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Caracol Beach kindle í eBook 9788420483702 Free æ Es un sábado del mes de junio y Beto Milanés emigrante de origen cubano sale a buscar a alguien ue lo mateAl frente de la comisaría está un sargento calvo y obeso ue ha decidido pedirle perdón a su único hijo Mandy un travestí ue vive con un modista armenioEl fantasma de una ArmenioEl fantasma de una pianista vuela de un lado a otro como una mariposa nocturna tratando de salvar a su hija Un oscuro profesor de literatura se pasa la noche en un bar conversando con la mujer más linda del mundo Los orishas africanos descienden del Excelente libro de esos ue te tienen al borde del asiento y ue puedes comenzar en la mañana y terminar por la tarde pues te vas de corrido Una historia ue genera en el lector la sensación de conocer de manera intima a los personajes antes siuiera de haber leído su perspectiva o versión de la historia Altamente recomendado

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Es un sábado del mes de junio y Beto Milanés emigrante de origen cubano sale a buscar a alguien ue lo mateAl frente de la comisaría está un sargento calvo y obeso ue ha decidido pedirle perdón a su único hijo Mandy un travestí ue vive con un modista Caracol Beach by Eliseo AlbertoThe story is about a Cuban exile Beto living in Florida suffering from PTSD from a war 18 years earlier – but it’s a Cuban war not an American one The main character was a soldier in Castro’s attempts mid 1970’s to mid 1980’s to assist rebels fighting against colonialism in Angola The ex soldier is a night watchman in an auto junkyard living in a trailer that was a circus wagon He wants to kill himself but can’t bring himself to do it He keeps a rope under his mattress to hang himself with Yes he has PTSD but he may have been crazy to begin with His mother was a prostitute in Cuba; he never knew his father and he blames himself for deaths of seven friends in battle 18 years agoThere’s a lot going on in the plot so I’ll borrow most of this summary from the book blurbs Beto Milanes the night watchman at an auto graveyard in the Florida resort town of Caracol Beach is a guilt ridden Cuban war veteran Tormented by memories and hallucinations he yearns to die but is unable to take his own life Instead he decides to force someone – anyone to kill him That decision sets in motion a night of violence that draws an odd assortment of characters into Beto's orbit a red headed Haitian tattoo artist the transvestite son of the local police chief a group of teenagers carousing at a beach house an asthmatic English professor and a beautiful cheerleader haunted by Cuban ghosts of her own Just about all these folks are Cubans Haitians and Puerto Ricans The author uses a variety of literary techniues to tell the story There are many passages from a diary from his war years in Africa where Beto was the only survivor of an ambush that killed all his comrades The author repeats scenes from different person’s perspectives There’s a lot of dialogue He constantly foreshadows the bizarre farcical violent and tragic events that are the culmination of the novel The author makes several references to the novels of another Cuban exile Reinaldo ArenasLike other Cuban novels I’ve read there is a lot of focus on the mixed African Christian religion practices of Santeria Two others I think of are Dirty Havana Trilogy by Pedro Juan Gutierrez and Cold Havana Ground by Arnaldo Correa I loved the punchy original lines scattered throughout the book Some examples There’s no lack of warsAlcohol is a magnifying glassOnly trees that bear fruit have rocks thrown at themNot loving anyone is an immoral actHe’s all alone like a dog in a doghouseDon’t expect pears from an elmMen are divided into two groups those who are near and those who are far away I hope God knows why the hell He does what He doesCuba and Puerto Rico are the two wings of a single birdThe only thing she had accumulated in life was the memory of everything she had lost the indecency of wars which do not end when the politicians sign their peace treaties but live on in the survivors the victims of an arduous campaign that still goes on inside each one of them between their guts and their hearts The author is a Cuban exile living in Mexico The book is translated from the Spanish 45 rounded up to 5 and I’m adding it to my favorites on the strength of its originality although it will not be to everyone’s taste Top photo Cubans and Angolans fighting in Africa from the book Cuba and Africa The War for Freedom by Harry Vilegas at pathfinderpresscomPhoto of the author from escritoresorg

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Caracol BeachOlimpo y acuden a la cita son sus tambores Tres muchachos han ido por cerveza a un supermercado para seguir la fiesta y se cruzan en la autopista con el cubano ue uiere una tumba Ha estado lloviendo hay luna alguien ha descerebrado a un perro contra un mur Two apropos uotes from the book are “And besides I’m crazy Does it show?“ and “Death is a uick way to cure madness''The basic plot of “Caracol Beach” is the story of Beto Milanés a Cuban veteran of the Angolan war whose entire platoon is killed in an ambush Years later haunting violent visions of this event are impelling Beto toward suicide But he finds himself unable to take his own life and sets out to find someone who will pull the trigger for himUsing magic realism as the vehicle Alberto delivers a brilliant modern tragedy that is part thriller and part farce; a world where madness coexists with the reality of separate cultures