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The Big Bite Download ✓ 107 Ï A car accident ended John Harlan's pro football career But maybe it wasn't such a disaster after all For Harlan knows something about the accident that no one else does And there's a lovely calculating lady who will give him a hundred grand if he promises not to tell There's only one problem at football he'd been a pro A car accident ended John Harlan's pro football career But maybe it wasn't such a disaster after all For Harlan knows something about the accident that no one else doe. Moving on up to the top ten noirs with a bullet Great on so many levels How it ultimately fits into my rankings of Charles Williams novels and crimenoir in general will have to wait until I've completed my re reading of his books and a lot of this genre but safe to say that not many will eclipse this one because it has the full packageIt is similar to A Touch of Death in that they both have ex football players as protagonists Kind of a toss up between the two in that you can't go wrong with either And if you are a noir fan you simply have to read them bothFantastic beginning with a beautiful inciting incident John Harlan is an NFL running back and it is pre season practice and he is a step slow after he broke his leg in a car crash Career over What's he going to doFirst plot twist Stewing over a measly settlement and the lost income from missing out on playing five or six years in the NFL he gets a call from an insurance investigator And the gears starting churning and shifting Soon Harlan learns that the insurance investigator has gone rogue gone independent Worth checking out no Yes Meet arranged They agree to collaborate Except the investigator is murdered and we are on our wayBecomes a blackmail plot as Harlan wants to be made whole for the what he's lost as a result of the car crash which he now knows to have been deliberate though not aimed at himOkay I'm not going to describe the whole plot which twists and turns and ups the ante all the way to the endFirst person POV with Harlan is superb He's on his game and off his game Clever but making mistakes Not totally clueless however and his suspicions about being played really make this work Yet he still gets outsmarted as we know he must This cat and mouse element of the narrative from the narrator's perspective is so much funFemme fatale is dyn o mite She'd heard all the compliments by experts; and with those eyes she'd probably been using men for throw rugs since she was threeMaybe the only weakness of the novel comes at the very end Big twist But I liked it Subjective though as I could see how some might call foul For those who do I say go back and read it again as there is a uite remarkable foreshadowingWilliams is notable for his extended descriptions I think he describes extended action seuences as well as anyone And in this novel you have long sections where the first person narrator is describing what he is doing How do you turn telling into showing when the narrator is telling the story Williams shows how it is done Sure much of this could have been cut or summarized but Williams writes so well that it is a pleasure to read these long descriptive passages

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S And there's a lovely calculating lady who will give him a hundred grand if he promises not to tell There's only one problem at football he'd been a pro but at blackm. The Charles Williams I read the I am becoming convinced that he is the great unsung crime fiction writer of the 1950's and '60's Williams has the storytelling chops of John D MacDonald if not uite the same level of sophistication of prose style but he's a much better pure writer than 95% of his contemporaries on the spinner rack and the soul and sensibilities of James M Cain I don't believe THE BIG BITE is generally seen as one of his best but it's a humdinger impossible to put down with a great curve ball ending and a femme fatale who's as irresistible as she is cold hearted This was another one sitting read from the days when they knew how to write a lean and mean thriller Poor John Harlan if only he understood blackmail as well as he understood football

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The Big BiteAil he's strictly an amateur And amateurs usually get hurt Mystery and intrigue like it used to be written like it comes along in real life B O T Editorial Review Boar. Charles Williams is without uestion one of the top writers to come out of the fifties The Big Bite is typical of the excellence of his writing It is a story about a down on his luck professional football player who just can't seem to turn as uickly since he was rear ended by a drunk The doctors say his leg is all healed but it just isn't the same and his career is over They'd stuck it back on all right and it looked like a leg but something was gone This isn't good As the narrator John Harlan explains The only thing I'd ever owned in my life was a mechanism that ran like something bathed in oil and now it had been smashed and when they put it back together something was gone He's cut from the team and goes on a binge It was a honey and lasted a week He wakes up in a cheap motel in the middle of nowhere with some girl whose name he didn't recall and She seemed to think something terrible was going to happen to her if she ever sobered up Five months after his injury something about the incident is causing a private investigator to look into it again off the record The trail of intrigue leads Harlan to get involved in a blackmail scheme What else does he have to lose Why not He should've had a long professional career and that's now all down the toilet The blackmail leads him to get involved with a sexy siren that likes of which could barely be described The story is filled with tension It is great from page one all the way to the bitter end There is not one thing I would change about it if I were editing it It is that good Who is the dish he is blackmailing Why none other than the widow of the drunken jerk who ran him off the road and flushed his career down the drain She is in Harlan's mind none other than the brown eyed Fort Knox and he is going to get that woman to open up the vault and pour some gold out But when he meets her his mind starts melting She was a construction job from the ground up without being overdone about it anywhere just medium height and rather slim and with only a touch of that overblown calendar girl effect above the sucked in waist It was her eyes however that could throw the match in the gasoline And You had the impression that if she ever really turned them on you with that sidelong come hither out of the corners and from the lashes she could roll your shirt up your back like a window blind Is John Harlan over his head when he tries to work Julia Cannon She was a cool devil in most ways but when she was after fun she took it fervently and unbuttoned I highly recommend this excellent pulp era thriller It has everything in it that you could want murder blackmail fishing football intrigue and the smartest craftiest femme fatale to grace the pages of fiction