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Summary ¿ The Adventures of Lucky Pierre: Directors' Cut (Coover, Robert) ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ù Lucky Pierre is the most famous man in Cinecity where pornography is the basis of social norms and the mayoral motto is “Pro Bono Pubis” He walks to work the sLottie their young leading lady he rediscovers the vivid joys of life as a sexual outlaw including copulating with her on the trapeze of a circus But he can never escape the tentacles of the mayor and the “legit” industry of Cinecity Later he is offered the chance to rejoin the Extars his internalization of his new status won’t allow it if it was ever a real choiceAre these Pierre’s fantasies But in a world in which he does not own his own life or his body where the past can be rewritten as easily as the dialogue can be faked in a redub of one of his scenes his thoughts are not even his own Even so LP continues his perhaps futile attempts to define his own destiny In the end grown old and decrepit he learns his next film is titled “The Final Fuck” ie it’s the end of his career Morose and attempting to avoid the inevitable he flees to a showing of his own work which ends up leading him now resigned to his fate back to the soundstage where in the end he rediscovers ecstasy and the closure of his destiny. I knew it was love by page 4 A little old lady leaning on a cane hesitates at a curb peers up at the light changing now from green to red Her spectacles are frosted over; icicles hang from her nose; her free hand trembles at her breast clutching an old frayed shawl The man our hero trying to beat the light comes charging up but not in time skids to a stop glissandos right into the old lady's humped over backside bowling her heels over her head into the street with a jab of his stiff penis There is a brief plaint like the suawk of a turkey as a refuse truck runs her down Old as she was it's still all a bit visceral but soon enough the traffic rolling by has flattened her out her vitals blending into the dirty slush her old rags soaking up the rest—Pity someone mutters—Life's tough—Goddamn street cleaners never around when you need them

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Ded by these women and by the overwhelming impulses of his prodigiously endowed organThe book is a collection of fantasies a man entering his office instantly begins acrobatically copulating with the receptionist on her desk; a piano teacher administers discipline to his nubile young female students; a castaway discovered by the Nine Muses who have never seen a man before and uickly begin to test his unfamiliar parts; an engagement party turns into a frenzied bacchanal; a wedding into a sadomasochistic ritual and then a chase scene But satisfaction is complicated Pierre is often made ridiculous a clown as much as a leading man and always everything that happens to him is seen; there is no part of his life that is not potentially a film Several times he attempts to escape but he is always recaptured and punished or his “escape” is proven never to be real in the first place For example he joins up with the Extars a guerrilla group of suatters who adopt him as “Crazy Leg” their leader; with them in particular. Hee hee You'll want a strong stomach for this masterful meta romp What is it a parody of Holy Wood via pornody or is it just a straight up travesty of porn film Straight up No chance Straight laced folks will want to go through A Night at the Movies Or You Must Remember This Fictions first Another unfilmable fiction from Meistro Coover about fictional films

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The Adventures of Lucky Pierre Directors' Cut Coover RobertLucky Pierre is the most famous man in Cinecity where pornography is the basis of social norms and the mayoral motto is “Pro Bono Pubis” He walks to work the studio where his films are made in the winter cold icicles tipping his constantly exposed and engorged penis and every small interaction provides another opportunity for exercising his prurient artThis vision of a sexualized universe is uniue in that social power and the power to direct rather than merely appear in these sex films belongs entirely to women Each chapter or “reel” of the book is headed with the name of one of nine women so in reality they are muses but they are also the artists and each bears her aesthetic stamp whether the dominatrix mayor the experimental avant garde filmmaker the ribald cartoonist who “reanimates” him with her pen when he has been left by the mayor in a snowbank to freeze the wife who makes tender home sex movies etc Lucky Pierre himself seems to have no free will indeed no existence outside his films He is comman. As any attentive reader of the Old Testament will immediately recognize Coover opens Lucky Pierre’s first pages with language taken directly from the first verse of the Book of Lamentations How doth the city sit solitary that was full of people how is she become as a widow she that was great among the nations and princess among the provinces how is she become tributaryShe weepeth sore in the night and her tears are on her cheeks among all her lovers she hath none to comfort her all her friends have dealt treacherously with her they are become her enemiesJudah is gone into captivity because of affliction and because of great servitude she dwelleth among the heathen she findeth no rest all her persecutors overtook her between the straitsThe ways of Zion do mourn because none come to the solemn feasts all her gates are desolate her priests sigh her virgins are afflicted and she is in bitternessHer adversaries are the chief her enemies prosper; for the LORD hath afflicted her for the multitude of her transgressions her children are gone into captivity before the enemyAnd from the daughter of Zion all her beauty is departed her princes are become like harts that find no pasture and they are gone without strength before the pursuerJerusalem remembered in the days of her affliction and of her miseries all her pleasant things that she had in the days of old when her people fell into the hand of the enemy and none