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EPUB Wolfsbane and Mistletoe

EBOOK Ê EPUB Wolfsbane and Mistletoe ä 9780441017621 ☆ CHARLAINE HARRIS ☆ Includes an original Sookie Stackhouse story New York Times bestselling authors Charlaine Harris Patricia Briggs Keri Arthur Carrie Vaughn and Karen Chance along with ten other masters of the genre offer stories Vampires found in Many Bloody ReturnsThe holidays can bring out the beast in anyone particularly lycanthropes Charlaine Harris and Toni L P Kelner have harvested the scariest funniest saddest werewolf tales by an outstanding pack of authors best read by the light of a full moon with a silver SPOILER ALERT The main story I wanted to read in this book was Gift Wrapped by Charlaine Harris Know right off the bat I adore Sookie Stackhouse so I am difficult to disappoint in this regard But this story was very short and rather hollow It lacked the punch of the short story in Bite And Sookie always rises above feeling sorry for herself so that was a bummer I'm glad uinn got a mention She just doesn't use her brain to figure out something is amiss than what it seems Maybe fairies really are that glamourful but shouldn't she have been immune? She never sleeps with a guy she just meets no matter how convenient for the plot line There must have been serious mojo cooking; and if she ever realizes it she will be PISSED Maybe I've been reading too much Jezebel feminist propaganda but I don't want Sookie getting a psychic spiked drink date raped basically and grandpa looking all the congenial for the favor? Eww CH what were you thinking? Harris wrote a blog about how she disapproves of rape as sexy in romance novels but how was this story not that in better wrapping? Pun intended

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Includes an original Sookie Stackhouse story New York Times bestselling authors Charlaine Harris Patricia Briggs Keri Arthur Carrie Vaughn and Karen Chance along with ten other masters of the genre offer stories on werewolves and the holidays a fresh variation on the concept of birthdays and Well I pulled this book back off the shelf this year for another go at it after the false start last Christmas I have listed my thoughts on each story in the collectionGift Wrap by Charlaine Harris Sadly I was not impressed with the Sookie Stackhouse story I felt it was in bad taste I don't think it's funny to have someone's great great great great etc grandfather even if he's an amoral faery hooking up his many times granddaughter with a man for the holidays I guess I should lighten up but I found that idea offensive I'm not here to judge people's personal lives but when it comes to fiction there are some things I don't like and this is in that area of gross out ick factor ville for me I don't like to put down people's writing but I found the story to be very barebones and poorly characterized Sookie came off as being especially vapid in this story In general I don't think she's a very deep character But I found her likeable in Dead Until Dark and the short story I read out of Powers of Detection Stories of Mystery Fantasy However she was very one dimensional in this story I can't say who would be thrilled that her many times grandfather enforced a geis on his subject to pretend to be someone else and seduce her so she wouldn't be alone on Christmas But she didn't seem that bothered Whatever happen to gift cards as Christmas presents? For the vulgar nature of this story I have to give it 15 stars I realize that there is a huge Sookie Stackhouse following and no offense We all like what we like But I was underwhelmed This story made me put down this very promising volume for a year and put me off the series I'm glad my mother was willing to take my Sookie Stackhouse omnibi off my hands for the time being until I muster up the courage to give Sookie another try That's my opinion and I'm sticking to itThe Haire of the Beast by Donna Andrews This was a cute story Short and sweet and a bit of a twist on the werewolf genre story I liked the inclusion of medieval scholarship and grimoires with recipes of various sorts And there's a little bit of karma in store for an old flame who took credit for something he didn't do but his ex girlfriend the protagonist did Recommended 4 starsLucy at Christmastime by Simon R Green Not the best story I've read by Green but pretty good Very sad story It takes place in the Nightside but don't look for John Taylor in this one However the main character does make a visit to the Strangefellows bar to spend Christmas Eve This story brings to mind the old school sad werewolf tales Recommended if you're not looking for a happy ending 4 starsThe Night Things Changed by Dana Cameron Very interesting perspective on vampires and werewolves They are good guys and are perpetually misunderstood by humanity who they try to protect with their paranormal abilities Dark and somewhat chilling with some deeper meaning for a short tale Recommended 4 starsThe Werewolf Before Christmas by Kat Richardson What a great story to read around Christmastime You must take a rather dark sense of humor into this story for maximum enjoyment It also helps if you believe in the magic of Christmas I was uite shocked how it begins Let's just say that Rudolph isn't around to lead Santa's reindeer after the first page of this story This is my first time reading Richardson and I'm glad I've been collecting her urban fantasy series Recommended 5 starsFresh Meat by Alan Gordon A great story for animal lovers particularly dog lovers I've always believed in the intelligence of animals Clearly the author does too I love the loyalty shown by the protagonist's canine friends This one brought a smile to my face although it has some gruesome aspects Recommended 45 starsIl est Ne' by Carrie Vaughn I wasn't sure what to expect with this story but I ended up being very pleasantly surprised It had a very good buildup of tension as Kitty meets a young male who has become a werewolf and is not in control of his inner wolf at all When a string of horrible murder mutilations occurs he suspects himself and Kitty has reason to do so as well Together they try to find out if he is the culprit and if not to catch the real killer Kitty also teaches the fledgling wolf how to manage the beast within Short stories are very hard to execute so I give props to writers who manage to pick so much into a short tale This one left me with tears in my eyes as it really struck clear to my heart with its message about learning to control the darkness inside of one's self and the fact that it's never to late to go home If I wasn't a fan of Ms Vaughn after reading Kitty and the Midnight Hour I certainly would be one now 45 stars The Perfect Gift by Dana Stabenow Writers of sizzling werewolf romance should take note of the fantastic chemistry that Ms Stabenow creates between her two protagonists two police officers who happen to be infatuated with each other although they are trying to follow the rules about fraternization They both happen to be werewolves although the male is latent I love the way she builds up the intense attraction between the characters letting it simmer in the backdrop as they track a family of serial killers The climax is powerful as the hero Lobison comes to face the reality of his heritage triggered by his powerful desire for his partner Romanov and the full moon The interesting thing is that Ms Stabenow doesn't even write romance Well I hope she decides to do some werewolf stories because she really won me over with this short sizzling and satisfying tale 5 starsChristmas Past by Keri Arthur This was my first read by Ms Arthur and I must say I enjoyed it In many ways it read like a standard lovers reunited romance story with a paranormal twist Hannah is a human member of a paranormal unit with the ability to sense evil that is on the hunt for a supernatural serial killer She is trying to deal with the fact that her werewolf co worker Brodie dumped her last Christmas and he's trying to insinuate his way back into her life and her good graces Initially I wanted Brodie to take a long walk off a short pier but as his actions convince Hannah that he deserves a second chance he starts to win my trust as well While I won't be reading the Riley Jensen books this story has convinced me to consider reading other works by this author that

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Wolfsbane and MistletoeBullet close at handWhether wolfing down a holiday feast use your imagination or craving some hair of the dog on New Year's morning the werewolves in these frighteningly original stories will surprise delight amuse and scare the pants off readers who love a little wolfsbane with their mistlet I just read the Sookie story in this installment and I have to say that I absolutely hated it As a huge fan of the Sookie series I thought I would get a treat in between installments but this is one I wish I had never readSookie's a pretty nice girl for the most part and that's one of the things that I enjoy about her most The present that she received from her grandfather was absolutely ridiculous and seemed to cheapen Sookie's character for me I am going to pretend I didn't read itI would have rated this a 1 if there weren't other author's stories in here that I only had a chance to gleen