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Rogan Gosh Summary  4 í Dean Cripps is a regular guy who just wants to order a nice hot curry from waiter Raju Dhawan until Kali goddess of death rips through the Star of the East restaurant and ruins everything Propelled into a futuristic India Dean and Raju encounter exotic Hindu deities sex magic weird reincarnation opium dens Rudyard Kipling and the mysAurant and ruins everything Propelled into a futuristic India Dean and Raju encounter exotic Hindu deities sex magic weird reincarnation opium dens Rudyard Kipl. A little bit of Cities of the Red Night and a little bit of Michael Moorcock and entirely Milligan and McCarthy It is an ambiguous telling of several twisted souls whose stories merge in a hallucinatory montage that renders the reader confused as to the real plot The real uestion here is who's dreaming whoRudyard Kipling guilt ridden about the suicide of a servant boy with whom he had improper relations goes to the House of Smoke He descends into a drug haze and dreams He finds Rogan Gosh a karmanaut who takes on the bad karma of others and commissions his servicesRaju a waiter of the Star of the East an Indian eatery encounters customer Dean Cripps who is heartbroken over a recent break up Their world is ripped apart by relentlessly pursuing hallucinatory visions with Hanuman the monkey god as their unreliable tour guide The Boy is missing his girlfriend He reads a comic book about the adventures of Rogan Gosh karmanaut He experiences a brightly swathed descent into depressionTheir tales bleed into each other and roles are exchanged stolen shared Always the Ditko and Vedic Buddhist mythology inspired art of Brendan McCarthy tells as much story as the Milligan words Of everybody running from something trying to find something that they do not exactly findIT is a story about lives within Maya You live to forget and forget to live You ride the wheel of karma for countless lives on a rising and falling helix When you do break through you break through the white noise of Life and its temptations Like the television channel left to static It is nothingness but abstract forms rise Such is the nature of reality

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Ing and the mysterious House of Smoke In short the world of Rogan Gosh A psychedelic journey to find enlightenment truth and the finest Indian cuisine US Editio. Most of the comic is incomprehensible the result of intertwining 67 different stories and trying to fit them all into 50 pages of comic I was promised Indian sci fi and Karmanauts but most of the ideas end up unrealised All colour theory is thrown out the window and the psychedelic style is alluding to the acid house era of the early 90's What a lovely era to remember

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Rogan GoshDean Cripps is a regular guy who just wants to order a nice hot curry from waiter Raju Dhawan until Kali goddess of death rips through the Star of the East rest. If you're like me and we have no reason to think you aren't then you're a big fan of everyone's favorite British Indian acid comic Rogan Gosh And if you're like me again probably you also can't make it past page 3 SO LET'S TRY IT TOGETHERp1 Rudyard Kipling wanders the opium dens of Cawnpore Kanpur in Northern India full of bad karma after his romantic relationship with an Indian manservant led not only to Kipling being blackmailed but to his lover's suicide Kipling now searches for a 'karmanaut' spiritual healer named Rogan Gosh in the hopes that his soul can be cleansed Kipling finds the Jadoo Gher a den nicknamed The Magic House After consuming opiates and subtle potions and meditating Kipling reaches a higher plane called the Second Veil of Maya a jasmine scented dream of the futurep3 Kipling's dream transitions into a modern bedroom and a different narrator a young man lying in bed just waking up A vision of Kipling is there too along with Hanuman the Monkey God and a female entity the narrator recognizes as the Dawn This modern narrator we'll call him The Boy has been awakened by the neighbor's baby crying but Dawn lowers her veil so The Boy can continue dreamingp4 The Boy in turn dreams of Jadoo Gher again but in his modern era it's now an Indian restaurant called The Star of the East Currently a sad Brit named Dean Cripps is attempting to order food from the dapper Raju Dhawan a man of great potential whose family feels he's wasting his life Raju thinks in Indian food metaphors while Dean is too depressed over a recent breakup to know what to orderp5 Kipling has found Rogan Gosh and offers a golden totem in return for Rogan's aid Rogan a blue faced deity is aging and losing power but meditates with Kipling only to find that Kipling has changed into Kali the Soma Swami a malignant force that needed Rogan's karma cleansing powers to be free of an ancient curse Kali immediately attempts to kill Rogan who decides he will escape his fate through reincarnationp7 Just as Dean Cripps orders a rogan gosh mutton plate Kali rips through the reality of the restaurant and decapitates both Dean and Raju Dhawan Both men live and find themselves transported to a Future India chased by cyborg Karma Kops until they reach Jadoo Gher now called the House of Dreams Hanuman the Monkey God invites the men insideRaju's skin is now blue and Hanuman points to the old husk of Rogan Gosh in the corner Raju is the new Rogan he explains and now he must battle Kali the Soma Swami Dean and Raju try to run finding confusion and horrors throughout the House of DreamsFrom behind one door Raju hears himself singing in an American accentp11 Raju has become a four armed cowboy and Dean his hoss a sacred cow Raju wonders aloud how it is that he's aware of each new iteration of his personality and they wander through the Wild West Land of the Dead and into the psychedelic frontier town of Neither Nor in order to find the Injun that might explain thingsThe Injun turns out to be a blue skinned Kipling in a Native American headdress He explains that Kali is a soul scalper and a vampire and he's currently draining the souls of Raju and Dean Kipling invites them to suck on his Dream Pipe and they dream of The Boyp13 The Boy wakes in his room next to his sleeping girlfriend perhaps this is still Dawn but she's differently colored He dresses leaves the house and goes to his local comic shop where he picks up the new issue