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PDF ç BOOK A Rare Benedictine FREE ✓ RANDARENEWABLES ✓ Finally Brother Cadfael's many fans can discover the chain of events that led him into the Benedictine Order Lavishly illustrated these three tales show Cadfael at the height of his sleuthing form Three classic stories featuring Brother Cadfael whose powers oFinally Brother Cadfael's many fans can discover the chain of events that led him into the Benedictine Ever wonder about Brother Cadfael's past before this good man joined the Benedictine order? Be careful what you wish forI thought all three of these short stories would refer to the good brother's pre monastic pastbut fortunately only the first one does I say fortunately as A Light on the Road to Woodstock is a very half hearted affair It gives the appearance of being written to satisfy the curiosity of Brother Cadfael's fans I think Peters enjoyed writing it as little as I enjoyed reading it This slight tale reveals very little the mystery is very easy to guess I read this story twice convinced I had missed something I hadn't 2★The Price of Light on the other hand is as satisfying as a short story mystery can be Well drawn characters good narrative description plausible resolution 5★Eye Witness Not uite as good as the above but wittier and a pleasure to read 4★Rounding the overall book to 35★

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Order Lavishly illustrated these three tales show Cadfael at the height of his sleuthing form Three c 2002 Review Read this book first Too late? Read it nextNot part of the Cadfael main seuence this is three short Cadfael stories including the essential tale of when how and why Cadfael became a Benedictine2019 review“My son you are not one of these sinful men?” “Sinful man I am but not of their company”Excellent introduction to Cadfael and to the series Three novelettes spread over the career of our monastic sleuth introduce the reader to Ellis’s style of medieval cozy “He had been in the world fifty five years and learned to temper his expectations bad or good”Then first story is an origin tale which readers of the corpus will not wish to miss Cadfael before he joined the Benedictines“Many a man has fled from grief in the cloister only to find that grief can follow him there”Ellis Peters is a nom de plume of the late Dame Edith Pargeter OBE BEM who published the Chronicles of Brother Cadfael from 1977 through 1994 Excepting this work I intend to read and review all twenty one novels in order It will be my fourth survey of the entire series“Cadfael was liable to brood on the unlikely”

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A Rare BenedictineLassic stories featuring Brother Cadfael whose powers of deduction are practically miraculous Booklist 'Could a price really be set for light?'I really enjoyed entering the uirky world of Brother Cadfael with this series Ellis Peters has combined two very cult genres to create a winning and original creation with all the charm and decency of a cozy mystery and all the detail and light education of a historical fiction Great concept well executed and I'm looking forwards to reading the full length Broth Cadfael novels in the series later this year and at the start of nextIt's very rare that I give a crime novel a 3 star rating or higher because I usually have to deduct for having guessed whodunnit before the big reveal at the end Although this was true to an extent with the three mysteries in A Rare Benedictine as the cozy genre often plays of the psychology of the different characters to create a heart warming redemption for the suspect who appears most villainous whilst giving the comfort shock of condemning the most innocent seeming suspect these novellas were detailed with so many additionally interweaving motivations that there were lots of things I did not predict in advance So I got to feel good about myself for working out who the bad guy was and I still got a surprise at the end I really hope this structure continues throughout the full length novelsAll the stories had an interesting message behind them A schemer unaware that his cronies were just as ready to betray him as they were to betray he hapless monks A vision of loveliness who makes off with an expensive set of candle holders to put the money to humanitarian use And finally the scoundrel son who rallies to capture his father's attempted murderer I enjoyed Cadfael's patience and resilience against the rumours which characterise medieval interactions between church and nobility His sensitivity towards the near blind brother who reverently seeks out the light and the tormented brother who is shocked out of attempting to commit suicide by the attempted murder in the final novella were very touching and added a level of depth to this fun light readBroth Cadfael himself is a very intriguing character He is worldly and independent in a way that makes him the ideal detective despite being cloistered his mind is very much that of a free agent He seems calm can be cutting and his astute psychological judgements of others bring out the best of the cozy genre in a male protagonist which is unusual and refreshing in itself I'm excited to learn of the skulduggery of Shrewsbury Abbey