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Download Reader ✓ Beast by Donna Jo Napoli ↠ 272 pages ì Meet the Beast before there was Beauty Orasmyn is the prince of Persia and heir to the throne His religion fills his heart and his mind and he strives for the knowledge and leadership his father demonstrates But on the day of the Feast of Sacrifices OraE East and sensuous France as he struggles to learn the way of the beast while also preserving the mind of the man This is the story of his search not only for a woman courageous enough to love him but also for his own redemptio To be honest I did not finish this book The beginning was great right up until the main character changes from a man into a beast Right after that he mates with two lioness and that was a little too much of a beast for me to like I skipped ahead a bitsomething that I never do and it didn't seem to get any better I skipped to the end to see if I should finish it and in a matter of a couple sentences the beast turns back into a man because of Belle's love and that is how it ends Not an ending I enjoy

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E Feast of Sacrifices Orasmyn makes a foolish choice that results in a fairy's wretched punishment He is turned into a beast a curse to be undone only by the love of a woman Thus begins Orasmyn's journey through the exotic Middl I really wanted to like this book the interesting twist in being told from the male perspective in plot elements by making the curse have a religious reason the Muslim overtones with the different cultureRight away I was getting irritated with the constant vocabulary words being fed to me and uickly defined The relationship he has with his parents especially his father and his part within the curse is interesting and then never fleshed out or picked up againI mentally rebelled again a prince protagonist who would think he was rescuing a rape victim and would need to struggle with his own desires at seeing the normally culturally hidden places of skinShe turns out to be a djinn about to curse him but stillIts understandable that a love story between a Beast and a woman would hint at bestiality but this book does a little than hint making it an element before we even meet his love With very little inward struggle illustrating for us how much he really is a beast I suppose he almost immediately finds two very willing lionesses Can you say icky He struggles been bloodlust for Belle and just plain lust in icky ways to give example or not to give exampleyeah notNot to my taste I did finish it but to see how far she take that element; not perhaps as far as some but further than I wanted to goWould definitely be a major discussion at a book club but I would not recommend especially not to the targeted YA readers

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Beast by Donna Jo NapoMeet the Beast before there was Beauty Orasmyn is the prince of Persia and heir to the throne His religion fills his heart and his mind and he strives for the knowledge and leadership his father demonstrates But on the day of th ”Proud stupid Orasmyn Only a woman’s love can undo the curse And no woman will ever love you” When Prince Orasmyn of Persia foolishly sacrifices a camel that has been deformed a big no no in Islam he has no idea how big of a mistake he has made Cursed by an evil fairy he will now live out the rest of his days as a lion until he can find a woman to love him But who could ever learn to love something so monstrous ”I am a lion And I will die a lion for no human woman will ever love me” Of all the Beauty and the Beast retellings very few tell the story from the opposite end of the spectrum We all know what Belle does and how she feels but what about the Beast It seems that all the retellings create a half dimensional version of him The one who looks menacing but it a kind gentle soul on the inside But how does he really feel That’s what Donna Jo Napoli fairy tale reteller extraordinaire attempts to do And for the most part she succeeds Interestingly enough she chose not to base this off the Jeanne Marie Leprince de Beaumont version aka the Disney version Rather it’s based on the Charles Lamb version which was itself set in PersiaNapoli’s knack for research linguistics and authenticity to the original source never fail to amaze me She is one of the few retellers out there who respectfully walks the line between putting her own spin on it while still being faithful to the original tale Her descriptions of the surroundings and the characters emotions are unparalled Prince Orasmyn is one of the most morally conflicted characters I’ve read about in a long time and for half of the book he’s a lion The fact that she got me to care for the emotions and feelings of a goddamn lion is pretty much a miracle There were some little issues I had with this book First of all there were so many plot holes that it gave Swiss Cheese a run for its money For example Orasmyn communicates with Belle by writing in French Yet when we read about his previous life in the Persian palace it’s not mentioned that he’s ever even learned French yet alone had a chance to speak or write in French And how the heck does a lion know how to write If he were in true bestiality form he wouldn’t know how to write read or comprehend the spoken or written word at all It seems the author couldn’t make up her mind whether she wanted Orasmyn to be totally lion or a lion with human characteristics She was going for the latter but in some instances DON’T get me started on the lion sex it seemed she wanted him to be full lion The second issue I had with this book was actually the character of Belle This version of Belle I thought was rather flat affect She either chatted aimlessly with the fix kit Chou Chou or pouted looking as if she would burst into tears at any given moment Granted when you’re being held captive by a mysterious looking lion who somehow knows how to write in a language he’s never spoken before you’re bound to be stressed out But the independent feisty Belle we all know and love simply wasn’t there There wasn’t anything particularly special about her at all other than the fact that she’s supposedly the “Chosen One” who’ll love Orasmyn And finally for a Beauty and the Beast retelling the actual entrance of Belle and her storyline was extremely brief The transformation scene Sneeze and you’ll miss it The bonding time between Belle and Orasmyn It was there but so rushed you don’t really get a feel for their love The author spent a great deal of time setting up the world of Orasmyn that she seemingly forgot to flesh out and create the most important plot line of allSo how does this rank among the seemingly endless sea of Beauty and the Beast retellings Pretty darn high The Belle could have been fleshed out as well as the romance but for the most part this is a masterful rich tale of bestiality faith hardship and ultimately forgiveness love and acceptance Highly recommended