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La Grande BeuverieA Night of Serious Drinking is among Rene Daumal's most important literary works Like Daumal's Mount Analogue it is a classic work of. Proposition one The World is ShitIt's true The world is shit It's also true that I'm lying One there are many wonderful and great things in the world that make the world a pretty awesome place I forget those things when I say something like Life is Shit But I'm also lying to myself in the other direction the world life is actually much much worse than I give it credit for If I actually spent sometime thinking about how many awful stupid criminal things are carried out by people every second of everyday I'd lose all hope in living and probably try to figure out a way to blow up this cesspool of a planet I don't do this because I delude myself constantly that things really aren't that bad Proposition two Plato lied In the allegory of the cave every philosophy student and wannabe intellectual jerk off learns a lesson that is incredibly hurtful to their development In the cave story all these people are in a cave and they are dazzled by shadows on the wall and they think it is the real world they are looking at One dude the philosopher he wanders outside of the cave one day and sees that there is a real world everyone else is ignorant about He gets really excited and runs back to share this wonderful news with everyone else They kill him Why Because they are happy with the world they live in they don't give a shit about this real than real world they just want to be left in peace to look at their shadows get drunk on unwatered down wine and fuck little boys this is Ancient Greece Sadly this story isn't meant as a cautionary tale when it's taught in schools and I'm sure every philosophy student somewhere in their head gets the idea that they are learning about the Real world not the shadowy world their parents and all those dolts live in These people will never understand them but that won't stop them from being enormous pretentious dicks to just about anyone they talk to because it's their evangelical mission to preach the Truth just like some fucking Born Again True people aren't going to kill them or maybe they will but I think they will find out soon that either a no one gives a fuck and they will ignore them; b that the only people who care about their Truth are locked away in University's where nothing they really do matters to the real world; and or c this discovery of the Truth is really just going to help fuel the despair and depression that probably drove them to obtuse books to begin with and this new alienation on top of previous alienations will make their own lives that much unbearableSo what's so good about leaving the caveI sort of give away the plot but not really here A Night of Serious Drinking is about leaving the drunken deluded real world to go onto a higher one where people have escaped the shackles of mundane existence The narrator goes to see those who think they have escaped from the drunken world after a night of getting shit faced with a whole gaggle of people who ultimately annoy him Right before he goes most of the party wanders off to find religion The only way to escape this drunken world is to go mad or die The narrators taken to see these mad people as a favor What he finds is a whole new level of pretentious assholes who think that they are removed from the world and doing great things The narrator moves through different groups of people who have found their own ways of 'freedom' and finds each annoying and stupid than the one before Ultimately he returns home and falls into a despair that the world is totally shit with no hope There is a bit of an upbeat ending tagged on to here too and a really great uote but I can't seem to find my copy of the book so I'll just add it laterThe book offers no real hope It's critical of all forms of escapism and kind of maintains that without escapism the world is unbearable Why this book what put out by an Eastern Religion publisher is beyond me I don't see anything really Eastern about it except for a pretty amusing swipe at trendy followers of Buddhism was there a trend in this in the 1930's This book feels really contemporary in its criticism which just adds to my long standing idea that there were no good old days people were just as dumb then as now and that maybe the Greatest Generation were just a bunch of assholes too maybe prime assholes number one because they unleashed all kinds of insidious things on the world marketed to a younger generation and then washed their hands of the whole thing but then I think that the Baby Boomers are really the assholes but then there are the generations before those two and the ones to come and maybe it's not one particular generation that is shit but all generations right from Adam begetting Able right down to whoever was the last person to beget someone at the time of this writing Interesting stuff

