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People of the River Book Ç 544 pages ¿ Randarenewables ↠ A gripping new saga of pre historic America that takes us to the Mississippi Valley and the tribe known as the Mound builders It is a time of troubles In Cahokia the corn crop is failing again and a warchief and the warrior woman he may never possess are disRchief and the warrior woman he may never possess are disgusted by their Chief's lust for tribute Now even the gods have turned their faces closing the underworld to the seers If the gods have abandone Historical fiction that hits homeHaving grown up on the shores of the Mississippi I felt I could really relate to the Peoples of this story Having a love of history and having a rich heritage of trappers and traders in my home town the rivers are major highways and the cities that become transportation hubs for trade seemed normal I was not surprised by the rich society that had been Cahokia Having seen the actual archaeological site only made this story real to me I realize this a beautiful rendition of historical fiction but it is spot on for bringing the real understands of the past what made it great and also what tore it apart rich and livelyAgain I was moved by the characters in the story I absolutely love NIghtshade she is one of my favorite characters from this entire book series Badgertail is also one of my favorites I feel for their struggles and I resent the Sun Chief not only for his selfishness and cruelty but for making so many people do things they wouldn't normally do Having been in the military I understand the necessity of following orders but it doesn't always make them right and sometimes it conflicts with your own beliefsI love the lore of the Native American religion and mythology I love the deeper understanding I find with each book in the amazing series I think it is a must read for anyone who loves history but also for every American This is our past and the Gears make the lessons of the past just as valid for our modern society

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D the people there is no hope unless it comes in the form of a young girl who is learning to Dream of PowerA masterful story of the first north Americans by the bestselling authors of People of the Ear People of the River is based on the Cahokian peoples of Illinois Also known as mound builders they build some fantastic structures This novel is about a young girl by the name of Lichen who is destined to be a great dreamer and plays an important role in the war occurring between the Sun God of Cohokia and rival villages This book started out different than most of the other People novels I have read the first 200 pages is just character and plot building then it uickly changes pace mid way and eventually comes to a very climactic ending The last 100 pages or so is just incredible It includes war tactics brutality spiritual journeys and heavy action

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People of the RiverA gripping new saga of pre historic America that takes us to the Mississippi Valley and the tribe known as the Mound builders It is a time of troubles In Cahokia the corn crop is failing again and a wa People of the River By W Michael Gear and Kathleen O’Neal Gear Review This is a wonderful tale of interest built from the remains found in an archeology dig Mississippians who between 700 AD and 1500 AD Cahokia people are in crisis and starving and not able to pay their chief A new dreamer comes to help change the world for the betterThe starvation and war has made the world close to the brink of death Mother Earth has closed the door to the rain The first woman has closed the portal to the world of dreams dreamers are unable to reach the land of the dead and talk to their answers Over a decade ago Nightshade was kidnapped by Beavertail on the advice of Old Mormont who dreamed she would lead to a new way Old Mormont has only seen part of the dream Nightshade has been band from CahokiaTharon is a man who is known as the Sun Chief of the sun people of Cahokia The elite of the people of the mounds has been up to something evil His behavior has caused the drought the last straw in the evil of men who do not keep the balance of the spiral Theron is collecting all the power objects from the Cahokia Empire sending Bagertail to raid and destroy all those who oppose him Bagertail reluctantly does as his Chief demands and loses his brother on a deadly raid Lost in his grief Bagertail finds solace in his closest friend Locast She is his female cousin and a strong warrior Locust is married to the Berache Primrose third in line of the leadership of his clan Locust is a young girl of 10 who has the touch of a dreamer Meadow Vole her mother is the keeper of the Stone Wolf which used to be part of the wolf bundle and connected to power Meadow Vole is frightened and unable to dream Wanderer Locast father although she does not know it decides it’s time to teacher her to dream He led her to her spirit helper Bird Man Raven hunter the dark hero twin Can Nightshade find the path to the world of the dead? Can someone reach the first woman and talk to her and change her mind and save humanity People of the river are a dynamic story with many exciting adventures battles and power challengesCharacter list People of the River mound building Cahokia Dreamer Nightshade main dreamer powerful the others kidnapped as a child has connections to the turtle bundle Badgertail as a young warrior kidnapped nightshade as an old man led raids he did not want to against the people because Tharon's directions Lichen is a young girl who goes to tutor under an Wanderer who is thought to be crazy Wanderer the teacher of Nightshade and Lichen and Meadow vole Feels he is possessed by the spirits of animals MeadowVole keeper of the stone wolf mother of Lichen is afraid to dream Birdman Raven Hunter the main person in their mythos that they believe gave them purpose and reason and did not want people to come into this world because he felt it was too difficult Represented as Red Tharon evil leader who has been abusing his young daughter Orenda Tharon is very crazy Wolfslayer Wolf Dreamer counterpart and brother of birdman lead people into this world not thought of as greatly as his brother represented as white Orenda daughter of the chief leaves for Talon town for safety after the abuse her father gave her was found out Power object river turtle bundle has to be tied to a dreamer cover has white spirals red yellow and blue encircled the edge The hide has a Red hand in the center with a black eye a long dart point with a fluted base Tiny bits of bone a ston