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Mobi ☆ Armageddon 2419 AD ´ 160 pages ó Randarenewables Ù Armageddon 2419 AD tells the story of conuered America in the 25th century ruled by the vicious Airlords of Han for the last 300 years yet rising up in secret to wage a liberation war against their oppressors in the Han world empire This is thArmageddon 2419 AD tells the story of conuered America in the 25th century ruled by the vicious Airlords of Han for the last 300 years yet rising up in secret to wag Fun Pulp Era Sci fi I grew up watching the old Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon serials on Saturday morning television so rereading this original source of the Buck Rogers characters was fun In some ways it holds up pretty well if you overlook the rather stereotype Asian invaders

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E a liberation war against their oppressors in the Han world empire This is the beginning of one of the greatest heroes to ever live the immortal Buck Rogers Illustr Finished the first novella in the duology Honestly I'm not that impressed I like some of the imagery that's evoked but by and large it seems like kind of a crappy version of the Barsoom novels The racism is blatant the world isn't nearly as interesting Obviously this is a prototype for pulp sci fi so maybe I'm looking through the wrong lens The story just isn't that greatAnthony Buck Rogers is a little shaded of a character than John Carter is but because the setting isn't as fantastic as Barsoom where you can explain away culture and racism as being part of another planet a lot of the racist elements are highlighted here as yellow peril fears and other silly nonsense The idea of a group of Asiatic people taking over America ruling from on high against the hardy down home lumberjack men of America evokes imagery of the Revolutionary War a kind of conservative call to arms against the mixed races It's a little insultingBut even beyond that looking past the racism present in the work as we do with James Bond or Barsoom or Tarzan there's just not much substance here Nowlan seems interested in describing how the tech works than spinning a good yarn there are entire chapters just dedicated to explaining how the fictional metals work how the rocket guns work what happened in the history and the events that happen wrapped around those are just kind of filler for a type of technical manualBut there are moments of imagery where the book shines the portions of the book that have had HUGE influences on the world of science fiction The technology of the jet packs and jump belts disintegration rays and rocket ships is iconic and clearly influences the waves of science fiction to come later One can almost see it in one's head the imagery pervades modern Americana rife in the 50s and 60s It's just unfortunate that such a proto science fiction novel would be so flimsy on a story and character level Even less so than other rip roaring adventures of classic science fiction or pulp I suppose to gain any kind of interest in this story you would need to place yourself in the headspace of someone of the age who's never seen anything like this before and is amazed at the ideas on display From that viewpoint I can see this as a classicOtherwise it's a bit disappointing interesting for its effect on modern science fiction but not much else

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Armageddon 2419 AD Ated to enhance the reading experience this eBook collects Nowlan’s first two novellas introducing Buck Rogers “Armageddon 2419 AD” and “The Airlords of Han? This short novel is included in Amazing Stories Giant 35th Anniversary Issue Certainly it has a historical interest as it did introduce the character of Buck Rogers to the science fiction world Being written in 1928 it is inevitable that much of it is dated For instance Nowlan feels obliged to explain the technical details of many of the weapons and articles used by the Americans probably so as to create verisimilitude Many of these are simply inaccurate or impossible and they only serve to slow the plot down However there are some interesting foreshadowing of technical advances and guerrilla warfare tactics Before one condemns the author remember that Jules Verne and HG Wells were also wildly wrong at times As well as being very slow moving there is a serious narrative problem Apparently the hero is telling this story long after the events The result is the narrator freuently gives away significant details Thus plot tension which should be in any good adventure tale is minimal Don't look for any psychological depth here Characters are flat; motives are simple; values are pureIn the end Armageddon 2419 is of some historical interest and does have nostalgia value