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Disobedience Means Death (Rymellan, #1) Free read ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¼ Lesley and Mo can't imagine life without each other If it were up to them they'd settle down raise daughters and lead happy fulfilled lives But they live on the planet Rymel in a strict society that selects life mates for itsR selected mates Meet Lesley and Mo when they're young adults in love and follow them until their time together runs out Will they do what their society expects of them or will they sacrifice their lives for their lov. Rymellan Series ReviewI love dystopian fiction and FF romance so this series has been on my to read list for uite some time While it was totally not what I expected at all all the surprises were good ones The world building is solid the romance believable and I was actually invested in the characters and their way of life a great dealOne thing that makes this series stand out from the slew of dystopian fiction we have nowadays is that the characters are happy to live in their world and are believers in it despite the challenges that represents to their personal wishes at times They contribute to their dystopian society but never in a way that makes them come off as unsympathetic characters The government of Rymel for its part does restrict freedoms under threat of death yet the rule of law is respected and honored Usually in dystopian novels we see a lot of excessive abuses modeled on the worst regimes of our world past and present yet Rymellan society is a lot subtle than that Les and Mo carve out lives within the system without any thought of changing or overthrowing the government I think it's the first time I've read a dystopian series that was not about the protagonists rebelling and it was fascinating The first book is about Les and Mo through their teenage years and the specter of the fact they know they will most likely be parted which hangs over their lives Rymellan society practices selective breeding by partnering each person with their ideal match called their Chosen or designating them a Solitary which means they cannot have children but they're freer to have whatever relationships they would like Les and Mo know they are both Chosens and will have to abide by whatever match the government makes for them Their relationship becomes frowned upon as time passes since serious relationships are discouraged when they're expected to commit fully to their Chosen partner or face the death penalty The angst grows stronger until it reaches its peak at the end of the first bookand then we come to the second surprise of this series one that both validates and challenges the main characters in ways I'd never imagined For the first time Les and Mo are given a choice by their government but it's a grim one indeed I was glad to see them reject societal pressures and retain their humanity all while remaining within the rules of Rymel This was the hardest book in which to like everyone as they struggled with their own selfishness and jealousy yet Les and Mo seemed at their most human during this one and the third book which follows I liked seeing their flaws and they seemed like complete people afterwardsThe third book brings the other two together negotiating the fallout from the second one and tying things up into a neat little bow where all parties find happiness with their situation through negotiation compromise and acceptance Which is what marriage is about isn't it I left this series believing everyone was going to be just fine for the rest of their lives and nobody seemed to be irrevocably damaged by their experiences What a series There is a side story Story 19 which comes after the events of the three books While good in its own right I did find the drama to be a little contrived for the first time Things seemed almost a bit too convenient While it makes good points about motherhood specifically biological children vs adopted ones it could be skipped if you're not absolutely ravenous for after the third book's finale I was and found the novella to be entertaining but I'm not sure there's much to say about this relationship I'd love to see Rymellan stories though specifically about relationships that struggle to adhere to the WayI was left thinking about Rymellan society for a long time after I finished turning the pages It's not a world I'd want to live in and yet I think it probably holds allure for some people which might be the most brilliant thing about it It takes a lot of skill to create a world where choice and freedom is limited but avoids falling into the trap of that system being the Big Bad Nazi esue regime which must be overthrown Rymel for all its flaws functions and flourishes as a society Its people seem on the outside at least happy It makes for an interesting moral dilemma which warrants extended thought outside of the context of the series An absolute must read series for anyone who likes dystopian fiction andor FF relationships There is no sex in these books so I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to people of any age or sexuality who are just looking for an engaging readThis review was cross posted to Infinite Love Fiction and Reviews

