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kindle ↠ One More Soldier Ô ebook ☆ marie sexton ☆ It is 1963 Being gay is a sin against God And twenty eight year old mechanic Will meets Bran for the first timeOver the years a close bond forms between them despite the seventeen year age difference Will teaches Bran to swim and helps him with homework ThLoss told from the viewpoint of a deeply closeted gay man at the very beginning of the American Gay and Lesbian Rights movementThis story also available in print in the anthology Ever After The Collected Short Works of Marie Sext I loved this story It made me think of Raymond Carver and that close narration sparse and only essential prose and vivid imagery I still have the sun bleached swimming pool painted starkly across my brain Sexton is passionate about character driven story and One More Soldier is no exception And if you love a throwback you will love the late sixties vibe

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Helps him with homework The years pass Bran drops out of school and moves awayThen Bran comes home Can Will move past their age difference? And if he does how can he keep Bran in 1970 America?A beautifully told tale of love and This little novella surprised me For some reason I had the preconception that it was by an English author one that writes Age of Sail and so in that I’ve obviously got my Marie’s muddled sorry to both of you so when I encountered a bitter sweet be warned love story with a rather worrying startI first met Bran eight years ago He was eleven years oldI was twenty eightBut this is all right actually because you are supposed to feel that prickle of unease because that’s exactly what the narrator is attempting to explain Will the narrator is–if not entirely closeted damned careful about what he does and where he does it It’s 1963 and Houston there wasn’t a lot of gay liberation going on Hookups in discreet bars blow jobs in cars–that’s the level of his companionship and he thinks himself lucky if he gets it once a weekWhen he meets Bran–the eleven year old–it’s not at ALL in a sexual manner The young boy attaches himself to Will for a week or two as he’s new to the area and makes a nuisance of himself but by the time school starts Bran finds his own friends and their paths meet as rarely as you would expect people living in the same complex might meet Bran does odd jobs for Will from time to time taking in the mail when he’s out of town that kind of thing Then when Bran leaves school before his senior year and takes up ranching Will doesn’t see him at all for a few yearsIt’s when Bran does return changed out of all recognition that the trouble starts and the slightly unsettling beginning comes into its own Bran is handsome bronzed muscled and entirely unrecognisable as that skinny and irritating kid that Will taught to swim and sometimes helped with homework Will finds himself attracted to Bran and it’s soon clear that Bran feels the same way and won’t take “no” for an answerWill is uncomfortable getting close to Bran and he does fight it not for terribly long it has to be said but it’s a short book and he has to try and see two Brans–a kid and a grown up Bran emphasises that he’s eighteen now but we hit the old bump in the road with that It’s a sop to the publishing industry of 2012 and has no relevance to what was going on in the late 196os Bran could have been 22 and it would have been every bit as illegal after allThe book could–were it not for Bran himself–be swept aside with a shrug that this is like many other coming of agefirst timefriends becoming lovers books There are many tropes that you could hang onto it But don’t write it off and don’t be put off by the age difference What the author does is something very clever–she shows the generation gap–not just between the ages of the protagonists but the mental attitide of the protagonists It’s difficult to say without spoiling the crux of the story but Bran became impressive for such a short novella one of those characters that get under the skin and stay with you long after you’ve started to read something newBy using Bran in this way the author has shown the tide of gay liberation–although only the sussurating damp edges of the waves down in Houston–but he points with enthusiasm to the world beyond sure that “things will change” in his youthful enthusiasm It’s what happens at the end which gives the title its double edged poignancyAs I say–it’s bittersweet–and were this a longer novel and written in the 70′s it probably would be a gay classic today It would be easy for this book to be entirely overlooked and I beg that you don’t allow that to happen If you steel yourself for a non romance ending I am uite sure you’ll be as impressed with this as I was I shall snap up any further gay historicals Ms Sexton may come up with

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One More SoldierIt is 1963 Being gay is a sin against God And twenty eight year old mechanic Will meets Bran for the first timeOver the years a close bond forms between them despite the seventeen year age difference Will teaches Bran to swim and Wow That little book sure packed a punchIt pains the romantic in me that it had to end that way But in a way that's the only way the book could have ended Made it compellingWell done