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Le girl is fighting to survive Her only hope is a new brother or sister Can he and Lea create a newborn miracle and a future togeth. This one was emotional and I liked the character development I just didn't really like Lea I hate how she was so independent that was like pulling teeth for her to make the right decisions why was it hard for her to make the decision to stay with Reilly during the Rainy Season Reilly's points were extremely valid Also her decision to give up her baby rather then be with Reilly because he didn't love her was extremely crazy I just don't see that as being something a mother could do P

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Their Newborn Gift Outback Baby Tales #3When Lea became accidentally pregnant she decided that she would do it alone Rodeo star Reilly wasn't the sort of man who'd want to. The story begins with the heroine Lea travelling with her little daughter Molly to visit the hero Reilly Five years ago Lea and Reilly shared a night together Lea had left in the early hours never seeing him again and did not tell him that he is Molly's father Reilly is surprised to see Lea again he was angry that she left as he felt they had connected and he is even angry when he learns of Molly's existence Lea informs Reilly that Molly is very sick and needs a bone marrow transplant preferably from the cord blood stem cells of a full sibling She asks Reilly to get her pregnant again so this would be possible Reilly tells her that due to injuries sustained while he was a Rodeo competitor he can't get her pregnant in the biblical way But offers her the use of his banked spermBoth Reilly and Lea are wary of relationships from issues in their childhoods Reilly sees this new baby as his last chance to have his own family and sets the condition that Lea must give him full custody once the baby is born Lea knows that giving up the child will be one of the hardest things she will ever do but knows she must in order to save Molly As Lea and Reilly spend time together during her pregnancy they begin to get to know one another properly and start to work through some of their own issues This was a very emotional and intense book and very beautifully written The characters are both very well developed and I really enjoyed the fact that both were flawed and had the chance to grow and move on within the story Nikki Logan has certainly written about a hard hitting subject with the impending loss of a child and a parents attempt to do anything in their power to save that child I will admit that I felt a little uncomfortable initially about the subject matter of creating one child in order to save another however this was handled with care and sensitivity by the author and there was no doubt that the characters would love the new baby euallyI loved the Australian countryside setting and all the references and descriptions of the local nature although I did have to keep looking up the occasional thing after not having a clue what it meant I have actually learnt uite a few things about Australian nature and wild life from reading this bookOriginally posted at

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Their Newborn Gift Outback Baby Tales #3 review ✓ 103 ¾ When Lea became accidentally pregnant she decided that she would do it alone Rodeo star Reilly wasn't the sort of man who'd want to be tied down But five years later she needs to tell him her secretLearning he's a daddy is bittersweet for Reilly because his little girlBe tied down But five years later she needs to tell him her secretLearning he's a daddy is bittersweet for Reilly because his litt. This book has been in my Kindle library for months I had totally forgotten about it and I'm so glad I stumbled upon it while browsing the library for a new book to read on a lazy SundayWhat a great romantic and touching story Heartbreaking at times but guaranteed to warm your heart and fill it with all kinds of emotions I read the first 51% all through the morning and finished it before going to bed I couldn't put it down and I didn't want to go to sleep until I knew how it ended The story hooked me from the very first pages and the Australian setting intrigued me having read mainly books set in the US or Canada recently Australia was something new I was looking forward to discover I immediately bonded with Lea and Molly and I obviously got very curious to know about Reilly a handsome Australian rodeo champion well hello there I truly enjoyed every part of the book from the descriptions to the dialogues from the plot to the writingI can't deny that at times I wanted to strangle both Lea and Reilly because of their stubbornness and their stupid pride but I couldn't help loving them both They were very believable characters with their own flaws and their own fears but they were strong independent and passionate And the chemistry between them Oh my God it was almost tangible even though there are absolutely no sex scenes in this book apart from a couple of hot kisses but that's it But the chemistry was amazing; the way they both still held onto the memories of their nightday together five years before and how they still remembered every detail and every feeling was so romantic I couldn't help swooning and sighingview spoilerI loved that they didn't open up their hearts until almost the end of the book because it helped build up the tension and the anticipation at times I found myself wanting to scream at either Lea or Reilly open your eyes can't you see shehe loves you hide spoiler