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free download ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub é Kazuo Ishiguro Gland reviews his life and secretly uestions the greatness of the nobleman he served This Book. When work is a pleasure life is a joy When work is a duty life is slavery Maxim GorkyI bought this novel in tandem with Never Let Me Go a book so tedious that I abandoned it preferring to watch paint dryNevertheless I was prepared to give Ishiguro the benefit of the doubt wipe the slate clean and start afreshThe story is told from the POV of Mr Stevens English butler to Mr Farraday his nouveau riche American master I invite you to imagine Mr Stevens to be an amalgam of Wodehouse's Jeeves and Star Trek's Mr SpockThis might just be one of those very rare occasions where seeing the movie first actually enhances the reading experience Having already viewed it on the big screen I could easily imagine Sir Anthony Hopkins's narration almost as if this were an audiobook To his credit Ishiguro perfectly captures the stiff upper lipped dialogue expected of an English country house butler Here the author takes Wodehouse's cartoonish idea and gives it a harsh reality checkStevens' adorned almost pompous elocution is on point but I half expected the Anthony Hopkins in my head to begin shouting Mr Christian Damn your hide sir I shall eat your liver with some fava beans and a nice ChiantiStevens obseuiously knows his place and has such a blinkered sense of duty that the reader is left with an uncontrollable urge to step into the story and shake him about by his stuffy starched collarFor me the most interesting side to his character is that he doesn't bear any snobbishness towards his 'new money' employer and treats him just the same as he would a lord or a princeAmusingly he is maladaptively unaccustomed to banter or tomfoolery unlike his jovial bossHowever in this respect he is very much like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory and so guilelessly has a bash at banter whereupon awkward silences and a scurry of tumbleweed ensuesStevens is deserving of our pity; love is resolutely not on his radar and a visit by interested housekeeper Miss Kenton to his pantry with a vase of cheery flowers causes his dangly bits to retract into his sexless bodyHowever dear smutseekers I later thought I'd spotted a saucy Ishiguro euphemism and I uote Mr Stevens happened to encounter Miss Kenton in the back corridorUtter filth I cried and begin to thrash myself with birch twigs before realising that I'd allowed my imagination to run away with me yet again sighUnfortunately Mr Stevens is the architect of his own downfall his dogmatic restraint inevitably causing him to miss out on life and loveAlthough I doubt I shall ever be a true Ishiguro fan he has redeemed himself with this body of work and there is a telling poignancy to the reflective ending which prompted me to bump my score up to a respectful five stars Here is my butler esue star ratings guide 5 I say sir Most becoming4 Most generous sir I shall pass on your kind comments to the staff3 May I suggest an alternative sir2 Oh dear Will that be all sir1 I have no doubt that your father will be turning in his grave sir

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The Remains of the Day review ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ï A compelling portrait of the perfect English butler who at the end of his career in postwar England reviews his life and secretly uestions the greatness of the nobleman he served This Booker Prize winning novel is now a Merchant Ivory film starring Anthony Hopkins Er Prize winning novel is now a Merchant Ivory film starring Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson. Firmly in My Top 3 Ever Overwhelmingly Profound Regret came shivering through my veinsAnd bound my tongue in iron chains;My soul in prison seem'd to beAnd ever must if torn from theeThe Recall to Affection Susanna Blamire Oh yesterday came suddenlyYesterday Lennon McCartney 1965It is nearly impossible to describe this novel without alluding to what I believe is the most heartbreaking scene in all literature Ishiguro's novel whisks the human memory its capacity reliability fallibility and combustibility As the story moves forward he drops clues to the murkiness of the manservant narrator Stevens' recollections of decades in service at Darlington Hall and his relationship with the head maid Ms KentonExceptionally stirring this novel is unrivaled in illuminating or getting through to the reader” on two life changing themes1 the heartbreaking nature of reflecting and forever speculating what might have happened had such and such a moment turned out differently while it is all very well to talk of 'turning points' one can surely only recognize such moments in retrospect Naturally when one looks back to such instances today they may indeed take the appearance of being crucial precious moments in one's life; but of course at the time this was not the impression one had Rather it was as though one had available a never ending number of days months years in which to sort out the vagaries of one's relationships; an infinite number of further opportunities in which to remedy the effect of this or that misunderstanding; and perhaps there is something to the advice that that one should adopt a positive outlook and try to make the best of what remains of the day; and conversely2 the crucial realization that one should look now for the crucial and precious moments in and of today and should make every effort to sort out a relationship in one's life and endeavor to remedy misunderstandings with others Indeed we lose sight of the fact particularly when we're young that there are NOT a never ending number of days and one should not wait for tomorrow at which point today will be one yesterday “ Death twitches my ear; 'Live' he says 'I'm coming” VirgilWhat could one ask of literature than the enlightenment and this self revealing moral that we should wake up listen to the heart and by all means follow it Today or as soon as practicably possible I recall a uote I saw years ago in school in the case of good books the point is not to see how many of them you can get through but rather how many can get through to you MJ Adler

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The Remains of the DayA compelling portrait of the perfect English butler who at the end of his career in postwar En. This is one of the most beautifully mannered subtle books I've read in a long long time Ishiguro's command of prose is perfect; there was never a point where I felt that this book wasn't written by a consummate English gentleman's gentleman Remains of the Day is also one of the best examples of first person POV that I've read Stevens' voice is always clear and distinct and always used to frame the narrative in such a way that the reader is able to see things and guess things which the protagonist cannot For all that Stevens himself agonises over 'banter' and 'wit' and how to be amusing this book is very funny itself in some places; it's a fine example of a comedy of manners The subtlety of it all and Stevens often painful obliviousness to social cues really lends itself well to that Highly highly recommended