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Read ePub à The WideAwake Princess ë Awake Princess ☆ randarenewables ê In this new stand alone fairy tale Princess Annie is the younger sister to Gwen the princess destined to be Sleeping Beauty When Gwennie pricks her finger and the whole castle falls asleep only Annie is awake and onJoined by one of her father's guards Liam who happened to be out of the castle when the sleeping spell struck Annie travels through a fairy tale land populated with characters both familiar and new as she tries to fix her sister and her family and perhaps even find a true love of her own This book was really cute Who knew Sleeping Beauty Gwen had a little sister To prevent any undesirable curses young Annie was blessed or cursed with an immunity to magic Neither good or bad works on her she grows up without any of the usual fairy gifts Not remarkably beautiful as opposed to her sister the most beautiful girl in the land not blessed with gracefulness or a good singing voice Nothing Along with this gift comes the ability to neutralize anyone's gift or spell that came near her Her sister's famed beauty fades in her sister's presence Annie is thus lives as far apart from her father mother and sister as is possible while still being honored as a member of the royal familyWhen Gwen pricks her finger and everyone in the castle falls asleep Annie is the only one left awake Determined to seek out her sister's true love Annie starts out on a journey to collect all the princes she can find Joined by the handsome guard Liam she will encounter a whole lot of enchanted bears greedy if forgetful witches and coniving royalty before she is done Like I said the book was very cute Annie's character is very likeable a perfect age for the targeted age group and as I found this book while hunting up something completely different for Anna in the children's section I'm assuming the age group is like first grade to pre teen What really struck me though is something I've been picking up a lot in books of this sort The main character Annie is both hero heroine I'm not sure if that makes much sense but very similar lines of thought take place in similar books like Dragon Slippers or even The Frog Princess by the same author While a hero always comes along to help the fair young lady she does everything It is by her ability the dragon or whatever bad guy might be is defeated by her uniue abilitygift that she saves the princesoldierhero numerous times and she always throws herself head long into danger with little warning making life for the poor said hero rather crazyWhy bring this upTwo reasons The first is that the same said books leaves the poor hero dangling often revealed as such with a lack of something to do The heroine is kicking butt and taking names constantly saving his life and making his character seem uite uslessThe second reason is that The Wide Awake Princess while following such a common line gives the hero a much better chance While he is upon occasion saved by Annie he is perfectly capable of taking care of himself In fact though Annie might save herself from Rapunzel's tower he is not far behind in searching for her Annie doesn't go around meddling and getting herself dragged into problems but neither does Liam She manages to be the strong perfectly capable young lady readers have come to expect Liam is allowed to be a perfectly capable and truly uite likeable hero who unlike the Frog Princess much to my freuest disgust does not have an obsession with kissing the heroine but rather uses chivalry to express his affection In fact chivalric is a very good word to describe him A good variety of characters and a truly interesting plot I enjoyed The Wide Awake Princess by ED Baker even if I am a bit old for it ;

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In this new stand alone fairy tale Princess Annie is the younger sister to Gwen the princess destined to be Sleeping Beauty When Gwennie pricks her finger and the whole castle falls asleep only Annie is awake and only Annie blessed or cursed with being impervious to magic can venture out This is sort of an alternate world fairy tale it's a Sleeping Beauty retelling with the caveat that the sleeping princess has a magically immune little sister Being that it's a fairy tale motif that mixes in a bunch of other fairy tales I guess I shouldn't be annoyed that it's very uesty and has one dimensional characters but it did bother me that the premise of the story was so heavily inundated with it happened this way because it has to happen this way I didn't like that the younger princess's giftcurse was so crappy Princess Annie was immune to magic but that not only meant that magic couldn't harm OR help her; it also somehow meant that magic didn't work in her general vicinity so people with magical enhancements forced her to stay away from them including her family even though their magical gifts would start working again as soon as she wasn't nearby I didn't like that the fairy who cast this magic did so in such a way and there was no discussion of why it had to be that way and I didn't like that her family members were such jackasses about it acting like they thought they were superior to her because of having beauty and grace and all kinds of gifts that were literally given to them magically rather than earnedI also didn't like that even though everyone knew a curse was supposed to come on the princess's birthday or before they still allowed so many risks and loopholes for the curse to manifest If you knew your daughter's curse would manifest if she got pricked by a spinning