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READ & DOWNLOAD La Grande Beuverie 109 ↠ A Night of Serious Drinking is among Rene Daumal's most important literary works Like Daumal's Mount Analogue it is a classic work of symbolic fiction An unnamed narrator spends an evening getting drunk with a group of friends; as the party becomes intoxicated and exuberant the narrator embarks on a journey thaBerant the narrator embarks on a journey that ranges from seeming paradises to the depths of pure hell The fantastic world depicted in. At first a moment of exclamation Wow What a weird of one book it isI came to know about Daumal by reading one of his poems in my instagram feed I was uite intrigued and determined to try one of his works I am dead because I lack desireI lack desire because I think I possessI think I possess because I do not try to giveIn trying to give I see that I have nothingSeeing that I have nothing I try to give of yourselfTrying to give of myself I see that I'm nothingSeeing that I'm nothing I desire to becomeIn desiring to become I begin to liveMy initial response by knowing Daumal could be labelled as 'Spiritual Para Surrealist' and 'Pataphysician' whatever that means is not as good as now I explored the titles of his work and marked it on goodreads so I don't have to remember it any and that was it That happened a month ago Encountering him again and reading his work has to do something with my Grandfather who is well and alive in his early 80s He can't sleep a night without sipping his favorites Whenever he visits to wherever he visits he obligates the host to get his drinks so that everyone in the house could sleep peacefully And recently he visited us and euipped himself a couple bottles of Brandy But for some reasons he never drank that much like the old days and left us with a bottle by mistake No one in my family drink I do try Beer every one out of 3 to 4 months but whenever I find the bottle rattling around the house like it were a souvenir of my grandpa it inspired me to try the novelty of experiencing Brandy And so to consummate my drink I had to find some reasons Now you might understand that Daumal was explored only to serve as an alibi for my exploration of Brandy But I didn't end up satisfied with the latter I would say it's pretty overrated It didn't surprise me much unlike the formerIt took me 2 nights and yes it felt like hard work but it was over I read it And what now Did I learn anything worth learning Did I become wise Did I feel like find the root of all evils and sufferings that is going on with the world right now All these uestions are half the answerBy any chance if someone happens to ask me about this book in future 'I know this book very well but I don't understand any of it' would be response and my attempt to get to the mood while reading this in a night of serious drinking was not a great idea It didn't help much and so I had to give it another night to read it completely One need not to be drunk prior to reading this Reading this would be suffice to know one is always drunk illusory or artificial made Always drunk The drunkest among us never drinksThe Author is basically proposing that everything that we do is useless and everything we avoid doing the useless all modes of escapism is also useless In an apartment filled with friends and acuaintances author begins drinking and not stopping it until one of the acuaintances took him to a series of 'trips' showing the reality where people are not drunk and classified as Fidgeters Fabricators and Clarificators and Gods as per drunken nomenclature The second part of the book only deals with the trip where he meets different people like the Little Prince but in a darker depressing context Personally I found this very disturbing And are the Kirittiks all supplied I asked the orderly when I'd shaken off all manner of somber thoughtsYes Every one of them has at least five novels three books of literary criticism two works of philosophy seventy two collections of poetry fifteen Lives of famous men twenty volumes of Memoirs thirty pamphlets and great mounds of newspapers and reviews to imbibe before the end of the week It's never any different They are indefatigable and insatiable It would be a waste of our time wanting to talk with themWe all do certain work and want gratifying response as a part of reward system Imagine several billion people doing it unconsciously and expecting phony appreciationsDaumal ridicules basically everyone every last one of us from all walks of our cultural and social structure The Sophers on the other hand derive their name from Sophia their goddess famed for her misfortunes and her misadventures It has been demonstrated that the word wasin fact no than a corruption of 'savers' a nickname given them by wise men of long ago as a way of summing up a number of sayings mockingly attributed to them such as 'I know everything save for most things'; 'I am acuainted with everything save myself'; 'everything decays save me' ; 'everything is in everything save me'; and so forthDaumal says he finalises his accounts optimistically about the condition and the future prospects of human condition even though he says those accounts would be considered as pessimistic and depressing In somber mood I recalled my whole life up to this day and my head spun with the buzzing of a hundred and one ouroboristic worms I remembered the drinking parties that made us thirsty and the thirst that made us drink; I thought back to Sidonius recounting his endless dream; tothe people who worked to be able to eat and who ate to have the strength to work; to the black thoughts I drowned with such sadnessin the cask and which were reborn in different hues Between the vicious circles of the drinking party and those of the delusory paradises I would never again be able to choose I could no longer bepart of their revolutions I was from that moment no than a wastelandI would never recommend it anyone nor would never advocate anyone to recommend this to anyone You see I still prefer the saying When the student is ready the teacher appears

