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FREE DOC ¾ READER Lucky's Lady ✓ As wild and mysterious as the Louisiana swamp he called home Lucky Doucet was a dangerously attractive Cajun no woman could handle  His solitary life left no room for the likes of elegant Serena Sheridan but Lucky couldn't deny her desperate need to find her missing grandfather  He would help her but nothing yHelp her but nothing yet once he felt the lure of the flaxen haired beauty an adventurer like Lucky couldn't help playing with fireSerena felt unnerved aroused and excited by the ruggedly sensual renegade whose gaze burned her with its heat but she did not dare tangle with a rebel whose inten Finally a novel where the Louisiana bayou doesn’t get in the way and the author doesn’t use it as her soap box for environmental reform completely taking away from the real reason you’re reading the story the romance The bayou is creepy eerie scary and brimming with all sorts of hidden things It’s so uiet and haunting blending perfectly with the hero Lucky Doucet Lucky is one of those ex military a little bit off his rocker alphas He’s all lip whiplash fast retorts and in yer face with the sexual innuendo but underneath it all Lucky’s a man with demons and you might be saying “yeah I’ve read all that before” and maybe you have but this story is really good fast paced and steamy steamy steamy ; Serena Sheridan returns to Louisiana to find out what happened to her grandfather She stays with her twin sister Shelby and her family at the family estate located near the bayou The first time she meets Lucky he’s this brash Cajun talking wild man who rubs her Miss Prim and Properness the wrong way from the get go Slowly the heat builds between them and though there isn’t any emotional connection because Lucky says he doesn’t want it the sex is pure carnality You can feel the steam coming off the sheets when those two give in to their attraction Underneath it all though is a fierce protectiveness that he’d rather not feel towards Serena but can’t help no matter how hard he triesThere’s lots of arguing and go stick it flying off the handle scenes but it doesn’t feel like they’re being bratty Serena slowly lets loose and Lucky starts to let her in She has one TSTL moment à la horror movie like the stupid girl who opens the door knowing full well she shouldn’t but it doesn’t uite turn out like you think it will There are some very creepazoid characters and borderline terrifying scenes all with the bayou as a backdrop which really mimics the action as the story unfolds You can almost feel the movement of the black murky water as Lucky pushpoles his pirogue silently through the swamp encountering some of the bad guys along the way Even though there is this back story it never really takes away from the love storyIf you’re looking for a hot contemporary that takes place in Cajun country a smart ass alpha a love hate story with a dollop of sexy French thrown in for good measure this book oughta wet your whistle ;

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Sity was overwhelming who claimed his heart was off limits?  Deeper and deeper they traveled into the steamy bayou until with one electrifying kiss her resistance melted into liuid desire  And the devilish rogue found he'd do anything to make Serena Lucky's Lady From the Paperback edition Loved it The writing was exceptional Excellent wordsmithing and I'm going to look for books by this author The romance in this romantic suspense was phenomenal Serena Sheridan and Lucky Doucet made this book because the romance between them had me turning the pages read it in one day The entire book was set in Louisiana Lucky lived in the bayou and was a tortured hero His strength and growth tender moments and how it all evolved rang my bells Serena's character was kind and decent She left the bayou became a psychiatrist but was thrown into a nasty battle for her 200 year old mansion when her twin sister had other plans for the family estate Bad guys were thrown into the mix to heat things up No spoilers so that's all I'll say about that Another favorite for This Reader Loved it

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Lucky's Lady As wild and mysterious as the Louisiana swamp he called home Lucky Doucet was a dangerously attractive Cajun no woman could handle  His solitary life left no room for the likes of elegant Serena Sheridan but Lucky couldn't deny her desperate need to find her missing grandfather  He would Want to meet a Cajun bad boy and have a little fun in the bayou? Lucky Douchet lives in the Louisiana swamp he loves as he tries to recover mentally from his time as a captive in a South American jungle He was captured while on a military mission and spent a year in captivity He spends his time painting beautiful pictures of his swamp and chasing off poachers When he was younger he wanted to be an ecologist but he uit college to join the military after a bad relationship with Serena's twin sister ShelbySerena Sheridan is a psychologist in Charleston She grew up in Louisiana on a plantation but she got away from home as soon as she could She is terrified of the swamp because she was stuck in it one time when a big storm came up and was lost by herself for three days before she was found Her twin sister is the one who got her stuck in the swamp because she is spoiled and selfishSerena meets Lucky when she needs a ride to her grandfather's place out in the swamp Lucky dislikes her on sight because she looks just like Shelby who hurt him pretty badly when they were in college Serena's grandfather is hiding in his hunting cabin because Shelby is trying to get him to sell his land Her grandfather makes her go home with Lucky and from then on the sparks flyThe sexual tension and passion between Lucky and Serena is very hot I love the setting you can almost feel the heat of the bayou and see the cyprus trees Lucky is one of the hottest male leads I have ever read about On the outside he comes off as bad boy Cajun with a smart mouth but he is also nice enough to help his neighbors by running off poachers feeds baby racoons and paints beautiful pictures I highly recommend giving this story a shot if you like hot contemporary stories