wheel not only would you ban all the spinning wheels from the kingdom but you wouldn't let her open any freaking birthday presents if you didn't know what they werePremise ridiculousness aside Princess Annie's forced ordinariness was kinda refreshing though it also made her seem like a contrived person too of COURSE you would gather skills through practice instead of magic and throw yourself into that if you had nothing else and no one respected you I liked that her immunity to magic made her uniuely ualified to do things like RESCUE PEOPLE including dare we say herself and A MAN than once and I noticed that this book actually did something that fairy tales normally don't do it acknowledged that people go to the bathroom WowBut I think the thing that annoyed me the most was how contrived a prince's princess finding contest was Princess Annie's looking for a prince to kiss her sister Gwendolyn but she enters the princess contest without telling him that she's doing so on her sister's behalf Prince Andreas is portrayed as not being as much of an idiot as royalty usually is in these stories caring for finding a wife who can keep up with him on a horse dance for fun and eat what he likes to eat So when Annie turns out to be his perfect match there's an ISSUE because a she was looking for someone for Gwen and b she's got a thing for her companion Liam and he for her Good thing the story solved that problem and didn't bother to keep the interpersonal conflict going Andreas turns into a slobbering fool at the mention of maybe marrying Gwendolyn and all his credibility as a halfway decent person is thrown out the window It's exactly what the story needed to go forward and let Princess #1 get her kiss and Princess #2 get her guy but it isn't interestingThere seemed to be kind of a lot of plot holes too as well as lots of plot elements that were super predictable Princess Annie heard plotting scoundrels outside her castle immediately upon going on her prince finding uest who talked in a stereotypical thuggish way and because of overhearing their intentions she knows her time is short Regardless her uest takes a really long time and some of it is avoidable the urgency to return to the castle doesn't seem to figure into the princess's thoughts very often At first I was thinking Okay she's sending the princes back to her castle to try to kiss her sister so she can keep uesting But then I remembered that they couldn't get inside without her because magical roses kept them out and they would fall asleep because of the curse without her touching them So that bothered me and the princess's companion turning out to be a prince was obvious from the beginning as soon as she let it slip that she knew so little about his background doing that is an obvious giveaway that the background is going to be significant and I knew which fairy tale was going to get shoehorned in every time the scene was set And Rapunzel's tower was deserted when Princess Annie got imprisoned there why would the thugs put her in Rapunzel's tower and where was Rapunzel That was never explainedThere was a bit with Liam's brother receiving a handwritten note from his mother enclosing a pin he supposedly needed but there was no reason she needed to write him a note when she could have told him anything she needed to say in person The reason of course why he had a note was so that he could accidentally drop it where Annie could find it and serendipitously match the handwriting and solve the big mystery of the book And since one of the men who was recruited to kiss Princess Gwendolyn had to be both a prince and her true love of course it turned out to be the nicest one even though Princess Gwen herself didn't seem very nice and of course someone she's never met can somehow be her true love because the story says soSo much of it read like a series of plot bullet points with the fraying edges inexpertly stitched together like they'd been found during late stages of editing It was frustrating but I bet it would be kind of a fun story to read to very little kids below age 8 because they probably wouldn't see everything coming a mile away Maybe I was just reading it like too much of a grown up But I don't at all believe that books for kids should be dumbed down The writing style itself was okay nothing ever wowed me but it was uite readable and not ornate or distracting but the storytelling was very ham fisted I'm glad at least that the story explored both the advantages and the disadvantages of being unable to be affected by magic in a world that depends so heavily on it and I'm glad that the author didn't decide to make Princess Annie get transformed into a beautiful girl by magic at the end somehow

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The Wide Awake Princess Wide Awake Princess #1Beyond the rose covered hedge for help She must find Gwen's true love to kiss her awakeBut who is her true love The irritating Digby The happy go lucky Prince Andreas who is holding a contest to find his bride The conniving Clarence whose sinister motives couldn't possibly spell true love I'm a big fan of fractured fairy tales and The Wide Awake Princess is a fun one Annabelle the younger very much unmagical younger sister of Gwendolyn she of Sleeping Beauty fame When the curse is activated it's up to Annie and the faithful guard Liam to break the curse Who knew that the Frog Prince's children were Hansel and Gretel er Clara and Tomas Or that Rapunzel was not interested in being rescued by any of her princes All that and are found hereSerious fun for those that love this type of genreARC provided by the publisher