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Renegade the second of the five novel Mar ssan Cycle opens in August 2077 as the Pacific Northwest Free Zone having survived the first year of its existence faces both internal and external challenges The US s Security Services has. 810 In the second volume of the series Duchamp starts to explore a lot of interesting ideas For starters there's the practical uestions around building an anarchist society in an imperfect world Freedom is a key principle but when you start running into people whose freedom you don't really want to indulge things start becoming difficult And then there's the uestion of how to get people to unlearn all the modes of capitalist and patriarchal discourse they've been brought up in their entire life Duchamp doesn't shy away from these uestions and if she doesn't really resolve them in this novel that's a sign of how they can never be wrapped up in a tight little bowThe other half of Renegade is a lot harrowing concerning view spoilerthe imprisonment and psychological torture of Kay Zeldin In addition to providing an example of how patriarchal systems can turn women against each other the imprisonment serves as a nice synechdoche for the state and the citizen with the citizen eventually coming to naturalize and rely upon the bargains it has struck with power and be completely broken The ending with its total refusal to cop out or retreat from its point was also particularly striking and well done hide spoiler

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RenegadeCientists who have disappeared travelling through a war torn American landscape she barely recognizes When she encounters Security s formidable Elizabeth Weatherall each woman risks all she has become in no holds barred mortal comb. This is a hard book and indeed series to rate There are some truly fascinating ideas in here the Executive system that rules most countries on near future Earth a male dominated hierarchy with three main castes where men from the ruling elite have their sexuality excised so as to not distract them from other forms of power whereas women at all levels have their sexualities left intact and reproduction rights are extremely tightly controlled; the alien species that paralyses all modern technology then wants to strike deals but only with female representatives of each country; the struggles of a nascent anarchist free zone society run by women All really good stuff The characters are great too Despite all these strengths this book just isn't the page turner that I want it to be largely due to the writing styleThis second book in the series is almost all dialogue with a few action scenes inserted throughout which make for a welcome change of pace In contrast I found that the first book had a better balance between action and dialogue This situation is unavoidable to some extent as Renegade is essentially about a psychological war between two women captor and prisoner most of which takes place in a solitary confinement cell The battle of wits is very well done and feels highly plausible but the narrative is also somewhat repetitive and a bit dry It doesn't help that the author seems to feel the need to explain irrelevant details such as whether someone put the glass they'd been holding down before leaving the room and no the glass did not become relevant to the story later I've been sucked in enough to continue with the series though Hoping for action and aliens in part 3Content warning for this book psychological torture sexual violence

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Summary × Renegade í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Renegade the second of the five novel Mar ssan Cycle opens in August 2077 as the Pacific Northwest Free Zone having survived the first year of its existence faces both internal and external challenges The US s Security Services has deployed a paramilitary covert action team tDeployed a paramilitary covert action team to capture Kay Zeldin Security s most wanted renegade and destabilize the Zone s civil order Nevertheless Kay ventures outside the Free Zone to search for her spouse and dozens of other s. Where did the Mar'ssan go They lurk largely behind the scenes in Renegade The alienhuman interaction in Book One Alanya to Alanya is what hooked me to this series Alanya to Alanya sets up an intricately detailed story of what if in this case what if the structure of society as we know it ceases to be in order to force a re creation of a peaceful and cooperative social structure This plan is carried out in Book One by the benevolentmalevolent Mar'ssan who effectively topple world governments although the story telling mainly focuses on the United States by destroying all communications networks Renegade though eually thought provoking and well written is mostly an intellectual drawn out contest of wills between human beings It is a very introspective book whereas the first book was very action oriented Renegade explores the relationship between two characters as captive and captor It is difficult to critiue the book as a stand alone knowing that there's much to the story Like many humans I have a difficult time reading about the torture of other human beings and much of this book revolves around just that This didn't put me off from reading though knowing that Timmi Duchamp would not have spent so much time with these protagonists without a very good reason This is the absolute artistry of her writing As Book Two ends I have a commitment to continue reading the series through to the end As Duchamp continues to revise her worldview I can patiently read through the changes shifting and revising my own vision at the same time Now that's brilliance Or madness