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pdf ☆ What Remains A Memoir of Fate Friendship and Love ¿ Carole Radziwill What Remains is a vivid and haunting memoir about a girl from a working class town who becomes an award winning television producer and marries a prince Anthony Radziwill one of a long line of Polish royals and nephew of President John F Kennedy Carole Radziwill's story is part fairy tale part tragedy She tells both with great candor and witCarole grew up in a small suburb with a large eccentric cast of characters She spent her childhood summers with her grandparents and an odd assortment of aunts and uncles in their poorly plumbed A frame on the banks of a muddy I started this book less than 24 hours ago and had to fight myself to not stay up all night and finish it The writing is incredible The story flows so easily it feels like fiction If only it were I am I believe near the end and have to save it for later I can't bring myself to finish it now

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doc ð What Remains A Memoir of Fate Friendship and Love Hardcover à carole radziwill à What Remains is a vivid and haunting memoir about a girl from a working class town who becomes an award winning television producer and marries a prince Anthony Radziwill one of a long line of Polish F the plane crash the four friends were meant to be cherishing Anthony's last days Instead Carole and Anthony mourned John and Carolyn even as Carole planned her husband's memorialCarole Radziwill has an anthropologist's sensibility and a journalist's eye She writes about families their customs their secrets and their tangled intimacies with remarkable acuity and humanity She explores the complexities of marriage the importance of friendship and the challenges of self invention with unflinching honesty This is acompelling story of love loss and ultimately resilien Ultimately what remains is a story In the end it's the only thing any of us really owns And what a tragic heartbreaking story this is to have Beautifully written this story evoked many emotions in me as I read it and I couldn't put it down even though I knew the horrific outcome What Remains is the true story of Carole Radziwill a girl from Suffern New York who married into European and American royalty when she met Prince Anthony Radziwill when both were working as producers for ABC News Anthony's father was a Polish prince and his mother was Lee Bouvier sister of Jacueline Bouvier Kennedy Therefore his cousin was John Kennedy Jr And his best friend The memoir starts with the author telling us about her normal but slightly dysfunctional childhood and summers spent at her grandmother's who grew marijuana in the backyard for extra cash She knew she wanted to work behind the scenes producing TV and landed a job with ABC shortly after graduating from college She had some interesting documentaries and shows she produced that took her all over the globe and her skills impressed me She and Anthony met in California while producing a segment in the 90s about the Menendez brothers who infamously murdered their parents It was a slow burning romance Carole was thrust into a world of pomp and circumstance that accompanies the affluence and title of her future husband that contrasted greatly to her humble upbringing Carole and Anthony married in 1994 He proposed after he had been diagnosed for the second time with cancer He had previously had cancer before they met and had been in remission But cancer showed up like an unplanned pregnancy and completely defined who we were together And that it did Carole did her job as a wife and reporter and organized research and studies and treatments and doctor appointments for her strong and healthy husband who ironically had a vigorous and deadly cancer While her husband seemed to be in denial of his disease she became very close to JFK Jr and his wife Carolyn Bessette Kennedy She relied on both of them for support and encouragement and the four of them traveled and summered together Carolyn was Carole's friend and confidante while her husband was dying I had prepared for approaching sorrow but not as it turned out for the one that was nearest While Carole JFK Jr and Carolyn were preparing for the approaching death of Anthony the unthinkable happened The week before July 16 1999 John and Carole would talk late at night about the details of Anthony's upcoming funeral John had even told her he had already written his eulogy Then late one night Carole and Anthony were awakened by a phone call They were all staying together on Martha's Vineyard that summer John and Carolyn had flown back to NY briefly and were coming back that weekend for a Kennedy wedding A friend of John's was supposed to pick them up from the airport He called late that night because the couple weren't at the airport and he wondered if Carole and Anthony had heard from them Of course the answer was no I never knew this but it was Carole who ultimately called the Coast Guard and was the first to report John and Carolyn missing She and Anthony walked numbly through the motions of burying and saying goodbye to their dear cousins and friends Three weeks later Anthony lost his battle to cancer Carole had to say goodbye without the support of her beloved friendsI had heard about this book when it was published but never read it I recently came across it again as I sheepishly admit a fan of the Real Housewives of New York on the Bravo channel Carole Radziwill is one of the housewives I am so glad I did This is an unbelievable story Written with such courage honesty So beautifully sad And that book cover So brilliant So poignant So heart wrenching Definitely recommend for anyone who loves the Kennedys Gives some behind the scenes insights into their lives 5 stars

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What Remains A Memoir of Fate Friendship and LoveCreek in upstate New YorkAt the age of nineteen Carole struck out for New York City to find a different life Her career at ABC News led her to the refugee camps of Cambodia to a bunker in Tel Aviv to the scene of the Menendez murders Her marriage led her into the old world of European nobility and the newer world of American aristocracyWhat Remains begins with loss and returns to loss A small plane plunges into the ocean carrying John Kennedy Anthony's cousin and Carolyn Bessette Kennedy Carole's closest friend Three weeks later Anthony dies of cancer The summer o This book is almost too painful to read Most Americans remember JFKJr crashing the plane and that his wife Carolyn and her sister Lauren were on board and maybe some people remember just three week letter his cousin died of cancer However I suspect very few people were aware that his cousin's wife was best friends with Carolyn Within three weeks time Carole Radiwill actually Princess Radiwill since her husand Anthony was Prince Radiwill of Poland lost her husband and her best friend I admit that I sobbed through the last chapter of this book It is so amazing how Carole Radziwill could tell this story in such an amazing straight forward manner never dropping names as she writes that Anthony's aunt dies and it takes you a moment to realize she is writing about Jackie Kennedy She doesn't seem to want you to feel sorry for her but to simply tell her story and in doing so she won my heart I was angered yet somehow not surprised by the fact Caroline Kennedy never made an effort to make Carolyn or Carole welcome in her home or the Kennedy family Radizwill was never advertly negative in the book when writing about Caroline but she did write that neither she nor Carolyn felt comforted with Caroline Caroline showed little support to her dying cousin coming to the hospital once when he had dozens of surgeries and never visited him at home John spent a lot of time with Anthony but it was difficult to tell how much of the time he was in denial about Anthony's terminal illness However Caroline's attitude seemed to be that everyone was an outside One telling comment was at a New Year's Eve party when everyone made a prediction about the coming year John and Carolyn weren't there and Carole's prediction was that John and Carolyn would get married Caroline's husband Ed nearly shouted Of course he isn't Caroline barely knows her Well he was wrong because John and Carolyn did get married that year and if Caroline didn't know Carolyn it was her own failure to make an effort to befriend her It made me think of Caroline's abopted attempt to run for her Uncle Senate seat when he died She gave that horrible interview clearly demonstrating she wasn't ualified to run yet I think she considered it because she had some sense of entitlement When the funeral arrangements were being made for John and Carolyn Carole was told she wasn't invited because not everyone could be there yet Carolyn's mother Ann asked Carole to be there for support Clearly she was someone close enough to John and Carolyn to be there but Caroline could never get passed her own self centeredness As I said Radiwill wrote little about Caroline Kennedy but in my opinion it was the absence of words that told the story about CarolineI couldn't help but missed in two pages of notes of gratitude at the end of the book Caroline Kennedy's name never appearedThis book did show a side of Carolyn Kennedy that certainly was never protrayed by the media She was sweet and caring A true friend to Carole in good times and a rock of support as Carole struggled with Anthony's cancer I hope Carole Radiwill has found peace and new joy in her life and I thank her for telling her moving story with grace dignity and courage And wish Carolyn's parents have found some way to move forward without their two daughters