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Echo City Book ´ 496 pages ´ Randarenewables ✓ Surrounded by a vast poisonous desert Echo City is built upon the graveyard of its own past Most inhabitants believe that their city and its subterranean Echoes are the whole of the world but there are a few dissenters Peer Nadawa is a political exile forced to live with crimiEl a servant of that theocracy dreams of revenge from his perch atop the city’s tallest spire And beneath the city a woman called Nadielle conducts macabre experiments in genetic manipulation using a science indistinguishable from sorcery They believe there is something beyond the endless desert but whatIt is only when a stranger arrives from out of the wastes that things begin to This book was a struggle to get into a struggle I ended up losing I might add Lately I've been in a mood for post apocalyptic stories and the attractive cover of Echo City coupled with the intriguing concept hooked me Unfortunately after the opening seuence dark foreboding heavy etc nothing else happened to keep me going I tried to keep reading but it was a chore Unlike other books where I look for any excuse to keep reading Echo City was like a term paper you keep putting off I don't know what it was about the book but I just couldn't get into itI kept thinking It'll pick up any page now But 100 pages in I gave up Gone are the days where I'd slog through a book just because I paid for it a big reason why I use the library these days I might give an author with whom I'm familiar leeway but someone I've never read before If heshe doesn't grab me by the 50 100 page range I'm done

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Change Frail and amnesiac he holds the key to a new beginning for Echo City or perhaps to its end for he is not the only new arrival From the depths beneath Echo City something ancient and deadly is rising Now Peer Gorham Nophel and Nadielle must test the limits of love and loyalty courage and compassion as they struggle to save a city collapsing under the weight of its own history in general I enjoyed this bookit wasn't exactly what I was hoping for but it did satisfy my sci fi cravingI liked the characters who I felt where realisticthey weren't all good and all bad but at varying degrees of both like real folks tend to bethe narrative voice was beautifully descriptive even poetic at timeshowever there were segments of the narrative I felt were overly detailed and somewhat slow in paceremoving about about 75 pages would move the story along a little betteroverall not a bad read but not one I would read again

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Echo CitySurrounded by a vast poisonous desert Echo City is built upon the graveyard of its own past Most inhabitants believe that their city and its subterranean Echoes are the whole of the world but there are a few dissenters Peer Nadawa is a political exile forced to live with criminals in a ruinous slum Gorham once her lover leads a ragtag band of rebels against the ruling theocracy Noph “Something’s coming”That one line summarizes Echo City a stand alone novel by Tim Lebbon This is a work of very dark but slightly epic fantasy that sometimes borders on the horror genre It is about a huge city called Echo City named after its Echoes which are layers of old parts of the city built over by new parts but left intact beneath the surface From deep down there down beneath the earliest of Echoes something is slowly rising Fortune tellers are predicting it while others are feeling it in the waters of the river and creatures that live down in the Echoes are panickingWhen Peer Nadawa a political exile stumbles upon a strange man coming from the deserts where no one can survive she is forced to escape her exile and find her lover Gorham leader of a band of rebels to seek the truth behind this stranger’s arrival Could he be the prophesied saviorA promising conceptWhile this story sounds very promising and the city in which it is set is one of the most intricate I’ve ever read about – with all its forgotten history and layers upon layers through which the story travels – I can’t shake the feeling that Lebbon has bitten off than he can chew While reading the book I found myself contemplating how well this story could do as an epic fantasy series instead of a stand alone novelLack of storyThe truth is however that Echo City doesn’t move anywhere at all Despite all the potential it has it simply doesn’t do anything There are pages upon pages of people walking through the city and its Echoes seemingly without destination to come full circle in the end while nothing really happened to justify the almost 500 pages of story in between It was the potential that kept me reading but after finishing this book all I felt was disappointmentConvolutedIt must be said though that Lebbon has tried to turn Echo City into a very epic novel There are over a dozen different viewpoints some of which are uite well written Every now and then there is an amazing chapter which offers a stunning view of a city in chaos Overall however this novel didn’t need so many viewpoints as many of them only contributed to the convoluted feeling of the bookWhat also didn’t help Lebbon was the lack of background given I felt that nothing in this book was properly set up; there were just too many coincidences For example there is a point when one of the characters Nophel needs to investigate something that happened in the city He says to his master “So I’m going to need that invisibility potion you have lying around” And poof just like that an army of invisible people that will accomplish everything that needs to get done for the story to progress is bornComplicated and uselessAll in all this simply isn’t a book I liked It had the potential to be great but it just wasn’t At times it was overly complicated with many useless story lines and a weird form of scientific magic that just didn’t get any of the explanation it needed At other times it was too simple almost like a children’s story and didn’t move anywhere at all The very anti climactic ending didn’t help eitherLack of visionAnother thi