wandering You know heroines wander into dark secluded libraries a lot In fact I bet libraries might be at the very top of the list of trysting places in romance books if there were such a list I wonder just how many books have a library scene in them A gazillion I'm thinking that would make some meticulous person not me a wonderful project in their spare time All one needs do is start going through romance books and record all the library scenes Once the number is tabulated one could even make a list we all love lists of their favorite library scene their most romantic library scene their most erotic library scene etc I'm not saying the use of a library is a bad thing; actually I think it's one of the better plot devices used to maneuver our couple into each other’s arms I vaguely remember a library scene in which the heroine was angry with the hero and she rearranged all of his books by subject matter I don't remember what book it was from but I remember thinking it was funny I’m done wandering nowOn to One Forbidden Evening 2006 This is the second in Jo Goodman's Grantham series and yes it was published in 2006 I loved the first book so much I decided to check out the others in this series and I may take a look at her other historicals Another author to read in between waiting for new booksThere was a lot to like about One Forbidden Evening First of all the witty dialogue between almost all of the characters in this book made me smile Ms Goodman seems to know her way around a word or two She has also managed to take a plot device I don't particularly care for and make it into something that didn't irritate me That would be the disguise plot line in fact this book has two people pretending to be someone else Our heroine pretends to be someone else in the very beginning of the book and our hero pretends to be his best friend in the rest of the book But that's ok because the people who really count know the truth of the identities – those people would be Cybelline heroine and Ferrin hero When the story begins a recently widowed Cybelline is having a pretty hot dream about a man we assume it's her husband This dream is too much for her and she decides she must scratch that itch with a little encouragement from her aunt and maid she does She shows up at a costume party dressed as Boudicca – dyed red hair spear and everything She also has someone in mind to scratch that itch Unknown to our hero Christopher Hollins the Earl of Ferrin Cybelline has been watching him for a while She's heard of his reputation and believes he would be easy to seduce plus she believes he wouldn't be interested in pursuing her once they've had their encounter Oh silly girl this is a romance But even if it weren’t taking place in Romanceland I would think that most men would not easily forget a woman who is the aggressor at least not for a while So after some really hot whankee roo on the stairs ouchy she departs leaving Ferrin determined to find her But Cybelline has left than just the party she's fled into the countryside with her daughterIt does not take our hero long to figure out who she is and where she has raced off to He follows her Now here is where the book took a nose dive for me There is another reason he's off to the country helping his friend Wellsley improve his reputation You see Wellsley's grandmother is concerned about Wellsley's reputation She thinks the only way to improve that reputation is for him to marry But Wellsley doesn’t want to be forced into a marriage of his grandmother’s choosing Thrown into this is the fact that Wellsley is in love with Ferrin's sister but Wellsley thinks Ferrin's parents don't like him because of his reputation so for some reason the solution to all of this is for Ferrin to pretend to be Wellsley and go off to the country and do good things I guess This whole WellsleyFerrin pretend disguise thing was very silly didn't make too much sense and was distracting to the rest of the story I didn't get itAnyway Ferrin is in the countryside pretending to be Wellsley Cybelline is there and of course she knows he’s not Wellsley and he knows she’s Boudicca But before they confess to each other that they know who is who they do some circling and baiting There is also a little bit of a mystery plot going on After Cybelline’s husband committed suicide she started receiving threatening letters from his lover A lover she had no idea existed and one who blames her for her husband’s death Also included with these threatening letters are correspondence which her husband Nicholas sent his lover Not only is she frightened she is also hurt by Nicholas’ betrayal As the story progresses the threats start to include Cybelline’s daughter Phewwww there's a lot going on in this book The mystery surrounding Cybelline's marriagehusband was a nice bit of discovery There are clues all over the place but you have to read carefully to catch them because Ms Goodman tries to lead you down the wrong path Don’t follow the Red Herrings And that's all the hint I am going to provideThis book also contained a rather silly villain resolution but I wasn't as irritated with that as I was with Ferrin’s strong arm techniues in the bedroom I found myself becoming rather annoyed with Ferrin's compulsion to have Cybelline plead for her pleasure I'm not sure why he felt the need to do that over and over again Cybelline has let Ferrin read some of the letters so he knows what a jerk face Nicholas was how Nicholas used her but still Ferrin insists upon Cybelline’s begging I found Ferrin's demands of Cybelline not only disturbing but degrading especially since he was supposedly falling in love with herOverall I found most of the book a pleasant read I was enchanted with Ms Goodman's use of the Word The dialogue was fun the characters were well rounded I would have given this a much higher rating but for a few things I didn't buy into the WellsleyFerrin switch reasoning and Ferrin's bedroom antics were unsettlingKaysBlog


