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Free read The Stories of Paul Bowles ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ The short fiction of American literary cult figure Paul Bowles is marked by a uniue delicately spare style and a dark rich exotic mood by turns chilling ironic and wry—possessing a symmetry between beauty and terror that is haunting and ultimately moral IThe short fiction of American literary cult figure Paul Bowles is marked by a uniue delicately spare style and a dark rich exotic mood by turns chilling ironic and wry possessing a symmetry between beauty and terror that is haunting and ultimately mo. I came to this collection the way I recently came to reading The Sheltering Sky; years of occasional recommendation and rare instances of picking up a book by Paul or Jane Bowles reading a passage and putting it back A couple of years ago I arrived in San Francisco and every so often stayed on the floor of my friend's closet which happened to hold no clothing but a section of his library We had our enthusiasms and differences in literary taste I found it hard to believe someone could actually recommend Clancy or Franzen in the same instance as Bataille or Berryman and remained skeptical in some of our 4 AM discussions in the closet over Charles Shaw Rockport or Dante wine One of the three In the clarity which is a remarkably confident person being caught off guard I remember the night I took The Sheltering Sky off of the shelf and inuired as I'd only know of Bowles from extensively studying the Beat Generation in my teens a point in time I had thoroughly removed myself from by that summer by then considering the Beats Especially after the traumatizing adolescent chagrin of arriving at City Lights to find Ginsberg bumper stickers on display and the fedora clad cashier not knowing who Herbert Huncke was one of my passageways to adventure intellectual stimulation when I had not traveled and lived in the middle of nowhereI recall my friend saying he did not know what to say about The Sheltering S a fine nocturnal way as any of admitting to not have finished it but that he preferred the short storiesWell I am still in avid avoidance of people like Johnathan Franzen but when I was out buying presents at the used bookstore the other day and I saw the exact edition of The Sheltering Sky I had to take another peek The Kafka uote sold me to the effect of 'There comes a point where there is no turning back; that is the point to be reached'The short stories were next to the novel I had to laugh skim through then purchase both My old friend from the closet was right here The stories are really good They evoke the scent the setting of writing by pencil in a hut smoking hash and drinking extremely powerful tea sifting through the breeze enhanced lucidity of dreams within nightmares nightmares composed of self induced albeit subtle disaster yet not always without hope; hence the perpetual return trip; a kaleidoscopic whirlpool of the mind harmoniously balanced by linguistic and structural masteryThe stories read like dual first hand reports The stranger in a strange land possessing a camera eye intact with x ray vision into the veins and minds of mankind the human condition as seen through an American transported to MoroccoThe Bowelsian subtlety the shadowy style each syllable perfectly place each analogy not spot on little repetition; this collection's a uiet gem for me I mean that in the instance of not uite rushing out and recommending the shorter fiction to everyone Kind of like the short work of Tennessee Williams Little spoken of but when acknowledged met with bewildering acclaim little gems in the cannon of the English language Well then why not shareTo uote the friend who introduced me to this book when naively I asked him why the media portrayed San Franciscans as homosexual drug addicted both or insane The futile implication there an obvious propaganda tool thus one that confused me as a youngster that the citizens of that great city did not care Oh it's easy he said We don't care because it keeps all the idiots out of the city And while the term idiot applies zero in my case the work of Paul Bowles is for me another private world one which I will re read over the years recommend once or twice and return to preferably over cheap California wine in a closet past midnight when I temporarily lose faith in the art of literature only to return from the work the way a relighted fuse burns faster and onto business that of alphabetical delirium There is nothing wrong with fedoras save they're like not be worn between the ages of 30 and 70 or so I am told

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Ral In Pastor Dowe at Tecaté a Protestant missionary is sent to a faraway place where his God has no power In Call at Corazón an American husband abandons his alcoholic wife on their honeymoon in a South American jungle In Allal a boy's drug induce. One of my favorite all time books Many of these stories are pure atmosphere but it's atmosphere so thick you can climb in and move around in them You can feel the creeping of time and the richness of air

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The Stories of Paul BowlesD metamorphosis into a deadly serpent leads to his violent death Here also are some of Bowles's most famous works including The Delicate Prey a grimly satisfying tale of vengeance and A Distant Episode which Tennessee Williams proclaimed a masterpiec. For some writers praising the sentences of their work might have an undercurrent of exclusion maybe it doesn’t add up to much so you praise it down at a lesser level Let that be the disclaimer I mean the opposite hereGod these sentences Each story is so good on a molecular level It’s taken me forever to get through because I keep leap frogging back to read the ones I’ve already read The atmosphere just gets in your bones the way you can feel the weather This is a book I’ll be reading for years