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reader â doc The Admirals Penniless Bride ✓ 9780373296255 Free ñ Carla Kelly ½ Sally Paul is down to her last penny As she spends it on a cup of tea to stave off being at the mercy of the workhouse the last thing she expects is an offer of marriage from a complete strangerAdmirNeed of a wife Discovering Sally is in need of a home he offers a solution They marry in haste but will they enjoy their wedding night at leisure? This was one of the first romances I read last year pre active use of goodreads account and I've just re read It was every bit as lovely as the first time around First we have Charles injured hero but with no chip on his shoulder and over a decade older than the heroine injured hero and slight MayDecember double catnip I like his practicality about everything other than the impetuous decision to marry Sally His difficulties with re entering society after a long naval career are also very nicely handled by CK Sally was great Very typical as CK heroines go down on her luck a little sad but ultimately optimistic It's hard to dislike this kind of heroine As ever CK creates a gently fizzing chemistry between the hh made up of flowing dialogue and gentle touches I was carried away by the two of them There's an interesting selection of secondary characters although none of them sparkled in the way you might hope with a CK novel And there's sex It's CK so it's not particularly explicit or particularly realistic by which I mean Sally orgasms really easily twice during their first time but perhaps Charles is just that dreamy but at least there is sex and it's very nicely done The book doesn't uite get to five stars because I don't like the way it ends the last minute drama didn't feel very in character for either Sally or Charles And I'm grading on a CK curve she's written better books than this Still wonderful though and worth the read

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S an offer of marriage from a complete strangerAdmiral Sir Charles Bright's seafaring days are over and according to society that must mean he's in I expected this book to be as good as the other books by this author I was disappointedBut I read it to the end as is my habit

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The Admirals Penniless BrideSally Paul is down to her last penny As she spends it on a cup of tea to stave off being at the mercy of the workhouse the last thing she expects i It's marriage of convenience time in Regencyland again but you know what? I really liked this one and I think it's unusually good for a romance so if you're a romance reader read on Carla Kelly writes thoughtful romance novels about solid honest characters with actual problems that are often pretty heavy and who aren't necessarily drop dead gorgeous or part of upper crust society Here we have Admiral Charles Bright home in England after 30 years of serving in the navy He's a little at loose ends and his overbearing sisters have decided that at age 45 it's high time for him to get married to a woman of their choosing Bright just wants to make his own choice of wife and figures a marriage of convenience is the way to go I know but just roll with itWhen his first choice whom he barely knew and didn't like much anyway stands him up he runs across Sally Sophia Paul a 32 year old widow who's been working as a lady's companion after falling into deepest poverty and is now jobless and one very small step away from the workhouse It takes a little doing but Admiral Bright talks Sally into his marriage of convenience ideaWhat Bright doesn't know and Sally doesn't know how to confess to him is that her first husband committed suicide because he was accused by the navy of graft and manslaughter buying cheap tainted food for navy ships and pocketing the difference His superior officer was actually at fault but he had doctored documents to make it look like Sally's husband was entirely to blame and the superior was a nobleman whom no one would uestionSo a marriage of convenience which stays about as convenient and hands off as these things normally do in romance novels and two older intelligent sympathetic main characters And a deep dark secretI originally gave this 3 stars but it's stuck with me enough to get me to reread it a couple of times So I'm upping my rating to 4 romance novel stars It's a cut above the typical novel in the genre and a keeper for me