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Symbolic fiction An unnamed narrator spends an evening getting drunk with a group of friends; as the party becomes intoxicated and exu. This thin novel is the first substantial thing I've read by Daumal It won't be the last as I have Mount Analogue coming up soon on the reading list For those who know nothing about the book or the author a word on what you're getting into with this work The closest I can reduce A NIGHT OF SERIOUS DRINKING down to is that it's kind of like a Swiftian satire with touches of Surrealism in the mode of ALICE IN WONDERLAND At times as another commentator here opined I was reminded of my youthful reading of The Phantom Tollbooth in the sense that we are taken to a magical land purported to be a reflection of the real world where we are introduced to various types that make up the society while offering the reader a satirical take on various ways we live our livesAs the introduction lays out this was written after Dumal left his comfort zone of Parisian artistic circles how narrow was his little circle of intellectuals and poets and traveled to Depression era New York City looking to bruise himself into inspiration with the world I needed a cruel city His thoughts and reflections then gave birth to this work born of a struggle between two stools uotidian sleep and expanded awarenessWe join a group of associates in some unidentified tavern somewhere drinking heavily to assuage their thirst thirst here is not only a thirst for alcohol but for knowledge and experience as they toss philosophy at one another Our narrator eventually makes his way out of the vestibule of the novel and into the text proper as creeping upstairs in search of an exit he finds an impossibly large space space is generated by need that serves as a Accident Ward for those injured by the world a space which opens even further into the land of The Escapees those who have created a false paradise for themselves in order to be convinced that they have left the Accident Ward and very importantly they do NOT drink and one should never mention drinking The only other exits from the world btw are Death and Madness From there on it's a travelogue through all the varied ways people find for creating things of no importance an absurd inverted world which serves as a symbolic commentary on Society Education the Arts the Sciences Religion and CultureThere's some funny stuff here A number of other reviewers seem to need to mention that the symbolic criticisms were obvious easy or juvenile but hey maybe they are all braniacs To me what was less interesting was identifying the actual target of the satire and the way that Daumal presents them these are not particularly scathing or sharp critiues in fact there's something sympathetically understanding in them One nice bit is where our narrator we must presume it is René Daumal himself meets a Nibblist with pwattistic and mnemographic tendencies named Aham Egometwho is essentially Daumal writing the book we are reading I also liked the Chief Scienter Professor Mumu who deserves to show up somewhere else and the Omniscienter all huge head and wizened doll like body very Thomas Ligotti who collates all data into a whole I know everything but I don't understand any of it While the approach does become a bit programmatic by the end there is a stretch around the 34 point where our narrator just moves from one group to the next allowing them to explain themselves there's some good humor here as well Are Fabricators who make useless things mean to be abstract and conceptual artists Are the Passive Pwalts producing profoundly felt nonsense deliberately stripped of meaning Dadaists And the Active Pwalts who leave everything to chance cast in the ideas of Max Jacob's Dice Cup or John Cage's chance composition Who knowsThe ending short as it is is what made me bump this up a star Our narrator returns to the real world having dropped through a trapdoor from the world above he's surprised at how short the fall is and finds himself trapped in the empty tavern with no door and barred windows He has to burn everything not nailed down including books for warmth but then the room itself begins to transform anthropomorphic and unruly ape servants appear and I won't put it in spoilers so as not to ruin the effect but I was really struck by what cool mind bending concepts and images are contained in this section and was laughing out loud by the end I was also reminded by the uote from performance artists Laurie Anderson I'm in my body like most people drive their cars and the discussion of Caterpillar Man touched on some ideas from Grant Morrison's THE INVISIBLES comic book and the evolutionary concept of Neotany And to top it all off it has a positive hopeful ending Extremely enjoyable