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For its citizens and executes those who violate their life bondsGirlfriends since their teens Lesley and Mo know they should break up but can't let each other go They dread the day the state summons them to meet thei. This type of book is exactly the reason I collect review reuests year round from indie authors and publishers and then select a few to review the next year It gives me a bookstore style shelf of indie books to browse through letting me find uniue books that i might otherwise have missed This read like feel good chick lit only set on another planet in a strict society with a femalefemale main romance and the ending left me clamoring for the next book in the seriesOne thing that really stuck out to me in the book was that the central issue coming between Mo and Lesley isn’t that their let’s face it totalitarian culture is against same sex relationships Same sex relationships are endorsed and seem to have been part of the culture for uite some time Potentially forever No what is coming between our main couple has nothing to do with homophobia but instead everything to do with marriages arranged by the state It’s not that Mo and Lesley can’t be with a woman It’s that they can’t be with a woman the state hasn’t chosen for them While plots about homophobia keeping people in love apart are valuable and needed we also need plots like this that have nothing to do with the sexual orientation People in same sex relationships deserve to see themselves in a crazy scifi world where their problems come from the scifi world and not their orientationThe book starts with Lesley and Mo in high school and falling in love In their culture at the age of 18 people receive notification of whether or not they are a Chosen When they get older sometime in their 20sI can’t recall the precise age from a certain age onward they could receive their Chosen Papers at any point So basically everyone expects Lesley and Mo to break up at that age or sooner to be fully prepared for their Chosen Obeying this law is just one of several ways in which Rymellans follow The Way The Way is supposed to protect Rymellan culture and make the society the strongest it can be There isn’t just pressure to conform to The Way Those that don’t as the subtitle of the book suggests will be executed This is a totalitarian regime after allBeyond the relationship and world set up I also liked how the book follows Lesley and Mo through their young adult choosing of career paths This transition from high school to career preparation felt very new adult in a good way Plus Lesley and Mo both end up choosing career paths that I feel aren’t often represented in literature and I liked seeing that career path both shown and respectedThroughout the book I felt compelled to keep reading for two reasons I was really rooting for Lesley and Mo to be together and I wanted to know about this society Why is The Way such a thing Will they end up fighting it What is the big enemy that Rymel is so afraid of and lives constantly preparing for fighting Are Rymellans related to people from Earth Are they humanoid aliensReaders should be aware that this is what would be considered a clean romance The feelings the characters have for each other are central and no sex is shown although it is assumed that people have it and kissing is seenPart of these uestions were driven by a lack of racial and cultural diversity in the book I can’t recall there ever being a non white character or a non European last name It made me wonder if this planet was colonized by a small group of white Europeans exclusively and if so why The lack of diversity on such a large planet and in locations with what one would presume is a cross section of Rymellans did bother me but I also assumed that there was a world building answer for it Additionally the Rymellan culture struck me as so evil and awful that of course the lack of diversity would later come up as one of the many awful things that The Way had enforced and I eagerly anticipated in an oh gosh that’s going to be an awful scene way seeing the answer to this uestionOf course the book ended with no answers to these uestions which didn’t surprise me since it’s the first in the series In fact I would say it ends on a cliffhanger and left with me with even uestions but of course I then just felt compelled to immediately pick up the next book in the seriesReaders looking for a femalefemale clean romance with a scifi setting and something keeping the characters apart that isn’t homophobia should pick up a copy right away If there was some way to send out a bat signal to precisely that demographic I would because I know people looking for that often struggle to find it in among the many options of ff books So if that at all describes you pick up the book And if it describes the reading preferences of a friend tell them about it I’m sure they’d be grateful to you And the authorCheck out my full reviewNote I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest reviewinitial thoughtsWhyyyyyyyyyUgh must go buy the next book immediatelyWhyyyyyy

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Disobedience Means Death Rymellan #1Lesley and Mo can't imagine life without each other If it were up to them they'd settle down raise daughters and lead happy fulfilled lives But they live on the planet Rymel in a strict society that selects life mates. This book surprised me From the blurb I was expecting a speculative sci fi book It is that and Set against the backdrop of a futuristic Orweillian world is a beautiful YA romance Lesley and Mo have been best friends since forever They naturally end up being defacto girlfriends as well in their teenage years But Rymellan society only allows arranged marriages chosen by a council Violation is punishable by death And everything follows a strict timetable No one knows if Lesley and Mo will be paired together as life mates so everyone around them tries to break them up 'for their own good' before they fall too deeply in love But has it always been too lateVery emotional and angsty read 45 starsPS You will not know the outcome till the 2nd book so you'll need to read the next one as well PSS This is a very safe read for teens There is no mention of sex ;