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Will she be an artist A cook A writerSara Mee is turning one and her family and friends gather for her tol or first birthday celebration. I would use this book to help incorporate non traditional methods and ideas for creative birthday resources This book will be a good one to incorporate into my birthday themed section The main concept behind the story What Will You Be Sara Mee is a story of a Korean girl who is celebrating her first birthday with a special Korean tradition called the tol The tol is an ancient custom that was preformed to predict the child’s future The main character’s of the story are Sara Mee and her other brother Chong The story is narrated through Chong he explains his curiosity of what his sister will become after presented with the prophecy game toljabeeThis story would be a great story to read to my class for literacy purposes because it’s a wonderful way to introduce different multicultural customs to the students and to teach what traditional customs of a culture or a family means The students could become interactive with the text by sharing and cultural customs or traditions that the students may celebrate with their families or cultural groups The kids could write a story about the customs they practice or about a new custom that they may like to exploreThe author Kate Aver Avraham has a very special relationship to this story and tradition because she actually has an adopted Korean daughter She wrote this book to help inform the public about the customs and the cultural relevance of the tol but also to encourage people to explore and share the first birthday customs that exist in many other cultures around the world The illustrator used very vibrant colors and very traditional Korean clothing was represented in the story with Sara Mee’s special hanbok Korean ceremonial costume There are also many pictures that show the different cultural instruments that are played during this ceremony which I found very beneficial This is such a good representation of the writer taking a thoughtful stance on wanting to share multicultural traditions and diversity This book provides many great examples of the Korean customs Korean language and family traditions

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What Will You Be Sara MeeE will be when she grows upA book for all cultures WHAT WILL YOU BE SARA MEE celebrates siblings community and the blending of traditions. A lovely story that introduces us to the Korean custom of Tol on a child's first birthday the family plays a prophecy game to determine the child's career Told by a loving older brother this book celebrates a rich family heritage It's always fun for children to learn customs from another culture Bright happy illustrations create a festive feel A good book to add when discussing birthday celebrations

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Free download ½ What Will You Be, Sara Mee? ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ð Will she be an artist A cook A writerSara Mee is turning one and her family and friends gather for her tol or first birthday celebration Food and presents abound but most exciting of all is the traditional Korean propFood and presents abound but most exciting of all is the traditional Korean prophecy game called the toljabee which predicts what Sara Me. Picture book Korean culture It's almost time for Sara Mee's first birthday and her brother Chong tells her what to expect at her tol her first birthday celebration celebrated by family neighbors and friends who wear traditional Korean clothing eat traditional foods and play traditional music To Chong the most important part of the party is the toljabee a game which predicts the baby's future job as an adult He and his grandparents play the game with Sara Mee to the satisfaction of them allVery nice book with beautiful pictures showing traditional Korean dress musical instruments and foods There is a glossary in back to translate Korean words used Family friends and neighbors depicted include Asians Caucasians and those of mixed raceThis book intrigued me It sent me rushing to the internet to look at pictures of traditional Korean clothing hanbok and descriptions of both the toljabee and other Korean celebrationsAge 3 or 4 for children with some exposure to multicultural situations; kindergarten or older for others