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Your colleague's husband's sister can make you fat even if you don't know her A happy neighbor has impact on your happiness than a happy spouse These startling revelations of how much we truly influence one another are revealed in the studies of Drs Ch. I've read a couple of reviews by professionals and have been really surprised that everyone focuses on the content and no one mentions how poorly organized the book isThe data is very interesting and compelling And the authors aren't bad writers But I'm simply stunned that people who talk about using visualization software to map the topology of social networks can't come up with some workable organized map of how to present their findings They seem to rely on having interesting anecdotes and studies to report rather than having a clearly articulated plan for conveying the informationThere were many many points at which I found myself wondering whether the conclusions presented were drawn directly from some research or were merely interesting thoughts the authors had I finally got so frustrated that I uit the book about halfway throughFascinating stuff And if one doesn't care a whit about how the information is presented one might enjoy this book I now have a copy I'm willing to pass on

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Connected The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our LivesRistakis and Fowler which have repeatedly made front page news nationwide In CONNECTED the authors explain why emotions are contagious how health behaviors spread why the rich get richer even how we find and choose our partners Intriguing and entertain. This book had some great information packed inside of a repetitive package that wasn't very stickyOnce you picked up the key ideas most of the conclusions followed in a fairly obvious manner The key ideas or at least the ones that I remember were Network influence tends to travel three degrees before shrinking to statistical insignificance You influence your friends friends' friends and friends' friends' friends and they influence you back The strength of influence decreases with each separation but the number of people influenced increases Network effects are real They persist even once researchers account for other sources of similarity in the network such as homophily the tendency for like to be connected to like and common external factors people near each other in the network may share experiencesEverything travels across the network ideas emotional state behavior disease etc and because of the three degrees of influence rule you only have limited control over what you are exposed to and who you can influence Not all network ties are eual weak ties and strong ties The most important information tends to come from ties that are distant or weak This is because you have a pretty good idea of the information held by those connected with close strong ties For example people tend to find jobs and relationship opportunities through distant or weak ties because they have generally already evaluated the opportunities presented by their strong close ties Distance brings information that you have not already incorporatedOnce you know these principles much of the rest of the book becomes fairly straightforward The authors did present some compelling information in their discussion of the internet Based on studies that they and others have done they concluded that relationships on the internet tend to be largely the same as traditional relationships The mix may have changed weak ties perhaps and the means of network maintenance have certainly changed but for better and worse people are still largely the same creatures Overall I am glad that I read this book The information was interesting even if the presentation was less than gripping The information in the book consisted almost exclusively of real studies so the conclusions seem well founded even if not surprising

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Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives Read & Download ↠ 5 ↠ Your colleague's husband's sister can make you fat even if you don't know her A happy neighbor has impact on your happiness than a happy spouse These startling revelationIng CONNECTED overturns the notion of the individual and provides a revolutionary paradigm that social networks influence our ideas emotions health relationships behavior politics and much It will change the way we think about every aspect of our lives. Only three stars for this well researched original and intriguing book mainly because I was much interested in the original and intriguing conclusions rather than the many pages of social and psychological research and anecdote These Harvard profs doubtless want to strut their academic stuff but I would have liked at least in the way of summary and signpost For all that fascinating thought provoking and one of those books that makes you think differently for ever after Here are some of the things I learnt from reading and extrapolating from this book 1 We won't understand humans just by thinking of individuals or yet of social class or race So things about us are only explicable by seeing us as part of networks For example stock market crashes or exuberance are much explained by people being influenced by the network around them rather than the facts 2 We affect others in many striking and unexpected ways and these effects only die out after three degrees of separation friends of friends of friendsHappiness obesity suicide political affiliation how piano teachers find new pupils all show up as clusters in networks Many things work better health messages evangelism when we think of reaching a network rather than reaching a set of individuals Persuade a well connected person to change and change may spread through the network; persuade someone on the edge of things and only her or she may change 3 All of us instinctively seem to know or pick up our place in a given network eg workplace new church etc We know if we're on the edge; we know if we're well connected and that knowledge affects our wellbeing 4 Because we influence others so much I think it is important who speaks first at a meeting The second speaker has the option of tweaking or agreeing easy or radically disagreeing hard If a ueue of people have already agreed it's even harder to disagree and harder still to carry the day5 A fruitful place to find all kinds of new relationship romantic business etc is the network of your friends' friends It's a much larger network than the one just made up of your friends but it's also preselected to be full of possibly congenial people and both you and they are have a place to start your relationship that is superior to the cold call or the chance meeting6 Creative teams work well when they are a small and very interconnected and b loosely connected to others so that they can get fresh creative input A team of people just thrown together doesn't work too well nor does one who all know each other very well and have nothing fresh coming in from outside