did help her the adversaries saw her and did mock at her sabbathsJerusalem hath grievously sinned; therefore she is removed all that honoured her despise her because they have seen her nakedness yea she sigheth and turneth backwardHer filthiness is in her skirts; she remembereth not her last end; therefore she came down wonderfully she had no comforter O LORD behold my affliction for the enemy hath magnified himselfThe adversary hath spread out his hand upon all her pleasant things for she hath seen that the heathen entered into her sanctuary whom thou didst command that they should not enter into thy congregationAll her people sigh they seek bread; they have given their pleasant things for meat to relieve the soul see O LORD and consider; for I am become vileIs it nothing to you all ye that pass by a hart is defined as an older male deer; relevantly it has also come to be a slang term for A pimp daddy with an immense female satisfying package harts that find no pasture they are gone without strength let us here recall Lucky's many ascents into meadow idylls during his lowest moments of hard on hypothermia induced dream escape and Cinecity that place bereft of greenery where the only flowering pastures reside as sets in pornographic film studiosLamentations itself is something of a nicely structured piece of poetics five poems three of which 1 2 4 being acrostics consisting of 22 verses corresponding to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet Lucky Pierre itself is something of an acrostic all of its nine director dominatrix actress Muses assigned names beginning with the letter C which of course is correlative to our beautiful English word “Cunt” or Coover many words begin with C each seeing over as if a goddess eye from above one of the 9 “reels” that compose the book Chapter 3 of Lamentations consists of 66 verses a shame for Coover’s purposes it wasn’t 69 and the 5th poem for some reason isn’t an acrostic as if the Bilbical scribes tired of their own self imposed restrictions or became distracted or hurried and decided to let it all fray out there at the endLamentations is a inah a dirge funereal music a cry in song of misery for the siege and destruction of Jerusalem and its people My source tells me in its uasi authoritative tone “Lamentations is partly a traditional city lament mourning the desertion of the city by its god its destruction and the ultimate return of the divinity and partly a funeral dirge in which the bereaved bewails and addresses the dead” This I will choose to believe ”the destruction of the holy city was a punishment by its god for the communal sin of its people”Coover's Lucky Pierre as well begins here in lament in song a called forth cantus in a besieged Cinecity a pornographic dystopia under constant snow and freeze raining suicides from the windowsills populated by a lost and suffering pedestrian population numbed to constant car accidents death and public copulation where the sky is grey at its best and mostly black and icy A film projector blinks to life in the abyss of a darkened movie theater a wonderful faux Genesis commanding Let There Be Light upon the void the formless dark onto the obliviated white plain and the projector divided the light from the darkness and from the tenebrous obscurity emerged People fucking discantOur pornographic movie is introduced accompanied by mournful plainsong which of course reaches our ears from the earliest days of Christianity which no one could argue is not an admirable sustain I return to my Voice of Historical Authority which is really just the winter wind cut and pasted there’s little icicles hanging from these letters let’s hope you can read them through the snow gusts ”Two methods of singing psalms or other chants are responsorial and antiphonal In responsorial singing the soloist or choir sings a series of verses each one followed by a response from the choir or congregation In antiphonal singing the verses are sung alternately by soloist and choir or by choir and congregation It is probable that even in the early period the two methods caused that differentiation in the style of musical composition which is observed throughout the later history of plainchant the choral compositions being of a simple kind the solo compositions elaborate using a extended compass of melodies and longer groups of notes on single syllables A marked feature in plain chant is the use of the same melody for various texts This is uite typical for the ordinary psalmody in which the same formula the psalm tone is used for all the verses of a psalm just as in a hymn or a folk song the same melody is used for the various stanzas”And from the same source of Undying Accurate Information a list of types of plainsong given here mainly because read in seuence they immediately remind one of a recitation of the progress from desire through foreplay and into the finale of the sex act yes “Alleluia” perhaps representing the moment of orgasm the final three the sort of twined sweaty fragrant denouement Prayer Reading or Lection Psalm Canticle Hymn Prose Antiphon Responsory Introit Gradual Tract Alleluia Seuence Offertory CommunionAll of this is to say that Coover’s The Adventures of Lucky Pierre Director’s Cut is situated from the outset in the old school moral realm in the originating place of Western belief This is another story of the Fall of Man Lucky spends a great deal of the middle section of the book literally in a prolonged fall; this surrealist fabulist unfilmable pornography in extremis is in fact a double edged morality tale It is pornography not only as high art it is pornography so twisted and fever dreamed that it is pornography pornography which like a double negative cancels out any titillation it might have achieved I’d wager that all of the above mentioned poetic musical devices are employed at some point within LP’s 9 reels So what are we left with after the double negation other than simply ArtLike Finnegans Wake Lucky Pierre moves in circles cycles iterations and emergences rather than linearly It accrues in kaleidoscopic stasis It moves in circles because that is what a film projector has to do to tell its