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Download reader ↠ Talk Less, Say More 176 pages Ö Connie Dieken ↠ Talk Less Say More is packed with powerful advice to get your points across and make things happen in today's time pressed world Connie's forward thinking actionable communication shortcuts can elevate anyone's game—Bruce Carbonari ChS an important powerful book on how to master communication in the 21st century Tom Swidarski President CEO Diebold Thanks to Connie's communication expertise she makes it easy for anyone to transform from a good communicator into an excellent one Her three simple principles are based on real world experiences and demonstrate the power of a strong communicator David Lingafelter President Moen Incorpor Very Profound It's about how to speak and influence people to pay attention In a way sad that we are all so bombarded with so much information in this tech age that we don't have time for the art of conversation We must talk text email in short to the point messages Technology is wonderful yet sad when it comes to human realtionships

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Ated Connie Dieken is a true communication virtuoso and a genuine phenomenon She is on a mission to elevate our ability to communicate Talk Less Say More should be reuired reading for all leaders and emerging leaders It can instantly transform the way people respond to you giving you the power to deliver brief clear messages that influence the world Robert Johnson Managing Counsel McDonald's Corporati This book has some good insights for communication within the corporate work field a place where I no longer find myself With that said though it didn't much pertain to me any it did have some good tips for me to use generally in all aspects of communication in my life Easy fast read

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Talk Less Say More Talk Less Say More is packed with powerful advice to get your points across and make things happen in today's time pressed world Connie's forward thinking actionable communication shortcuts can elevate anyone's game Bruce Carbonari Chairman CEO Fortune Brands Connie Dieken's three step strategy is a smart practical guide for business leaders and others who want to create a high performance culture It' I’m sure my staff gets tired of hearing my mantra that when it comes to writing less is often No one reads long memos Press releases and newsletter articles that are than a few hundred words are often than not ignored When you have something to say to me tell me; get to the point Long stories are best shared over a cup of coffee or a pint of beer There is no need for me to follow you down the rabbit’s trail when you can just tell me where the bunny is That said I was excited when I picked up this simple little book Not only did I find myself wanting to have others read it I also found that I learned there were a few areas that I needed to sharpen my skills Connie Dieken a former television news anchor is now a communication coach and the founder and president of onPoint Communication In this book she uses the “3 C’s†of communication “connect convey and convince†The three C’s feeds into one of her points the “mind craves information in multiples of threes†83 Dieken explains how “triplets†are deep rooted within our psyche making it an efficient way to dispense information and one that she follows throughout the bookConnecting is the first C and one that has become harder in our current age of information overload Today when there is so much information around us we must sharpen our message in order to insure we connect with those we want to hear us We begin this by focusing on the needs of those listening for only by doing so will they tune us in long enough to hear us out With so much information around us the power is no longer with the one who has the information but the one receiving it As she points out it’s as if the listener has the remote control in his or her hands 13 Much of this section of the book centers on face to face communication where we must learn the “habits†of being a good connector Such habits include focusing on the other getting straight to the point using an appropriate medium of communication and understanding how the recipient is responding to your messageConveying skills involves getting our message across clearly Because of information overload we now ignore the vast majority of information available 66 This means the communicator has to be aware of how his or her message comes across to others and develop strategies to insure that it’s heard Crafting such messages include understanding how the eyes are powerful than the ears Yet one must use visuals successfully She is critical of the way many use powerpoint and argues for a simpler approach one that highlights the point being made or provides a contrast to drive the point home She also speaks of the important of the newer forms of social media Facebook etc and how such tools can sharpen one’s message while providing warnings of how they can be misused In this section she develops the importance of threes in presentations and also discusses how one can use stories to hold the attention of the listener She even provides tools to help develop and use stories to convey important information about the groups and organizations we represent Convince is the final “C†the one that makes the sale She speaks of how this is not manipulation for such “success is short lived†110 The successful communicator seeks commitment not compliance Keys to gaining commitment include being seen as sincere and decisive transferring ownership of the ideas to the other party so that they “buy into it†and don’t feel forced into action and using appropriate energy levels that attracts but doesn’t repel others She ends this section with a helpful list of gestures and mannerisms the communicator can work on to be effective when making presentations This book is easy to read In her writing and presentation Ms Dieken successfully uses the Connect Convey Convince® method yes she even has it trademarked to get across her message Although the book mostly focuses on face to face presentations some of what she writes about can also be applied to the written word this is also posted in my blog