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Mimis Dada Catifesto Free read · eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ Mimi is an artistic cat in need of a human But for a cat like her—with the soul of an artist—only an artist will do Mr Dada is a human who believes that art can be anything and that anything can be art And for a human like him—with the soul of a Dadaist—UghThis charming story about staying true to yourself sparkles with playful prose and stunning mixed media illustrations while introducing readers to the Dadaist art movement Includes an author’s note a list of books and websites and an inde. I learned about dada briefly in college but this book taught me about it effectively than my humanities textbook I liked the illustration style The story was fun although wordy for reading aloud to small children I can't say my kids can tell you about dada now but they did enjoy the book

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Mimi is an artistic cat in need of a human But for a cat like her with the soul of an artist only an artist will do Mr Dada is a human who believes that art can be anything and that anything can be art And for a human like him with the soul of. I saw Shelley Jackson’s Mimi’s Dada Catifesto face out on a Library display I was intrigued as to how Dada would do in a children’s picture book However would the authorillustrator introduce the Reader to Dada let alone explain what Dada wasis The answer some necessary use of oversimplification and a marvelous “Author’s Note” at the end“This is a Dadaist book and so like the Dadaists I borrowed from many famous works of art to make it” If it were allowed I think a photocopied set of pages of a first book constructed out of images and other found objects would have been brilliant As it is I think Shaun Tan in the construction of this book as well as Jennifer Bryant’s A River of Words The Story of William Carlos Williams which is no insult of courseSpeaking of William Carlos Williams while certainly regarded as one of the greatest if not the greatest American Modernist Poet I was surprised to see a poem inspired by “This Is Just to Say” in a book about Dada especially when the poem was written in 1934 and the Dada were declared “dead” in 1923 by the Surrealists a few of whom had been Dada Yes yes I know Dada is not “dead” for plenty It just—it is not the same And I acknowledge the fact I am arguing with a children’s picture book; one I am just glad someone attempted and pulled off Who wants to dwell on the depressing historical context let alone share it with a child Not Shelley Jackson and not most of the parents who wouldn’t pick up this book and not most of the parents who wouldJackson is looking for accessibility and this illustrated piece is that whether the Reader is a child or adult In the “Author’s Note” Jackson walks the Reader back through the book enumerating her sources “Mimi’s art show was inspired by Marcel Duchamp who invented the “ready made” “The costumes of Mr Dada and his friend are inspired by Hugo Ball’s costumes” A passion and a lively sense of humor lift from the text and artwork Mimi’s Dada Catifesto is a fun bookIn addition to a narrative an artistic cat looking to live alongside an artistic human Jackson inserts games and activities Count the peas on a page host a “ready made” exhibit and create a poem from clipped out words Ideally someone would have marked in this Library book already have already pasted their bits of cut out words to form a poem on the appropriate page And then the next Reader should paste over a few words and add some at weird angles between the already there Yes I am very definitely tempted“The world was full of silly things in 1915 just like now umbrellas bow ties false teeth but most art ignored the silliness To the Dadaists that was the silliest thing of all”Dada is in many ways suited to the young audience Jackson is targeting Apparently silliness abounds from the sound poems to the costumes to the raucous performances to the indecipherability of action The assertions that “art can be anything and anything can be art” to “They thought that when you understand something you stop thinking about it Not understanding is much interesting” to “The Dadaists made art out of everything Pieces of newspapers ads junk they found on the street—even other works of art” Jackson examples Marcel Duchamp’s 1919 parody of da Vinci’s Mona Lisa notably ignoring the added inscription and it’s coarse implication What an exciting idea though right Art within reach Art without criticism while being criticism Anyone can be a dada “Many cats are Dadaists”In this beautifully ambitious picture book Shelley Jackson creates a fun introduction to Dada She begins with beginners and pairs dadaist venues with a sweet story Not unlike the cat Dada is also looking for a place to belong It is a stray beast a bold and sassy figure who finds the sacrifices for the sake of integrity and dignity well worth the while Mimi is told as long as she behaves 1 2 3 all will be well ie purr; look cute; don’t wash your behind while they’re watching She cannot compromise There is something at stake Dada was her response Dada is her voiceIf you are looking for an unusual subject for an informative yet narrative driven picture book especially within the realm of Art Mimi’s Dada Catifesto is a must Even if you aren’t do give Shelley Jackson marvelous little creation a chance This one would be fun to own collaborate with and lend out to friends to make their own additions; then perhaps a soiree We can deal with the historical the political contexts laternote a premise is added to the review on my blog site addressed belowL omphaloskepsishttpcontemplatrixwordpresscom20

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Mimis Dada CatifestoA Dadaist only an artistic pet will do Sometimes though it takes a while for humans to see what’s right in front of them all along So it is a good thing that Mimi is loud and silly and surprising and bold Mimi is a Dada cat through and thro. This book was weird It was supposed to be and it passed that test with flying colors I was only barely able to keep up with this odd plot The book was about this strange art movement called Dadaism that seeks to prove that all the world is art They do it by calling bizarre performance pieces and general randomness art The end explained the goal of the movement That was the only part that I truly understood I'm not crazy about Dadaism but I guess this book did its job