story Every element of filmmaking as well as every element of pornography ever imagined or to be imagined will have its moment on stage in this book Like Finnegans Wake it is obsessed with repetition the same key scenes and images with slight alterations bloom and accumulate meaning over the course of the book it is made in a tense less cosmic time which runs and bleeds and circles back and diverges on a whim Of course because we are just playing with miles and miles of celluloid here we can run it any way we wish pause fast forward rewind splice zoom in zoom out Like Finnegans Wake it is a dirty dirty book and someone should think of the children Like Finnegans Wake Lucky Pierre is self consciously music in prose Like Finnegans Wake once you have read it through you may open it to any random page and find its totality there waiting Like Finnegans Wake it is a comedy a great Universe in micromacrocosmic comedyBut enough of this duality making comparison bullshit it’s not like this is some Joyce Coover dick measuring contest Here’s as good a place as any for a uick personal note a parenthetical aside on SADNESS Lucky Pierre at times is an extremely sad book pathetically sad Lucky is essentially a prisoner a prisoner of fame a prisoner of his career a prisoner of sex of the public’s desire of his desire and his desires are not only sexual though they almost always end up resolveddepleted in acrobatic fucking his main desire is escape this endless pursuit of fucking as escape is at its most basic level sad He longs for pastoral deliverance from Cinecity and its pornographic horizons but this is preempted zeroed negated by the constant intrusion of scenarios of ever bizarre desire satiation I dear readers am a heterosexual male this is my woeful existential envelope and lamentably practically every single attractive female I meet I desire to fuck Often ones I don’t actually meet but just see out and about Even if I attempt to deny this desire as I most often do it always reemerges as if emanating from beyond my will This perspective is a prison it is pathetic it is sad and it prevents me from realizing the fullness of each human's being it prevents me from treating people eually in my mind it prevents me from walking around the world possessing anything approaching objective clarity in my interactions and it is an inward circling self perpetuating cycle of miserable unattainable retreating possibilities but this impossibility of satiation is the very core of my desire So Lucky Pierre’s adventures seem to me from my locus as a heterosexual male abysmally sad and lonely and wretched because so radically tragically human However Coover makes central to this book the uestion of agency for LP remember is always being directed never the agent of his own actions the most interesting part of this sexual desiring sadness and wretchedness might be “who or what is making us this way” Who or what is controlling these flows of desire Do we have anything resembling control over our unconscious drives these drives unto death How do we attain retain this control This is perhaps the key uestion among many uestions in this uestion riddled book Because Pierre is in actuality a prisoner of others’ desires social desires and where social desires end and personal desires begin that is a murky gray unfilmable place indeed Okay end of parentheses Back to my critical review Lucky Pierre’s endless prismatic shuffling of fantastic perverse imagery and manic scene changes reads like the internet feels perceptually as does Pierre’s capacity for self division and replication and voyeurism at the hands of his torturesses Lucky Pierre is never alone never unwatched never un directed never let alone to be himself without a reminder that he is a man who fucks or it’s like all the fuck films ever made at once broadcast on our libido’s universal holographic edge which according to uantum physics just might be a giant movie screen Don’t ask me for citations It is Buñuel Godard and Keaton of course but you knew that from the beginning Above all it is a virtuoso performance of Coover’s superabundant imagination a repeating cadence of fucking comedy violence sorrow meaninglessness and the pursuit of meaning spiritual and physical depletion and replenishment staged through and frantic impossible and implausible representations of sex in resplendent prose The best in this kind are but shadows; and the worst are no worse if imagination amend them– Saint Will It is a perfect tape loop of our weirdly amoral supertemporal technological sex saturated times and a waving goodbye to the naive romanticism of movie theater daysShould I go on This thing is getting long as is proper oh my look how it grows when given proper attention so perhaps it is best to rush on to the climax make everybody happy and call it a day But I don’t want to talk about pornography I want to talk about what people actually create when they attempt to represent themselves duplicate triplicate infinate themselves through media which is our predominant mode of communal living now in our present day Cinecities of 2015 When we think we are performing ourselves who or what is it miming up there on that screen Most social media presences are far perverse than pornography But this is a book without end FADE OUT YEARS PASS FADE IN What is there in the interim The staggering loneliness of perpetual undirected desire pursuit of satiation decrescendo of attainment re awakening of desire and uestions of human agency A strange circle this film reel we live inside Here we come round the arc again ”Who is he to us Why have we made him as we have We should be asking uestions about the enigmatic ways of sex performance memory even scripted memory such as his struggle against disorder forgetfulness entropy impotence despair; about the way his peculiar artistic talent through the tensions of disclosure and concealment thrust and withdrawal somehow shadows forth eternal truths or the way his iterative and abridged rituals even stripped to their bare essentials nonetheless feel necessary and even transcendent intuitive and visionary In short we should be asking about the meaning of it all”