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mobi Ð The Little Sister ´ Raymond Chandler Raymond Chandler's fifth novel has Philip Marlowe going to Hollywood as he explores t A woman from a small Kansas town hires Philip Marlowe to find her missing brother What Marlowe finds is himself ensnared in a web of drugs blackmail and murderAs I've said many times noir fiction and I go together like a bottle of cheap vodka and nightmares about being chased by coyotes The Little Sister by the esteemed Raymond Chandler is no exceptionIt may be because it's been a few months since I've read one of Raymond Chandler's oddly poetic noir masterpieces but I liked The Little Sister almost as much as Farewell My Lovely but not as much as The Big Sleep Chandler's simile ridden prose pushes Marlowe from one sordid event to the next making the bloody trip as pleasurable as a walk on the beachAs is usual for a Chandler book the plot meanders all over the place Marlowe takes a kicking but keeps pushing his way forward solving the case through a combination of luck good detective work and top notch dialogThe case looked simple when it was just Ormafay looking for Orrin Throw in the blackmail angle with Mavis Weld some thug named Steelgrave and people getting murdered with ice picks to the neck every other chapter and I had no idea where things were going for a good portion of the bookThe trip to the end was confusing but uite pleasurable due to Chandler's sublime prose I lost track of all the one liners I wanted to remember His nose had been broken and set but hadn't ever been a collector's item is the first one that springs to mindI know I saw it with every Raymond Chandler book I review but this is a must read for noir and detective fiction fans It's an easy four stars

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The Little Sister doc ´ Paperback ↠ Raymond Chandler's fifth novel has Philip Marlowe going to Hollywood as he explores the underworld of the glitter capital trying to find a sweet young thing's missing brother Along the way he uncovers a little blackmail a lot of drugs and than enough murder He underworld of the glitter capital trying to find a sweet young thing's missing bro The book begins with an exciting chase scene Philip Marlowe tries to catch a fly Actually I am kidding The PI not having any case to work on is so bored that he starts hunting aforementioned fly When a girl shows up on his door he takes her case for a measly sum of 20 The girl came from Nowhere Kansas the actual name of the place is Manhattan and I do not mean NYC location and she wants to locate her brother who supposedly lives somewhere in LA The routine investigation leads Marlowe to two dead bodies in uick succession after which even dead bodies mafia thugs corrupted policemen blackmailers movie stars high profile lawyers and other people dead or alive try to stop Marlowe from uncovering something which is better left buried for a lot of partiesI was always wondering why Marlowe who lives and works in Hollywood never stumbled upon its main produced goods movies and people involved in production movie stars and producers; bad pun is not intended This time he finally gets on the inside of Kingdom of the Fake Glamor during the investigationI always said that the later books in the series are much weaker than the first ones This is the first novel where the weakness began to develop Marlowe became cynical even by his own standards the plot is not as tight and fast moving as before and there were several boring pages but they were few and between For this reason I lowered my standard 5 star rating for Philip Marlowe novel by half of the star but the book firmly deserves the resulting rating 45This review is a copypaste of my BookLikes one

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The Little SisterTher Along the way he uncovers a little blackmail a lot of drugs and than enough murd Dorothy You're Not in Kansas AnyThe Little Sister continues Chandler's Philip Marlowe franchise a private eye series that became the mold for so many private eyes that followed in the succeeding decades Chandler had the knack of combining the gritty realism and day to day language if the streets with a witty prose that sometimes had no match in the way he could turn a phrase Chandler used his alter ego Marlowe to poke fun at stereotypes of people And there's no better example of that than the client who waltzes into his office all innocent schoolgirl from small time Kansas all prim and proper and librarian like Marlowe pokes fun at her over and over not buying her wild eyed innocence Not buying her story about her Bible reading brother and why he's disappeared Chandler does this again and again through this series which is worth rereading than once He keeps poking at caricatures of people particularly his clients and their families And often when you scratch the surface there's to people than you'd assume In the end people are far complex than you'd think at first glance Once again Chandler gives us a complex headturning plot that doesn't make sense until the end But the end when it all comes together is fully satisfying