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Us glacial wife Bannion's chief Lieutenant Wilks wanted the case closed and speculation ended uickly and tightly So did Max Stone and Lagana who held the city in a sinister underworld grip But why Why did they all fear a dead ma. I enjoyed this book and intend to read McGivern The book moved fast and had interesting and well written supporting characters especially Debbie Debbie was a party girl and the main gangster's girlfriend Bad things happen to Debbie and after being treated in a human way by Bannion the protagonist she begins to grow into a better person An excellent movie was made from the book I don't uite agree with this being called noir fiction unless you are using a very broad definition of the term It's a case of a good guy going on a vengeance kick after his wife was killed by gangsters it was suppose to be him that was killed But he is a moral guy at heart and although he has a very bad temper he can't uite get completely down in the mud with the men he is after I felt it was of an action thriller than being the dark and moody style I associate with noir although there was a still an appropriate and interesting amount of introspection by the characters about what was happening to them and how it was affecting their actions McGiverns style is straight forward but there was a good balance between the action and learning how the characters were affected by events and were even changed by the events Bannion was continually walking a fine line between his strong moral upbringing and his lust for revenge on those wwho killed his wife We can read his thoughts when he is torn between what he thinks is right and what he anger and rage is pushing him to do

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The Big HeatMURDER WAS IN THE AIR A COP HAD KILLED HIMSELF AND EVERY CROOK IN TOWN KNEW THAT WOULD BE SURE TO BRING ON THE BIG HEAT Why did they fear a dead man Dave Bannion homicide sergeant fought for the answer to that uestion The dead m. The sign on the door said CFNA under that was Crime Film Noir Anonymous I opened it and walked in Behind the desk sat a peroxide blonde I swear 'bout mid 30's Name tag on the desk said Vicky She looked up and she had the most beautiful green eyes with a cig between those red lips and said you need help I replied yeah in a big wayTell me how it started Vicky asked in that husky smoky sounding voice of hers I sat in the lone visitors chair elbows on my knees hands over my face Well it started about a month ago No where to go places were shutting down reruns on TV There was nowhere to go on the weekends business's were having to close their doors Then I raised my head looked into those emerald colored eyes and said Vicky there was NO March MadnessNO Opening Day Baseball So one Saturday morning I did a search online for the top 100 noir moviesthat's when it started This book The Big Heat is my SECOND read in row where I watched the movie after I finished the bookMy new best friend is IMDB I whisperedVicky smiled and said yeah you do have it bad

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The Big Heat free read Ø 106 È MURDER WAS IN THE AIR A COP HAD KILLED HIMSELF AND EVERY CROOK IN TOWN KNEW THAT WOULD BE SURE TO BRING ON THE BIG HEAT Why did they fear a dead man Dave Bannion homicide sergeant fought for the answer to that uestion The dead man was a police clerk who shot himself for no obvious reason That was Bannion's first judgment An was a police clerk who shot himself for no obvious reason That was Bannion's first judgment until a girl named Lucy presented a uite different picture of the dead man from the one he had shown to the world and to his fastidio. The Big Heat screenplay by Sydney Boehm based on the serial by William McGivern directed by Fritz Lang10 out of 10This is evidently one of the best options for the Armageddon that we may contemplate seeing as it is one of the best motion pictures of all time selected on The New York Times’ Best 1000 Movies Ever Made list and an inspirational film that could make us face the adversity of the pandemic with courage resilience self sacrifice kindness vitality integrity grit hope just like the hero of this impressive story Sergeant Dave Bannion aka fantastic Glenn Ford who takes on an all powerful Evil that we may see as the Virus or perhaps Trump in this age the gangster politician Mike LaganaWe can easily assimilate see the resemblance if not the perfect replica with the Crook in charge of the free world represents for the uintessential Vileness presented in this formidable movie the corrupt individual that has climbed at the top – in the film it is just a town but the real estate owner that has been through a series of bankruptcies and yet his idiotic fans see him as a ‘successful businessman has risen on top of the world ‘stable genius’ as he is pathological liar spectacularly stupid and representative though for the depth and magnitude of the bright thinking of tens of millions of Americans and citizens of other nations for there is no border for cave men and women and the likes of BolsoNero Duterte Putin and Xi are almost copies