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Hush Hush review ì 3 Â Влюбването не влиза в плановете на Нора Грей Тя не си пада по момчетата от нейното училище без значение колко упорито най добрата й приятелка Вий я тласка към тях Не ги харесва докато не то се налага да вземе страна погрешният избор може да й струва животаПонякога се налага да се отречеш от любовта си за да я запазиш на всяка ценаМрачен и тайнственКрасив и млад завинагиТой е един от падналитеНора дори не подозира че училището може да бъде толкова опасно Тя си пада по падналияИ вече е твърде късно Един от дваматаще изиграе абсолютното жертвоприношениеПотъпкана клетваПаднал ангелЗабранена любо?. “Keep in mind that people change but the past doesn't” ☆☆☆☆4 HUSHY STARS☆☆☆☆ You can find the full review and about this book on my blogOkay so before reading this I heard a lot of mixed feelings about this series Some loved it some liked it and some hated it Now before I start my review I want to say that even that I heard a lot of things I was not spoiled or didn't even know anything about the plot or story so it was a fresh new start for me“You smell good too” said PatchIt’s called a shower” I was staring straight ahead When he didn’t answer I turned sideways “Soap Shampoo Hot water”Naked I know the drill” I have read this book in 2 days I can't say I didn't like it Yeah I know it has some mistakes or nonsense things but it was good It was similar to Twilight and if you know me you would know that I truly hate that series but it was a good similar a better one For me at least Also the book cover is one of the best covers ever It's so creative and the colors are perfectly collided“Say 'provoking' again Your mouth looks provocative when you do” This book reminded me old horror movies and I am a huge fan of old scary movies I can't say that it was uniue The story was uite predicted like I could tell what will happen but for me it was a fun read and I seriously think that this book would have been better if it didn't have angels at all“You're a guardian angel now I was still too much in awe to wrap my mind around it but at the same time I felt amazement curiosityhappinessI'm your guardian angel he saidI get my very own guardian angel What exactly is your job descriptionGuard your body His smile tipped higher I take my job seriously which means I'm going to need to get acuainted with the subject matter on a personal level” I can't say the plot was rich It was random but good random and I did like the background of scenes like BO Arcade is such a cool place and I had a pretty awesome picture of it in my mind Also the school scene at the end was hilarious like the gym and classes And the farmhouse was uite creepy it reminded me the ring movie and I don't know why maybe the fog but it was cool and well thought“All this time I've hated myself for it I thought I'd given it up for nothing But if I hadn't fallen I wouldn't have met you” The beginning was good also the middle but the ending was great My favorite scene was the light out school scene It reminded me a scene from 'Teen Wolf' the TV series It was greatly described and that was the only moment I didn't know what was going to happen even though it ended fast“Cheshvan starts tonight Rixon said What are you doing arsing around in a graveyardThinkingThinkingA process by which I use my brain to make a rational decision” The writing style is not bad but it is not great either I was simple like a lot of novels out there The characters are also good but not the ones you remember for long And I found some of them really annoying The story follows a girl called Nora who lives a normal life with her mom and her bestfriend Vee One day the Couch decides to change their seats for a project and she gets to sit with Patch a boy who rarely talked At the first words they exchanged she felt something new inside her She couldn't stand him because of his arrogance but also couldn't deny the feelings Also things started to happen new things new people new troubles in her life She felt the need to learn about Patch but was she re

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Влюбването не влиза в плановете на Нора Грей Тя не си пада по момчетата от нейното училище без значение колко упорито най добрата й приятелка Вий я тласка към тях Не ги харесва докато не се появява Пач С безгрижната си усмивка и с поглед който сякаш прониква в нея Пач привлича Нора към себе си и към нейната по добра съдба Или присъдаНо след ужасяваща серия от неочаквани срещи Нора не е сигурна на кого може да вярва. I read this ON A DARE a double dog one if you must know And now I want to look it in the eye and ask REALLY BOOK REALLY Because it doesn't just cross the line into the uncomfortably creepy territory it takes a cosmic leap over it Hush Hush may have the dubious distinction of being the worst book I've ever read I assumed it's a book since that's what you'd call a bunch of printed and bound pages but I'm really applying the term 'book' loosely here Yes I know I'm not the intended audience but should terribly written books that can only aspire to reach the same literary heights as the word of the day toilet paper even HAVE a target audience Yes I'm being harsh But I'm also being honest Let me give you a sample of my complaints all of them would be longer than the allowed review spaceThis book reads as though someone read Twilight appreciated the obviously marketable and profitable premise and decided to rewrite it in an edgier way which boiled down to clumsily asking a uestion What did Twilight lack and coming up with the answer Sexual creepiness bordering on sexual harrassment That's it LLLLLLadies Meet Nora Grey an 'average' high schooler who meets a mysterious boy Patch in biology By the way my future hypothetical daughter will not be allowed to take high school biology since that's where all potential supernatural creeps appear to lurk looking for gullible teenage girl prey The boy acts like a total jerk to her and his sleazy innuendos are alarming and appalling but not charming or witty or sexy The natural things to do would be a tell him off b tell the school officials and c call the police if the d bag does not stop harrassing you Instead Nora Grey decides to madly fall in love with the jerk Dear teenage girls He hates me therefore it means he loves me approach does not work in real life While we're at it PEOPLE WANTING TO KILL YOU IS NOT SEXY EITHER Dear YA authors please stop perpetuating this idiocy Patch is a fallen angel no spoilers it was stated on page one or so with a dark past But basically he is an entitled arrogant jerk who appears to take immense pleasure in publicly humiliating Nora physically forcing himself on her physically intimidating her ignoring her wishes and gloating in his dripping douchebaggery approach while nearly sexually assaulting her in front of the class “I make you uneasy” he asks The proper answer would be to scream YES NOW BACK AWAY But for some inexplicable reason Nora is in love with the creep For some inexplicable reason his appalling behavior is presented as alluring and seductive For some inexplicable reason he is presented as a dark and dangerous man of every girl's dream WHYYYYYYYYYYY Oh nevermind here's the answer Yes actually he had that effect on me He also had the tendency to wipe all logical thought from my mindMy brain couldn’t process one logical thought This may explain why we get pages and pages of this incoherent lovestruck bumbling masuerading as a book Mystery solved my job here is doneWhile I'm on the soapbox let me say this STALKING IS NOT SEXY STALKING IS NOT OKAY STALKING IS NOT LOVE VIOLATING PRIVACY IS NOT LOVE EITHER and should result in a restraining order You see our wonderful Nora thinks it's perfectly okay to learn about the mysterious new boy by breaking into the students' records office to look at the confidential file she does it by calling in a bomb threat which is a awful b promptly forgotten about and never followed up on and

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Hush HushПач се оказва винаги там където е тя и сякаш знае за нея повече отколкото най близките й приятели Тя не може да реши дали да се хвърли в обятията му или е по добре да бяга и да се крие И когато се опитва да потърси някои отговори тя открива истина много по обезпокояваща от всичко което Пач върши с чувствата йБез да подозира Нора е въвлечена в епицентъра на вечната битка между безсмъртните и падналите ангели – и кога. Let's see My reviewWhat I learned from this bookWell I learned that it was a lot of fun to write Enjoy the fall all