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Amy Curry thinks her life sucks Her mom decides to move from California to Connecticut to start anew just in time for Amy's senior year Her dad recently died in a car accident So Amy embarks on a road trip to escape from it all driving cross country from the home she's always know DNF I'm just going to uietly put this one asideEveryone told me I should read Amy and Roger's Epic Detour after I tried Matson's Since You've Been Gone and didn't love it One person suggested on my review that maybe I just didn't relate to the characters and you know I think they might be rightMatson's characters read too young and immature for me Her female MCs are high school seniors or juniors but they blush at things that wouldn't have made me blush at twelveIn this one I never felt any chemistry between Amy and the shockingly gorgeous Roger but I think that was because Amy has the mental age of a young child At one point she wishes she could die because Roger asks if she might be too warm sleeping in all her clothes he doesn't ask in a remotely sexual way he's just offering genuine concern I can already tell that this book will not be for me

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Amy & Roger's Epic DetourAt the same time she's coming to terms with her father's death and how to put her own life back together after the accident Told in traditional narrative as well as scraps from the road diner napkins motel receipts postcards this is the story of one girl's journey to find herself Reread on audio as I needed a sweet readI am totally in love with this book The pictures with lists and playlists and thing through out the book is so awesome I want to go on this epic detour and another thing that I love is the author actually did this epic detour and added some of her own pictures with her in them at the back The thing that started this epic detour Three months ago Amy's father was killed in a car accident No this is not a spoiler because it's on the book blurb Anyway Amy and Charlie's brother mother decides she's moving them from California to Connecticut to where their grandma lives Amy's mother got a job teaching at one of the schools Like wow everything you have ever known is just being taken away from you Amy's brother Charlie is actually in rehab in North Carolina and will join them when he gets out Amy stayed in California by herself for the last month of school and then her mom decides it would be cheaper for her to drive the Jeep Liberty out to Connecticut It seems it's cheaper to drive it than hire a company to bring it out The thing is Amy doesn't drive not since the accident Amy's mom sets it up to where an old childhood friend is going to drive them because he has to come up that way to Philly Amy handles all of this better than I would have I just would not be able to leave where I grew up all of my life and where I had all the memories of my father but I digress Amy Roger decide to take a detour and not even go the route Amy's mother had planned out for them They each had their own places they wanted to go but some were just on a whim I freaking loved it They stayed in all kinds of places Cabins motels the jeep some college friends of Roger's and they just did whatever and went to different places Amy got to meet some really nice people along the way through Roger and some they met together They got to find out a lot of things about each other as well Mostly it was such a wonderful time OMG I want to go EXCERPT Or accurately I ate breakfast Roger ate the kind of meal usually reserved for holiday dinners and people with tapeworms Luckily it was a buffet and all you can eat a policy I had a feeling they might be revising after our visit As Roger came back with his third heaping plateful this one focused on various meat groups he raised his eyebrows at my plate Is that all you're eating? he askedThey made a few stops for Roger that involved a girl and got some things settled in that situation Amy wanted to make a stop at Graceland because Amy her father and Charlie were supposed to make the trip together before he died She thought it would be great and in a way it was but it was very sad for her It also made me cry She cried too Through out the whole book you want to know what really happened in that accident And toward the end when Amy finally tells it all to Roger I thought my heart was going to break I could not STOP crying I felt so bad hearing this and thinking about if that was my own father The descriptions just everything was so horrible There is also one point in the book that I was so disgusted with Amy's mother I wanted to punch her right in the nose I'm not going to bring that up though In the end Amy found herself even just a little bit she found something with Roger and she found healing with her brother And that's all that matters in the long run MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List

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mobi ä Amy & Roger's Epic Detour Kindle Edition read è randarenewables á Amy Curry thinks her life sucks Her mom decides to move from California to Connecticut to start anew just in time for Amy's senior year Her dad recently died in a car accident So Amy embarks on a road trip to escape froN toward her new life Joining Amy on the road trip is Roger the son of Amy's mother's old friend Amy hasn't seen him in years and she is less than thrilled to be driving across the country with a guy she barely knows So she's surprised to find that she is developing a crush on him Undeniably 5 StarsI know what I want to do I want to go on an Epic Detour my final destination isn't clear but I have a pretty good idea of the places I want to seeI want to travel to Yosemite and buy a Bear Essentials t shirt drive on the Loneliest Road in America and hike a pair of my sneakers on the tree along the way go to Kentucky and eat a Hot Brown and derby pie visit Graceland and graffiti the wall and get a pair of Elvis style sunglasses gold trim and all I'll even eat a messy burger and spicy fries in Kansas all the while driving with the windows down and a root beer by my side I shall call myself Hillary and my co pilot will be Edmund That is my plan and it is a good oneWow I have a HUGE crush on this book It was great and I loved every bit of detail found between pages 1 to 343 Everything that Morgan Matson included in her story was brilliant The playlists not only have some great songs on them but they will definitely blow my iTunes budget out of the water for the next few months I plan on owning just about all of Roger's songs The menu and food receipts were clever additions whenever I see cream soda and rootbeer I'll remember Roger and Amy The Big Bear itinerary made me want to go on a hike and I don't even mountain hike but I want to do that now The scrapbook pages were priceless and overall Amy Roger's Epic Detour was absolute perfectionThis story has one of the best set of secondary characters I have ever read They made Roger and Amy's detour inspiring exciting and enjoyable Bronwyn and her gift to Amy was endearing I loved how she took away Amy's camouflage and gave her back a bit of confidence Drew was spot on with his advice to Roger Telling him There sometimes isn't' much of a difference between a knight's uest and a fool's errand was the turning point I feel for Roger's self revelation Leonard was the most aww worthy video game geek I have ever met His Make haste You must save Princess Amy had me sighing like a lurves struck goof Lucien and his decapitated moose head made me crack up Don't ever stop hedging Lucien NEVER Walcott's demo??? I want itSo pretty much I loved this book Can you tell??? I loved it to pieces I suggest you stop what you're doing now and read this book It's the best fictional journey I've been on in a long time so go on go on a detour you won't regret it Morgan Matson please write another book You have an instant fan waiting to read of your brilliance