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The Orange Eats Creeps Download á 5 Þ It's the '90s Pacific Northwest refracted through a dark mirror where meth and madness hash it out in the woods A band of hobo vampire junkies roam the blighted landscape—trashing supermarket breakrooms praying to the altar of Poison Idea and GG Allin at basement rock shows crashing senior center pancake bDisappeared foster sister along The Highway That Eats People stalked by a conflation of Twin Peaks' Bob and the Green River Killer known as DactylWith a scathing voice and penetrating delivery Grace Krilanovich's The Orange Eats Creeps is one of the most ferocious debut novels in memory. Scrappy and wild but with an overriding post postmodern intelligence You could almost jump in and out of this book at any point and have a similar experience of reading scenes and people move but the iconography and sensation of the work remain deeply monolithically unchanged The deep obsidian core of the novel resists any ordinary approach or attempt to penetrate Despite this it's easy to get caught up in the exhilaration of the incidental narrative moments and nothing ever feels unnecessary or repetitious Everything is cohesive all points join at the center It's like a Kathy Acker narrative transmuted into a page turner without giving up any of its purpose or force

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It's the '90s Pacific Northwest refracted through a dark mirror where meth and madness hash it out in the woods A band of hobo vampire junkies roam the blighted landscape trashing supermarket breakrooms praying to the altar of Poison Idea and GG Allin at basement rock shows crashing sen. Once upon a time in the Pacific Northwest a slightly fucked up girl escaped her unsatisfying life by starting to run with some vampires By paring down some of The Orange Eats Creeps backstory you could almost make the sort of basic premise of this novel sound like a delinuent version of Twilight The vampires if they really are vampires and not just a teenage affectation or the construction of the narrators very disturbed mind aren't beautiful nor cultured They most likely smell really bad like most crusty punks do they drink too much cough syrup and are tweakers who jump trains and wander around Oregon wrecking havoc at 7 11s and fucking in the break rooms of Safeways Except for the vampire thing and the setting this isn't a best selling vampire romance but one could almost picture poor little Bella as one of the middle class girls out slumming with the punks who is now passed out on a trailer floor while being molested by some amoral hobo punk The book is the rambling stream of consciousness of the narrator a seventeen year old girl who has run away from a foster home to find her 'sister' another foster kid who had also lived in the foster home with her The narrator along with a small group of hobo boys jumps trains turns tricks in public restrooms drinks copious amounts of robotussin and stays tweaked out on meth while traveling through the world of 3rd shift 24 hour supermarkets and convenience stores and attending basement punk shows here and there all while looking for signs of her 'sister' who had run off with another group of hobo boys The book takes place sometime in the 90's and on a couple of occasions it appears that GG Allin makes cameos as a performer but it could just as easily be Poison Idea or some other wannabe GG chaos punx Some of the references seem to be too late in the 90's for GG to be still alive but my knowledge of the Northwest scene is mostly second hand The author does a great job though capturing the different factions of the punk world and the feelings that the West Coast had towards their 'meat head' Eastern counterparts In the less swirling and insane bits of the novel I felt like the book was being populated with some of the kids from Oregon and Washington I knew when I was very briefly in Berkeley in the mid 90's The world portrayed here was outlandish than reality and nothing like anything I'd ever been a part of but at its heart it still reminded me of uite a few people I'd been friends with over the years and the types of people who I 'knew' just because we'd converge at the same shows week after week The first third of the novel or so is fairly coherent It's non linear but it has signposts anchored to reality and allows the reader to stay pretty orientated Then it all breaks down The 'punk ness' drops off along with the cast of characters they return every now and then but the novel explodes in a claustrophobic interiority What had felt like the stream of consciousness of a very fucked up kid who feels like they can never be destroyed turns while she goes about a nihilistic spree of living turns into impressions from the mind of someone who has lost almost all touch with reality It's easy after reading fifty pages of this to wonder what the point is where is the author going There is still an underlying sense of a narrative but the narrators so mentally unreliable that you can't be sure of anything Is it the robo mething taking it's toll Is the narrator just fucking insane Is any

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The Orange Eats CreepsIor center pancake breakfasts locked in the thrall of Robitussin trips and their own wild dreamsA girl with drug induced ESP and an eerie connection to Patty Reed a young member of the Donner Party who credited her survival to her relationship with a hidden wooden doll searches for her. I almost saw G G Allin perform Running late for his gig I was rolling up to the entrance of Stache’s the small indie rockpunk club on High Street in Columbus when a burst of people stumbled out the door “What’s going on” I asked someone who was running by me “GG is naked on stage with the mic cord wrapped around his dick and he’s throwing bottles and shit at the audience” I’m pretty sure he meant actual shitO kay Maybe not so muchG G makes a brief cameo in The Orange Eats Creeps which is fitting because this is a book of decadence degradation abuse and horrorThe nearest relative to this work is Kathy Acker who was herself influenced by William S Burroughs I found The Orange Eats Creeps to be closely related to a poem than a novel although there is certainly no exact comparison to either It has almost no narrative through line Chronology and location are generally dispensed with Disjointed is not the right word because the main character’s thoughts seem to flow from present to past to fantasy and from place to place rather than leaping abruptly Objects have strange lives and the distinction between metaphor and reality is blurredNominally this story is about a teenage runawayfoster kid who becomes a “vampire” and spends part of the book hanging with a small group of runaway vampire druggie hoodlum suatters running wild in the Northwest in the NinetiesNote They might not really be vampires and this is nothing like a pop vampire book Not Even Slightly Eventually she ditches them or is ditched by them and wanders on her own spending a lot of time sleeping in forests in storage rooms in abandoned buildings or sheds and waking up in the homes of random men who pick her up off the street She’s seems to be obsessed with her foster sister who may have also become a vampire and be wandering around the Northwest or her sister may have been kidnapped and murdered The vampirism might be a metaphor or it might not The girl’s thoughts are so hallucinatory that much of what goes on is abstracted She might have ESP Or perhaps schizophrenia Characters are met briefly and then disappear Some of them speak in prose rather than dialogue It’s unclear if they are even “real” whatever that means in the context of a book that refuses to acknowledge the difference between real and fiction This isn’t postmodern in the sense of acknowledging the author The Orange Eats Creeps creates a world where it’s impossible to distinguish whether the character’s thoughts represent reality within the context of the story insanity or metaphor As metaphor it becomes like a novel length poem than a story although story like things happen occasionally After all Paradise Lost is considered a poem even though “shit happens”We are sustained in this morass of despair and violence by the poetic voice and a consistency of tone Krilanovich’s use of language is rather breathtaking and always surprising It’s consistently shocking as well Without ever specifically mentioning it directly this books seems to reflect the political sickness of our age The empty relationships between the main character and everyone she encounters spoke to me of the brutal heartless nature of Capitalism and how it engenders alienation and the dismemberment of the family We’re all so busy trying to survive there isn’t any time for real community The communities shown in this book don’t seem to embody any affection they are mostly survival orien