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FREE EBOOK ´ EPUB Kill the Messenger ä 9780553583588 ↠ With this new thriller The New York Times bestselling author Tami Hoag delivers her own message to suspense fans everywhere Don't turn off the lights and keep reading if you dare From the gritty streets of Los Angeles to its most protected enclaves of prestige aWith the package someone wants badly enough to kill for Jace returns to Lenny Lowell's office only to find the cops there the lawyer dead and Jace himself considered the prime suspect in the savage murder Suddenly he's on the run from both the cops and a killer and the key to saving himself and his ten year old brother is the envelope he still has which holds a message no one wants delivered the truthIn a city fueled by money celebrity and sensationalism the murder of a bottom feeding mouthpiece like Lenny Lowell won't make the headlines So when detectives from the LAPD's elite robberyhomicide division show up homicide detective Kev Parker wants to know why Parker is on the downhill slide of a once promising career and he doesn't want to be rem Tami Hoag seems to be branching out these days The last few books of hers I've read have abandoned her established mold of setting up a hero and heroine both of whom have angsty pasts they're trying to overcome and one or both of whom may be involved in law enforcement embroiled in solving a nasty suspenseful crime while they inexorably become embroiled in each other Her latest Kill the Messenger has plenty of nasty suspenseful crime but barely a whiff of any romance There's the slightly shady cop who's actually a decent sort despite his checkered past and while he's got a love interest their relationship is established already when the book starts and is not in fact a driving factor in the plot at all And the other protagonists a young bike messenger who winds up being in the wrong place at the wrong time and his incredibly smart little brother are not entirely outside the Hoag mold; we've had prior books such as the Night Sins Guilty as Sin duet where a lot of camera time is spent on a kidAnd I liked the plot; it was suitably convoluted slathered with the glitz of LA culture Problem was I think there was too much glitz and not uite enough substance Most of the main characters seemed little than barely sketched in archetypes to me the Street Youth With a Heart of Gold the Incredibly Smart Child the Shady but Decent Detective the Noble Chinese Matriarch the Crooked Cops Interfering with the Hero Who Really Wants Justice Done Hoag's writing seemed clunkier to me this time around as well it was simplistic and that might have actually worked some with the story being set in LA except that the prose interfered with the story rather than letting it flow to me And it didn't help that Hoag gave her two young protagonists a very Hollywood esue sort of ending that was way too damned self referential to her own work including not only the title of this novel but the title of her next one as wellThere were some aspects of the story that I liked I'll grant Though I don't think he got enough character development and there were times when I thought he was an outright asshole I did like Detective Parker The fact that he didn't get a happy ending and how he wound up reacting to it gave his character some much needed substance And I did like the character Eta But all in all Hoag has done better It's not terribly likely I'll want to read this one again

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Inded that he used to be one of the hotshots working cases that made instant celebrities of everyone involved Like the case of fading retty boy actor Rob Cole accused of the brutal murder of his wife Tricia Crowne Cole daughter of one of the most powerful men in the city LA's latest crime of the centuryRobberyHomicide has no reason to be looking at a dead small time scumbag lawyer or chasing a bike messengerunless there's something in it for them Maybe Lenny Lowell had a connection to something big enough to be killed for Parker begins a search for answers that will lead him to a killer or the end of his career Because if there's one lesson he's learned over the years it's that in a town built on fantasy and fame delivering the truth can be dead I've been meaning to re read Tami Hoag's Kill the Messenger as I recall it to be an excellent read and I gave it high marks the first time around practically a decade ago I'm happy to say I wasn't wrong then This book is still one of the most gripping and compelling reads out there The humanity of the characters is what drew me in the first time and again now I loved all the main players There'sdisgraced LAPD detective Kev Parker the young bike messenger Jace Damon and his little brother Tyler there's Mrs Chen at the Chinese Fish market all these people felt very authentic and I enjoyed my time with them Young Tyler especiallyThe murder plot and political scandal it wasn't all that difficult to understand we as readers are a bit misled as to who's really behind this plot and that's for all the people on the good side of justice to get to the bottom of For a synopsis of the book I'd advice you to consult other reviews I will not go into that I will just say that this book's still one of my favorite books by Tami Hoag and I love many because I believe in these characters in young vulnerable yet strong Jace in smart young Tyler and in Parker Wish there were books with Det Kev Parker

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Kill the MessengerWith this new thriller The New York Times bestselling author Tami Hoag delivers her own message to suspense fans everywhere Don't turn off the lights and keep reading if you dare From the gritty streets of Los Angeles to its most protected enclaves of prestige and power to the ruthless glamour of Hollywood a killer stalks his prey A killer so merciless no one in his way is safe not even the innocentAt the end of a long day battling street traffic bike messenger Jace Damon has one last drop to make But en route to delivering a package for one of LA's sleaziest defense attorneys he's nearly run down by a car chased through back alleys and shot at Only the instincts acuired while growing up on the streets of LA allow him to escape with his life and This is a stand alone book and probably one of my favorites by Ms Hoag I've recently discovered her writing and have gone back and read most of her books opted out of most of her earlier romance novels At first I didn't think I was going to like the book this much but I was totally pulled into the story