of the OrangutanThe Big Heat starts with the suicide of a policemen and the call his widow Bertha Duncan makes to theunderworld controlled by Mike Lagana and his cronies and hatchet men the most prominent being Vince Stone aka young and remarkable Lee Marvin people that have the city under their control because they have corrupt politicians police commissioners on their payrollwhich also strikes one as so similar with the present in our land we have had until just a while ago such vicious and disgusting leaders that their ‘party’ – in fact a Mafia organization meant to assure power and money – was known as the Red Plague – fortunately Alhamdulillah the disgusting thief that made laws for his own good is now in jail though this is no reason for exaggerated exuberance given that the other comrades share the same avarice selfishness stupidity and desire to steal and get rich at all costsThen we have the Lagana and Trump representing the flaws of America past and present respectively – a model to which I keep coming back because it affects almost all of us and it is overwhelming and it seems to show the Decline the Decadence the Failure for us all since that democracy used to be hailed – as the system in general – as the epitome of the successful running and development of a country as in The American Dream all of which appears to have collapsed in spite of the impeachment – voted down in terms of punishment in the Senate controlled by sycophants and smaller replicas of the Big Scoundrel and it pains so many given that this used to be The Model to follow the Shining City on the Hill the Goal that we must look towards and hope that we will arrive there in the futureand now we look and see a post apocalyptic society where the Ultimate Pithecanthropus is in charge and not only that but as he makes thousands of mistakes and tells tens of thousands of proven lies 30 or 40% still love him and they are ready to use their guns – and they have a huge arsenal bigger than most armies in the world – to keep him thereTo lighten the tone a little we used to have jokes here and in the rest of Eastern Europe about America such as ‘we offer 4 bedrooms penthouse center of this or that capital with all the amenities and exclusive facilities for a tent in Central Parkor another has the End of the World – just like now with the Apocalyptic Virus – arrive and the American president says ‘do not worry we have the space ships we can leave the doomed planet’ while ours says ‘do not panic we are anyway 50 years behind’ – that last figure varied it was 100 at one time and now in political terms we are ahead some decades in the sense that our illuminated president is one million times better – with his inevitable flaws – than the monkey that they have placed in the White Housethis trend could be reversed but we surely hope notInsha’AllahDave Bannion is investigating the suicide when he has a talk with Lucy Chapman a woman that had had an affair with the late Duncan and who knows that there is something seriously wrong with the lies told by the widow who has tried to justify a desperate act claiming her late spouse had been very sick when he was not and this makes the honest sergeant suspect there is to find especially when he would find that the poor ‘barfly’ – the demeaning term used then for those who had no possessions flirted and had intimate affairs with various men around bars – would be killed and worse tortured displaying cigarette burns on the dead bodyThe hero knows just like everybody else that the gangster Mike Lagana is in charge and anything that happens in the streets has to have his marks the approval and therefore he tries to push the bar tender after he stays close to hear him connect the ‘higher echelons’ to tell him about the killer that ended the life of the poor woman who has tried to be a whistleblower – another connection with the present when some patriot has tried to sound the alarm over the treasonous behavior of the president Trump has pushed his monstrous behavior as far as to put the life of that noble man or woman in danger and in the days of the crisis he has just sacked the Inspector General that had warned congress over the now infamous Ukraine scandalDave Bannion walks up to the resident of the Godfather and confronts him but the initial result is to have him scolded and warned by the lieutenant who had had Big Heat coming from upstairs where Commissioner Higgins and others are on the payroll of the gangster – indeed in one scene of despicable violence Vince Stone attacks his mistress Debby Marsh aka Gloria Grahame and pours hot coffee over her face torturing and mutilating her for life and it is the commissioner who has to take her to the hospital servant of the killers as he is to prevent the otherwise inevitable report that would be made in such a caseTragedy strikes at the home of the Untouchable Sargent when a bomb destined to silence him forever blows someone else instead but this will only serve to strengthen his anyway marvelous resolve to stand alone in front of the Evil Empire and fight to find the truth revenge and make the loathsome creatures pay for their rottenness and abjection