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Exit the ActressWhile selling oranges in the Theatre Royal Covent Garden sweet and sprightly Ellen Nell Gwyn impresses the theater's proprietors with a wit and sparkle that belie her youth and poverty She uickly earns a place in the company narrowly avoiding the life of prostitution to which her sister has already succumbed As her roles evolve from supporting to starring t It's rare that I feel compelled to provide a review of this book but I feel I must in this instance both as a historian with an academic interest in the area and a voracious reader of historical fiction Upon reading the initial description of this novel online I was hopeful with some reservations about the way in which it was compiled The idea of a storyline from memoranda is in theory a very good one However in practice this wasn't the case There was no continuity between the various articles used and often enough these sections ran contrary to the main storyline or had no relevance to it whatsoever Thus they became very grating very uickly This wasn't helped by the inappropriate language that Parmar chose to use The modern day vernacular doesn't work in a novel set in the 17th century In particular the letters between Charles II and his various relatives was much much too familiar These letters sounded as they were written like 21st century notes that had been foisted into a novel set four hundred years previously Naturally this language issue was transcribed into the main diary storyline as well All in all it ruined any sense of authenticity regarding the setting It ensured that there wasn't even a vague sense of accuracy about the setting This makes me uestion just how well Parmar did her research Although she's gotten a lot of her dates in the right place some are clearly nothing than speculation this is about the only place in which it's obvious she did ANY research about the period The fullness and jollity of the Restoration Era was conspicuously absent from the book She uotes and includes the usual Dryden Rochester and Behn but it's painfully clear she's not read anything to do with their lives but has rather ushered them in out of necessity to bulk the novel up Bad form My other complaint lies in the fact that there was very little plotline At all It just seemed to rather predictably repeat the well known life story of Nell Gwynn Many other authors have done the same thing but with much greater aplomb The odd diary and memorandum format meant that the novel became almost entirely devoid of motion or dramatic progression The story just kept coming and coming but there was very little to further it on It was almsot as if the author relied entirely upon just the fact the Nell was living to continue the book When the ending eventually did arrive it did so in an odd place Like only half the story had been told or that Parmar had gotten bored of writing and didn't wish to follow the story out until Nell's death Thus the reader leaves her just before the birth of her first child There is SO much life to Nell after this point We lose a lot of Nell's possible personality with Parmar's writing style Others like Diane Haeger Susan Holloway Scott and Gillian Bagwell seem to strive to capture the witty personality that history records Nell as possessing There's nothing of the sort here and again I think that is because of the odd choice in narrative format It has taken me a very long time to get through this novel over two months in fact when I can usually get through a 400 odd page HistFic novel in a couple of days or less I had to force myself to keep reading despite the overall dullness because I love this period so very much I will not be revisiting this book or any other that may be accredited to Ms Parmar in future Although she clearly can write at reasonably high leve I don't think she's suited to fiction

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doc ê Exit the Actress ✓ Paperback ✓ priya parmar ✓ While selling oranges in the Theatre Royal Covent Garden sweet and sprightly Ellen Nell Gwyn impresses the theater's proprietors with a wit and sparkle that belie her youth and poverty She uickly earns a place in the company narrowly avoiding the liBut even the most powerful love isn't enough to stave off the gossip and bitter court politics that accompany a royal romance Telling the story through a collection of vibrant seventeenth century voices ranging from Ellen's diary to playbills letters gossip columns and home remedies Priya Parmar brings to life the story of an endearing and delightful heroi Exit the Actress is a historical fiction based in the period of King Charles II reign It is the story of one of his many mistresses Ellen Gwyn a spunky and famous actress on stage at the Royal King's theatre It follows her path from poor lowly orange seller at the theatre narrowly escaping prostitution like her sister Through luck becomes noticed and allowed small parts in the theatre's company and she eventually rises as the star player She is introduced to wealthy suitors that freuent the King's court has affairs with a few to finally catch the eye of the King and becomes his main paramour This sounded like an interesting tale and I wanted to see how someone with such rough and humble beginnings could eventually end up living at Windsor Castle with her own private rooms and servants only second to the ueen But this book just didn't work for me Ellen is depicted as this saint but is two faced and amoral It goes on and on about how her sister is tainted because she is a prostitute but saintly Ellen is a mistress which is different Every man that kept her as a mistress was instrumental in advancing her career from introducing her to the right people feeding and clothing her buying her houses and carriages and anything else she desired She obtained all her success by lying on her back Let's call a spade a spade She was a whore just like her sister If the author had just allowed her to be what she truly was this could of been an entertaining story However she cast Ellen as some sort of pure perfect innocent rose who was above all the conniving and the debaucherous English court Gag I could barely choke down the end of this book Look I get it This was the restoration period it was a scandalous time But the author does Ellen a disservice and casts this actress in a role that not even her acting skills could hide the sweet English rose that's really a high paid prostituteOf note there was some interesting history in the background of the book The London plaue in 1665 which killed a uarter of the population and later that year the horrible London Fire that gutted half the city Bad year The ongoing war with the Dutch and Charles's complicated relationship with the French court his cousin Louis XIV The real life characters from the Royal theatre were probably the most entertaining part of the book from poet laureate John Dryden to Aphra Behn English spy and first women playwright Now she would be someone interesting to read about

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He scope of her life broadens as well Soon Ellen is dressed in the finest fashions charming the theatrical literary and royal luminaries of Restoration England Ellen grows up on the stage experiencing first love and heartbreak and eventually becoming the mistress of Charles II Despite his reputation as a libertine Ellen wholly captures his heart and he hers Books sweep you away into their world but historical fiction makes you live in itExit the Actress by Priya Parmar takes place in the mid 1600s and tells the story of Ellen Gwynn also known as Nell Starting out as an orange seller to the audience during theater productions and with a mother who is an alcoholic and a sister who is a prostitute Nell rises into the world of stage acting and catches the eye of King Charles Simultaneously becoming a friend to his ueen Nelly also becomes mistress to him This could certainly present a problem but Ellen's a sweet young woman who doesn't have ill intentions She simply loves her man loves her family and loves her friends and she tells her story through journal entries and it's one that truly captures the imagination effectivelyEllen was very much the people's actress a young woman who rose up through society's ranks and became one with the King's courts gallivanting with them on trips to the countryside and developing relationships with noted historical figures It was such a simple task to connect with Ellen and I found every single journal entry to be so engaging and cleverly written I blushed in certain spots giggled in others and raged against injustices I was hooked on the story and the story didn't let me goPriya Parmar did one heck of a job keeping the story relatable to contemporary times without losing any edge of the 1600s Her attention to detail was both breathtaking and refreshing and my personal favorites were the snippets of articles written by the gossip columnist of the times along with mentions of proper etiuette of a lady Recipes for curing common ills were oftentimes hilarious and I giggled with glee awaiting those moments of insight This is a wonderfully creative story Well done to the author and I look forward to the next book By the way I found myself so interested in stage acting during the 1600s I blame Priya Parmar for the hours I've spent on my Mac having the most fun researching this topicIf you like historical fiction go get this one You won't be disappointed You'll enjoy each endearing page as the story unfolds