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PDF ´ BOOK The Land of the Painted Caves Ë JEAN M. AUEL Ë In The Land of Painted Caves Jean M Auel brings her ice age epic series Earth’s Children® to an extraordinary conclusion As the story opens Ayla Jondalar and their infant daughter Jonayla are living with the Zelandonii in the Ninth Cave Ayla has been choseIn The Land of Painted Caves Jean M Auel brings her ice age epic series Earth’s Children® to an extraordinary conclusion As the story opens Ayla Jondalar and their infant daughter Jonayla are living with the Zelandonii in the Ninth Cave Ayla has been chosen as an acolyte to a spiritual leader and begins arduous training tasks Whatever obstacles s Excuse me I have some paint I need to watch dryAyla trains to be a Zelandani Ayla goes to many caves Ayla unveils the Big Secret that readers have known about since Book 1 The EndSpoilers Abound Like Mad Ye Have Been WarnedMy God If I thought the last book was fan fiction I have no idea what to call this piece of sht “Boring” “disappointing” “stupid” “mindless waste of time and paper” and “underwhelming” all come to mind But no words can describe how absolutely horrible this book isI don’t like to think I am a person who gives into hyperbole but this book is probably THE worst book I have EVER read not to mention THE worst conclusion to a beloved series It doesn’t wrap up the billion plot threads that have arisen in the previous five books Characters act largely out of character or like idiots Two thirds of the book has no plot and the last third has a plot that was regurgitated from an earlier book The writing is horrible The dialogue is terrible Whole conversations are dedicated to one character telling another about events the other character should already be aware of The pacing is all over the place More time is spent on detailing every cave Ayla visits but important events are sloppily skimmed over Several “exciting” events pause to detail Zelandani social norms the usages of cattail or recap earlier booksscenes thus breaking any sense of tension Large chunks of the book are stories from the previous five books or reiterations of events that occurred earlier in the story There is no cohesion in the book; it is separated into three parts that have very little to bind them into one work The sex though greatly reduced only two explicit sex scenes and two instances of being interrupted while having sex are still hilariously over the top and monotonous The conclusion is mournful and an insult to fansAbout the only laudable uality is the research It is obvious that Auel has put a lot of effort into the research which is commendable But regurgitating research pell mell into a novel without good characters a plot and decent writing does NOT make a story And it doesn’t help to have anachronistic info dumps written as if from a technical manual eitherIt is inexcusable how horrible this book is Auel has had many years to plan her ending to this once great series In the five previous books she introduced many interesting plotlines which she could have explored view spoilerThe relationship between Zelandani and the Clan What happened to Durc Jonayla’s growth and how it was different than Ayla’s A legitimate struggle between Ayla’s duties as a Zelandania and a wife and mother Real marital strife—maybe Ayla wanting to be with Brukeval or Ranec or one of the many men who drools over her or Jondalar struggling with wanting to perform First Rites and maybe wanting to be with Joplaya hide spoiler

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Paintings of mammoths lions and bears and their mystical aura at times overwhelms Ayla But all the time Ayala has spent in training rituals has caused Jondalar to drift away from her The rituals themselves bring her close to death but through them Ayla gains A Gift of Knowledge so important that it will change her world from the product page at BNco All right that's finally done Nothing like making a stomach bug feel worse by reading a very disappointing bookFirst off I will say that I do admire Ms Auel for a couple of things 1 She researched this like no one else The depth and breadth of her experiences while writing all this are absolutely commendable Above and beyond Very few people get interested in something and go that far into learning about it And 2 She has always said in the few interviews I can find that she wrote this whole thing for herself Few writers can say that and mean it and I hope she is satisfied with what she produced Ultimately all writers know that that is what really matters I'd like to thank her for introducing me to this fascinating worldThat said here I go Spoilers very much follow The first 2 parts of this book are just an agonizing repeated ad nauseum rehashing of incidents from the first 4 books nothing of note happened in the 5th really and Ms Auel's own field journal of tours of painted caves Nothing happens The end Didn't even make me want to see the caves and I've ALWAYS wanted to see those caves Now if I do see them I will just be thinking of the fat chick peeing in the corner and Wolf taking a crap on the path Note to aspiring writers Telling about people and animals' bodily