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The Alleys Of MarrakeshAmazing Books The Alleys Of Marrakesh Author Peter Mayne Thi. A Year in Marrakesh 1953 – ★★★This non fiction book is Peter Mayne’s account of his life in Marrakesh Morocco in the 1950s Mayne recounts his bewilderment and mishaps as he tries to live the life of a local in a country that is very different from his own He tries to learn Arabic and make friends with local people only to find that his attempts lead him to the myriad of unsaid etiuette rules and cultural intricacies still to be learnt Though Mayne tries his best to capture the mentality of people living in Morocco and their culture his account turns out to be predictable and exasperating though with welcoming doses of humourThe story begins with our narrator being accosted in one café by a native Moroccan who suggests that he stays at his cousin’s hotel in Marrakesh “I saw no point in going to Marrakesh to live the life of a European tourist” Mayne 1953 11 says Mayne so the invitation to stay at a hotel freuented by Moroccans is an appealing invitation Mayne ends up drinking lots of mint tea and freuenting all the touristy spots in Marrakesh including various “tiny shops epiciers barbersbazaars” He also cannot get enough of Djema’a el Fna Jemaa el Fnaa a market place in Marrakesh where there are fire eaters and charmeurs de serpents experiences the full effects of the sherghi chergui a continental easterly wind and has his pleasures in a public hammam A Turkish bath Part of the fun of the book is that the narrator is very ignorant about many things in Morocco and his trying to get an authentic experience of Marrakesh often results in curious situations “I am losing all sense of direction and all sense of time in this city” confesses Mayne; he soon realises that “Marrakesh lies outside normal rules” Mayne 1953 31 32In just one year Mayne moves houses three times and tries to make friends with local people mingling with them and trying to engage in conversations using their mother tongue He is soon invited to their parties and finds his world diminishing once again “Everybody knows everybody else in Marrakesh At least everybody knows everyone who lives here – the tourists who come in for a look at the city and a taste of its delights don’t count except to have franks taken off them” Mayne 1953 62 The major weakness of Mayne’s account is that insights and valuable observations are few and far between in his book and there are some controversial episodes inside which would never now form part of any travel book The only interesting observation is probably to be found in these lines as the narrator compares his own countrymen to the people living in Morocco “Moroccans don’t have to strive for success and this is what makes living amongst them such a wonderful relief For them none of the things that befall you can be disgraceful because good or bad everything comes from God With us it is somehow disgraceful to be poor no matter how we protest to the country because poverty suggests failurein Marrakesh you can be poor and rich in turns and nobody seems to notice the difference except in unimportant ways” Mayne 1953 85Peter Mayne is a talented writer but there is nothing remarkable about A Year in Marrakesh Perhaps it is one of the travel books of the 1950s that has not aged well It definitely should be seen as having lost some of its credibility and entertainment factor for example due to the fact that much knowledge on Morocco is now widely available and actually possessed by people

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The Alleys Of Marrakesh Read & download ↠ 2 Ò Amazing Books, The Alleys Of Marrakesh Author Peter Mayne This is the best favorite book isbn 9780907871088 format Paperback and others 190 pages and has a text language like EnglishS is the best favorite book isbn 9780907871088 format Paperb. While I enjoyed this book a lot this one is harder to recommend than other books I've read about Morocco The stories this book tells are interesting but this is a personal journal that has been published That makes things a little disjointed I do wish I could step back into the past that see Marrakesh as the author got to experience it during 1949 1950 while Morocco was still a French colony It's fascinating what Marrakesh was like back then and I'd recommend it if you are interested in that time periodMy concern with this book is that the author included bits of French dialogue and even some Arabic rendered in Latin script in the text This made reading the book slow and I was constantly stopping to run text through Google Translate so I could better understand the situations being experienced Had a translation for the phrases used been provided or if you speak French this is a really fun book to read If you don't speak French and want to know about the details of the conversations you'll have to look up something almost every page It's possible if you pick this up as a kindle book translation is provided automatically through the app but I read a print copyOutside of the language issue though Peter Mayne seemed to have really done his best to experience Marrakesh like the locals do His experiences are still colored by being an outsider but he made an effort to get to know the place and its people Near the end of the book he runs into someone who knew him from before he went to Marrakesh and the sharp contrast in viewpoints between the two of them about Marrakesh really helped me understand how colonialism was viewed by the European powers This passage alone made the book worth it for me Some readers I'm sure though would like to hear from the experience of the Moroccans on the issue and that is not in hereOverall a good book but not one for everyone

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Ack and others 190 pages and has a text language like Englis. Very funny especially in the beginning I also really liked how Moroccan culture and history eg the succession of dynasties were intertwined in the narrative It looks like Marrakesh hasn't changed that much in the last 50 years