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The Wheelman characters ´ 108 é Meet Lennon a mute Irish getaway driver who has fallen in with the wrong heist team on the wrong day at the wrong bank Betrayed his money stolen and his battered carcass left for dead Lennon is on a one way mission to find out who is responsible and to get back his loot But the robbery has sent a violent ripple effect tBand maneuver for position as this adrenaline fueled novel twists and turns its way toward its explosive conclusionOne thing's for sure This cast of characters wakes up in a much different world by novel's end if they wake up at all. The fiction debut of Duane Swierczynski The Wheelman borrows from his previous non fiction endeavour about bank robbers and pre empts his fast paced adrenaline rush style that would become his trademark There's this guy not uite Ryan Gosling he drives getaway cars for bank robbers he doesn't talk he doesn't wave guns he just drives For 240 pages he is put through the physical and mental wringer in the aftermath of a Philadelphia heist gone southFor a debut novel this is excellent work; the premise the protagonist the tone the attitude is all there and perhaps if I'd read this one before getting to know Swierczynski's style I might have taken pleasure from it BUT it does fall down on several points for me Almost every character gets their own chapter of action and goofy dialogue it adds very little to proceedings and merely serves to pad out what is essentially a flimsy tale of violence plus when you're riding shotgun with a getaway driver for the weekend you rarely care about this Italian or that Russian lots of cops or that bank clerk's third cousin's dog's sister's petcare specialist They're distractions from the real action that immediate threat to your pal whose driving the carThis is an incredibly convoluted tale with so many flip flopping characters and an inordinate amount of violence without meaning; actually you might say that about most of the authors work but unlike the other Swierczynski's with their Hollywoodised absurdity The Wheelman is firmly established as being part of the everyday world we inhabit and suffers because of it

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Meet Lennon a mute Irish getaway driver who has fallen in with the wrong heist team on the wrong day at the wrong bank Betrayed his money stolen and his battered carcass left for dead Lennon is on a one way mission to find out who is. Mute getaway driver Patrick Lennon thought it was a routine bank job until the black van rammed them and everything went to hell Amidst a maze of murder and double crosses can Lennon recover the 650000Wow I'd been aware of this book for a couple years before I finally picked it up and now I'm kicking myself for waiting so longThe Wheelman has twists and double crosses packed within its slim 250 ish pages than any four other crime books on the racks More twists than a snake trapped on a Moebius strip in fact From Lennon to the other heisters to Katie to everyone in between nothing is as it seems Swierczynski hits the ground running and never comes up for air The violence is uick and freuent but not overly graphic Just when you think you know what's going on someone double crosses someone else and you're as in the dark as Lennon It's just begging to be turned into a movie starring Jason StathamSince Richard Stark's Parker first hit the scene with The Hunter many homages and imitators have sprung up While The Wheelman is clearly inspired to some degree by Parker it surpasses its lesser siblings and joins luminaries like Dan Simmons' Joe Kurtz novels It is not to be missed by crime fans

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The WheelmanResponsible and to get back his loot But the robbery has sent a violent ripple effect through the streets of Philadelphia And now a dirty cop the Russian and Italian mobs the mayor's hired gun and a keyboard player in a college rock. I've made a habit of downrating books that rely too heavily on violence on explicit gore and on foul language But I feel it would be disingenuous to claim I didn't enjoy the journey in the company of Pat Lennon a getaway driver in a bank robbery gang I read the book practically in one sitting morning to mid afternoon compulsively turning the pages and rushing to find out what crazy twist of fate what terrible doublecross will fall into the lap of the fortune challenged Irish born gangster I believe it was the humor that appealed to me same as in the first Charlie Hardy book I read last month The darkest shade of black humour the most appalling sort of laughing on the way to the gallows but it's here in the text to point out the absurdity of the situation and to caution the reader against becoming too fascinated with the killing and swearing Rather than make a comparison with the classic noir stories of the 1940's I would say the book is closer in style to the British modern crime capers Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Snatch RocknRolla I tried to picture Jason Statham as a possible stand in for Pat Lennon but I feel his latest Transporter movies take themselves too seriously and lack the irreverence and the smart plot moves of the bookComing back to the story it is uite obvious that the inspiration came from a non fiction book mr Swierczynski previously wrote on the subject of the No1 Public Enemies of the 1930's and 1940's He didn't want to let all that research go to waste and he tried succesfully I believe to imagine how the bank robbery business would translate to a modern setting Not only is every chapter introduced with a uote from the famous gangsters of the Prohibition era but Lennon confesses at one point that his introduction to the crime world and his reference source for planning ahead is a book his father gave him How The FBI Gets Its Man Lennon always took the side of the bandits in these tales and he tries to learn from their mistakes and avoid getting caught in turn In the opening scene Lennon helps his two bumbling partners in crime escape from a locked revolving door by smashing the getaway car through the glass and then races through the streets of Philadelphia in order to escape pursuit Two things jump to attention right from the opening scene first that Lennon is the brainy guy of the outfit he likes to plan things ahead carefully and he is very uick to adapt when the things don't run according to plan and they don't of course; secondly Lennon has no moral scruples when it comes to dealing damage to adversaries or innocent bystanders He actually runs over a woman right in front of the bankSoon the first double cross hits with a loud bang and Lennon finds himself literally in a body bag alone in a strange city without anyone to turn to for help and with several factions of the underworld hell bent on putting him out of action permanently The Russian Mafia the Cosa Nostra the Black Ganglords a couple of corrupt policemen and a couple of surprise actors that I can't mention without spoiling things are all either seeking to use Lennon as a pawn in personal vendettas use him to recover the money stolen from the bank or simply trying to kill him for real or imagined injury Lennox takes a lot of physical punishment again in a similar way to the Charlie Hardy book I kept expecting him to give up to lay down to throw in the towel but he always comes back for As part of his motivation there's a subplot involving his girlfriend Katie who has a couple of secrets of her own to keepMr Swierczynski talent is evident in how effortlessly he appears to keep the story running at full speed and to constantly raise the stakes to invent new complications and to put Lennox through the grinder He has style and a natural feel for dialogue and for colourful images stared up blankly Dark blood had leaked from his tear ducts nostrils and ears as if his brain were a tomato and someone had suished it He only needs a couple of phrases to introduce and define a secondary character although I must say he is rather careless of them and tends to lose them as fast as they come on the scene The bodycount is uite high for a heist novel and readers are advised not to get too attached to any of the actors view spoiler some of the author's decisions actually made me angry as this is the second of his books where the main female character is gratuitously killed after spending a lot of pages making the reader empathise with her plight hide spoiler