functions is not a detail needed for realism Just notThe third part was where the published story should have started A few halfway exciting plot points happen or start to happen and thenjust don't fulfill Even Ayla's drug induced calling was disappointing And while it might be realistic and refreshing to show that Neolithic Paleolithic? My college Anthropology escapes me right now people were not benign noble savages with strict cultural morays against violence by showing them beating a group of criminals to a bloody pulp I don't think that was necessary It made me sad that this book ended on such a negative note; that instead of Ayla contributing somehow to the future of mankind as had been teased throughout the saga she was the singular cause of its eventual downfallinto a patriarchal system All because she realized that the penis has a biological function for procreation I expected from AylaAnd let's talk about that for a moment shall we? I have never ever seen an author turn on their protagonist in such a blatant and hostile way The narrative of this book the underlying tone makes it very clear that Ms Auel was sick to death of this story That by the end of it she hates this wonderful character she created and wants nothing to do with her and lost the will to help Ayla become what we all thought she would Ayla is flat and unsympathetic and simple Even when Jondalar cheats on her with that malicious slut I just rolled my eyes at the rehashing of the plot of MH that followed I know she struggled with a huge bout of writer's block That happens to every writer me included I shall not throw stones into her little glass house I wish Ms Auel could have come through it with a little grace and dignity with some recognition that she was not alone in this endeavor that there are millions of us out here who needed this story to be Is that too maudlin? Did I hold her pedestal up a bit high? Maybe But you can't start a meal with filet mignon and end it with green jelloI've never been a fan of fan fiction But I think I might take a stab at this one Someone needs to fix this book And following Jean Auel's own credo I shall write it for myself And now back to reading ChickLit crap that I love

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The Land of the Painted CavesHe faces Ayla finds inventive ways to lessen the difficulties of daily life searching for wild edibles to make meals and experimenting with techniues to ease the long journeys the Zelandonii must take while honing her skills as a healer and a leader And there are the Sacred Caves that Ayla’s mentor takes her to see They are filled with remarkable After three years six books and 4345 pages I have finished reading the Earth's Children saga by Finnish American author Jean Auel nee Untinen and my first reaction is I will miss the fabulous persistent Ayla her strange though uite lovable family both human and some not so much the beautiful loyal people there too always impressive and the exotic creatures yes theWolf Whinney Racer Gray horse animals her new mate's tribe the Zelandonii especially the uniue atmosphere of the prehistoric lands 30000 B C where the few beings in existence survive against all odds otherwise nobody today would be breathing It is with a little regret Auel's last novel is the weakest in the series she seems to have run out of interesting ideas except for the constant suabbles between Ayla and Jondalar mostly just trivial misunderstanding which a couple of words could settle the problems but they lack courage to speak to the other The writer's continuous retelling of past events gets tiresome I don't mind some but she can't help herselfas if any new readers can never get the gist of the books only by this way understand otherwise they'd be lost but do we really need to repeat over and over the same bygones?The duo are trying to nest with their menagerie a killer wolf three wild horses and an inuisitive daughter of six Jonayla the naive Ayla and her very jealous mate Jondalar While the foreigner is studying to be a medicine woman for the Zelandonii tribe neglecting her handsome man with lusting women all around looking favorably at him not wise still the main emphasis of the plot are the cave paintings which Ayla visits a reuirement to become a full fledged healer and leader wonderful drawings which have endured for tens of thousands of years If you like creepy caves not the nervous type want to find out what's around the corner shadows don't frighten weird noises are heavenly exploring them deep underground in real tight spaces darkness saturating the tunnels with just a torch to light the path in cold chilly temperatures looking at the walls decorated with painted extinct animals the magnificent mammoths from a long vanished era hoping to find your way back to the entrance this might be nirvana for the rest not a thrill obviously the author loves ancient cave paintings you have stamina and a wonderful adventure in a sacred terrain I liked it A marvelous experience for anyone with a curious streak this may be fiction and we probably can never know how humans back then lived yet this is as good a guess as we're likely to discoverNot perfect but it will suffice