E face to face with Cybelline Soon he discovers she is a woman of mystery and a woman in danger stalked by a ruthless enemy Unable to erase the searing memory of Cybelline in his arms Ferrin knows he must discover the secrets that shadow her daysfor only then can he claim all of her nigh. I love mistaken identities or just unidentified at a masked ball stories I also liked that it didn’t take Christopher too long to figure out who the lady was that captivated him This was a little sad because Cybelline’s husband committed suicide and after meats she found out he had a mistress that he was in love with view spoiler Although by the end of the book I uestioned that It sounded as though he was a naive young boy with abandonment issues who was taken advantage of by a caretaker By the end I felt as though he might have been sort of brainwashed or something I don’t know I wish there was clear answers about everything concerning his “mistress” Also I’m sort of disappointed I figured out who it was so uickly in the book I would have loved to been surprised at the end And is it wrong that I didn’t feel like the betrayal was uite as gut wrenching when I found out his mistresslover was a man hide spoiler

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One Forbidden EveningEvery woman wants one night to be sinfulAs a masked ball reaches its fever pitch Cybelline Caldwell surrenders to the embrace of a midnight lover a stranger who seals her fate By morning the wanton seductress has been replaced by a determinedly sensible woman preparing to leave Londonand. Cybelline is a widowed mother whose husband commited suicide some time ago She's still not over it and plagued with grief However she's a woman with woman's needs by her own words and soon realizes she misses the physical intimacies she used to share with her husband In a masuerade ball she's given the chance to finally indulge her need while keeping her identity hidden The man she chooses is the Earl of Ferrin a handsome man with the reputation of a rake which suits her just fine as there is little chance of him caring for the identity of his masued lover afterwards But Ferrin is much than he seems and he will soon set out to find her When they meet again it's obvious there is still fire between them but Cybelline is not likely to surrender her heart to another man only to have it crashed once again She's also been receiving threatening letters since her husband's death that prove to her how little she knew of him after all that has made her believe she can't trust her own judgement any Ferrin though is not a man to give up easily and will slowly but steadily try to make her change her mind and thaw the ice around her heart But first they have to clear the threat that's been hanging over her while finding out the reason behind her husband's suicide I really could not enjoy this book and found myself skimming pages in the end so that it would end sooner I guessed early on who the villain was as well as her husband's secret so there was little interest for me in that way Goodman's writing style is unusual to say the least and it took me several chapters to get used to it in the beginning She writes extremely witty dialogues the likes of which I've only read by Julia uinn but in Goodman's case the language is so structured that it's inconcievable to think a real person talking like that In fact it's my opinion that Goodman engages in dialogues that are actually necessary in order to show her admitedly cutting wit which results in a very slow pace Also the lack of authenticity in the dialogues made me think of the hero and heroine as actors reciting their pre made speeches on stage and thus I couldn't come to see them as real persons or care for either of them They were like empty puppets especially the heroine who remained a black box to me since little of her personality outside her grief and strength was ever revealed We don't learn anything about her likes and dislikes her interests her relationship with her late husband outside the bedchamber or the woman she used to be before his death Despite her tangible feeling of betrayal and sorrow she seemed a very reserved and self reliant person to me who actually missed the physical rather than the emotional relationship with her husbdand The hero was certainly better sketched since we do get a background on his family and interests but he was beta than I usually like There was also the matter of his posing to the villagers and servants as his friend a simple mister instead of an Earl though the heroine knew who he was all along and he knew she knew that had no real reason for excistance and merely added confusionA very mediocre and boring read where only the heroine's brother shined and showed promise for being a really interesting hero in his own book which obviously preceeded this one But I find myself too disappointed to give Goodman another try at this point