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PDF ¶ BOOK The One Minute Manager ↠ RANDARENEWABLES ´ For than twenty years millions of managers in Fortune 500 companies and small businesses nationwide have followed The One Minute Manager's techniues thus increasing their productivity job satisfaction and personal prosperity These very real results were achieved thThe audio also presents several studies in medicine and the behavioral sciences that clearly explain why these apparently simple methods work so well with so many people By the audio's end you will know how to apply them to your own situation and enjoy the benefit This was on the shelf on the house I stayed at on my holidays and as I'm supposed to lead a team these days I thought it would be usefulDavid Brent could have written this book It's so cheesey and american it's unreal Basically it has three ideas One minute target setting all goals mapped out in less than 250 words with each team member getting fourteen or fifteen or twenty odd or something targets There's also one minute praise It advises you to 'touch people in a reassuring way' during these sessions That idea scares me and I don't intend to touch my staff in any manner at any time Finally if someone has the ability to achieve a goal but fails to do so there's the one minute bollocking The first half of this or 30 seconds I would assume is a standard bollocking but you must remember to tell the person 'how you feel' about the failure Then you spend the next half telling the person how you are only bollocking them because you usually have such faith in them and know how good they are Again touching is encouraged during this processIt's weird and rubbish Don't follow a formula as professional people deserve an individual approach Don't pre plan to touch people we're British and touching isn't appropriate in a professional environment Stroking someone's arm to show them that 'you care about their success' is inappropriate Finally the main thing I hated was how the book was written It's written as a narrative about an imagined 'young man' who visits a company to talk to a manager The manager he meets is a 'One Minute Manager' and then as the book progresses he meets a number of the manager's staff who tell him about the three pillars of the method The writing is unconvincing and poor and as a work of literature it is almost offensively badIt's a book that succeeds on no levels whatsoever and I pity anyone who thinks that it is a useful tool in which to learn about how to deal with people Prospective managers should move away from a formula and look to try to learn about their staff as individuals and as people The book does hint at this and this is the only lesson that anyone should possibly derive from it

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For than twenty years millions of managers in Fortune 500 companies and small businesses nationwide have followed The One Minute Manager's techniues thus increasing their productivity job satisfaction and personal prosperity These very real results were achieved t There is this genre I call business fiction The characteristics of the genre are as follows1 A Simple contrived narrative with a pedantic plod2 An aim at communicating common sense wisdom for the business world 3 A healthy overlay of positive thinking4 characters you could care less about because they are one dimensional mindless automatons sent by the author to fulfill his didactic purposes but do not breath bleed or have any life of their own 5 Lots of slogans that would look nice on a plaue over your desk Maybe a nice motivational poster Well truth be told some authors in the genre have uality than others Not this one but it distinguishes itself as providing the template for all such books that followed Written thirty years ago this New York Times bestseller follows the adventures of a young man in search for the greatest management model in the universe Presumably this is to rule the galaxy though this is implied than said Some of the managers he observes are focused on people but not results Others focus on results but screw people over That is until he discovers the 'One Minute Manager' A manager so named because he doesn't have to spend much time with his people At all A minute here and there will sufficeActually there is some helpful management advice1 Have employees write out a 250 word summary of their goals main objectives which you both keep on file The process of clarifying things so that both managers and employees know what their objectives are means greater success and less communication is necessary2 The One Minute praise Catch your employee doing something right and specifically praise them for that action and let them know how valuable it is for you 3 The One minute reprimand when employees do something wrong immediately and specifically reprimand them for that action though put it in the context of their overall good work This is all helpful advice in managing people That way they are clear on objectives feel valued and know exactly where they screw up without having to deal with an angry build up But really this is the entire substance of the book Along the way the characters spout off the same advice and show each other motivational messages on plaues There is also a lot of advice about touching people to communicate you care It isn't normally the case but my guess is that this book would be much better as a movie Wait for it

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The One Minute ManagerHrough learning the management techniues that spell profitability for the organization and its employeesThe One Minute Manager is a concise easily read story that reveals three very practical secrets One Minute Goals One Minute Praisings and One Minute Reprimands A must read for new managers