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EPUB ✓ MOBI 1001 Songs You Must Hear Before You Die · 9780789320896 FREE Ç This latest addition to the best selling 1001 series offers than ever— the world’s biggest and best playlist referencing over 10000 must download songs This book offers than any previous book in the series While eacThis latest addition to the best selling 1001 series offers than ever the world’s biggest and best playlist referencing over 10000 must download songs This book offers than any previous book in the series While each main entry profiles and illustrates 1001 primary songs it places that song into a contextual web of music history with reference You may skip this advert in 4 secondsHouse insurance is often the last thing on your mind in this post Christmas pre Western world meltdown period SSSSSKIPPWell I youtubed my way through this vast and really uite beautiful volume or less faithfully it took many months and here's how it shook downOne star deducted for the first stupid section entitled Pre 1950s which is all of 24 pages long Since probably about 50% of my 1001 songs you have to hear before you croak list would be from before 1950 you may imagine this was not the best foot forward that this volume could have chosen Proceeding into the delirious delicious 50s 60 pages I was glad to scoop up London is the Place for Me by lord Kitchener la Bamba by Ritchie Valens I'd forgotten how great that one is Le Poinconneur des lilas by Serge Gainsbourg and Brand New Cadillac by Vince Taylor and his Playboys and all the other 50s selections were unarguably great too That was a hell of a decade and even the suare pre rock part of it was hipNow the 60s who doesn't know everything from that endlessly retrodden decade already? Well add back the deducted star for unearthing Don't gimme no Lip Child by Dave BerryGo Way from my Window by John Jacob Niles sounds like it's from 1664 not 1964La Boheme by Charles Aznavour consistent acknowledgement of great French music in this book which you know a lot of Anglo American rock writers patently don't doMas ue Nada by Sergio Mendesall the rest are pretty much shoo ins 150 pages of swingingnessThe 70s that very dubious follow up to the 60s get 200 pages My heart sank a little at this but i persevered and discovered disco Well I discovered that some disco stuff which I never heard before sounds wonderful egLove hangover by Diana RossYou Make Me Feel by Sylvesteralso so nice to see some personal favourites in here 54 46 That's my Number by toots the MaytalsBlackwater Side by Anne Briggs she came from NottinghamA Nickel and a Nail by O V WrightCocaine in my Brain by DillingerRiver Song by Dennis WilsonSolid Air by John MartynShot by Both Sides by Magazine could be my all time favourite singleand I'd never heard Gloria by Patti Smith before so thanks for that This whole enterprise started to sag a little bit in the 80s 190 pages for me I mean there were so many chunky good time semidemimetally middle of the roadie bands that who could bother to sort them out ? Rush Def Leppard ZZ Top Iron Maiden Bon Jovi The Cult Slayer The Triffids INXS Mudhoney on and on and on all those white boys with guitars it's just a big blurry noise to me I don't really like rock music It's monotonousBut there were delights along the way such as the insane Via Con me by Paolo Conte and the two minutes of bliss called Please Don't Touch by Motorhead Girlschool and the gorgeous Cattle Cane by the Go Betweens You can't have a whole decade of popular music without a shed load of gems as well as a shed load of landfill but this book's selection of the 80s mostly bored meThe 90s gets 150 pages and it was good to see the coverage of non Anglo American stuff coming on strong Dylan's Blind Willie McTell shares an opposite page to Body Count's Cop Killer as does Snoop Doggy Doggy and Cheb Khaled Honestly it's difficult to level accusations of complete shitness against this 90s stuff as one might about a lot of the 80s They even found room for Ching Soortukchuleringing Yryzy by Huun Huur Tu Check page 704 if you don't believe me2000 to 2009 gets 112 pages and this was not so interesting for me i noticed that an awful lot of the songs in this decade were written by a committee who had based it on a riff from a previous song I think this is called either post modernism or unoriginality But anyway for a music fan like me this was a long and exhilarating trek through the last 60 years and I recommend it unreservedly The writing is nice not scintillating but not annoying and there are a lot lot lot of pix It really tries its best and there is absolutely no J M Coetzee or Ian McEwan in here which was the mistake they made with the 1001 Books volumeAnd yes it does say that Lonnie Donegan wrote Rock Island Line

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S to other songs that are musically related Thus each entry points to alternate versions covers riffs and influences effectively expanding the total number to 10000 From the Beatles to Beyoncé from Elvis to Elvis Costello from Frank Sinatra to Rufus Wainwright the full spectrum is covered chronologically and includes additional ancillary lists In all fairness I did not read every page of this book I read the three sections on the music eras that I enjoy most and am most familiar with I also looked at the multiple page index of all 10000 hitsWhat a thoroughly researched resource Awesome information about the top 1000 songs While I do not necessarily agree with all of Dimery's choice's he does a marvelous job of including all genres and also provides for the international music artists as wellIt is sure to generate much discussion among music lovers

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1001 Songs You Must Hear Before You DieOf must hear songs grouped by subgenre and other special categories Each song is analyzed by an international team of critics who explain why you must hear it Included are key details such as lyricist composer producer and label making this a music treasure trove perfect for anyone into music addicted to downloading or those just getting started Good fodder I didn't care so much after the 1950s but there was lots to listen to up to then